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sup /p/, long time no see but you wouldn't know the difference.

Anyway, I have a Nikon D810 and it seems I'm having an issue where after-market EN-EL15 batteries fit too tightly in its battery compartment to slide out. I have to take my keys and claw at them to get leverage enough to pop them out a bit and pull them out with my hands.

I've glued some twine to some of them so I can pull them out as a quick fix, but I'm hoping there's a less retarded way to fix this issue. Anyone have any ideas?
Inspect the battery compartment for various encrusted discharges, as from a ruptured battery. Failing that, there may be damage to the frame or a neighboring component causing the battery compartment to be deformed. You might need to let a pro camera repairman see it.

Thanks, I thought there might be something physically wrong with the camera itself. Though, I also thought it might be a "feature" Nikon came up with to discourage people from buying anything but their own batteries.
Wait, sorry, I missed that they are aftermarket batteries. Did you try any factory batteries?

I'll have to look around because surely the D810 I bought came with one and I've since bought a bunch of aftermarket batteries because they've done the job fine when I had a D610.

That's mainly my concern – never had an issue when I had a D610, but the D810 is giving me this issue despite using the same batteries.
OP here.

I just checked with an official Nikon battery, and the issue persists.
Check the spring, it probably is twisted or broken, or as the other anon said maybe there is crust from another battery that leaked some liquid.

Besides that, batteries are a very important component in the well functioning of any electronic device. Don't be cheap on spare batteries for a 3000$ camera, specially when it is only to save 20-30$.

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