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finally found a nice spot to larp with my (air) gun in my shithole country. right now planning an expedition to an abandoned building i can see in google maps

nearly 9km2 with easy paved road access from my town, but no roads going thru, no houses, no fences, not part of a national park or private park, just forest and river bed.

count your blessings americans, everywhere else in the world people will call the police if they ever see your outside with a gun shaped object, then police will come and find any excuse to fuck you in the ass.
File: IMG_4864.jpg (4.81 MB, 4032x3024)
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also pros is that the forest is relatively sparse and the area is mostly flat, down here the forest is mostly a fucking jungle in which machete in hand you'd be hard pressed to advance 500m in an hour.

here's a pic of the river, actually went there and did some recon. i was carrying my Xm1 bullpup air rifle in 6,35mm, but considering there's nothing to hunt anyways i might bring my pp750 5,5mm pistol.
What is the weather like in Chile this time of year?
mildly cold and very rainy
File: IMG_4887 Large.jpg (564 KB, 960x1280)
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soo i went today, didn't reach the part i was hoping for but it was fun nonetheless

def want to go again next good weather weekend but with a better route plotted out
Cool-looking airgun OP, you could definitely get some small game for dinner with that
File: IMG_4877_s.jpg (2.27 MB, 2667x2000)
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dd thing i came across, large swampy fields full of rotting "chilean rhubarb" (Gunnera tinctoria). sometimes it looked like an alien planet

they smelled sightly like rotten cabbage, but not offensive

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