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Story has been buried so hard that they intentionally misspelled 'netenyahu' in the URL to make it harder to find
File: trump-zionism-31.jpg (498 KB, 792x3000)
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What goes in every field? Your name and comment fields are completely different.
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How many scoop?
File: bumping.gif (3.54 MB, 290x360)
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Two big ones
id rather work with the kikes who are open about thier intents to screw you than the dirty chinks who try to decieve and weasel you
Fuck off Jared
And what it really shows is that (a) tariffs/trade war is indeed Trump's baby and (b) now we know he/we can't lose. Expect major Chinese concessions any day now
File: 1528847052774.png (42 KB, 446x373)
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Next step to MAGA
Rock for Prez.
They know a good deal when they see one.
File: 1531430592423.jpg (521 KB, 2048x1152)
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Muhh, Trump master mind 4D chest.
>Trump is the prime example of the Dunning–Kruger effect. Prove me wrong pro tip, you can't.

>Only focuses on monetary value.
>What is soverein state with slightly different interest (does he expect to dictate all of the west)
>Only want to make a shortsided deal, doesn't understand long term relationships.
>What is arms Sales to allies. And control over supply of equipment and spare parts.
>Does a bigger militairy marktet gives the US a competative advantage in inovation?
>What is cloud?
>What is power projection? (why does the US spend so much more)
>What is the Petro dollar?
>What is reserve currency?
>What is foreign trust in T-bonds.

>Labor gets in short supply, Wages go up for the lower class.
>Higher consumer prices.
>Has to import them legaly, has to give them voting rights
>Has to pay them properly

>US "wins"
> US gives up its leverage over China.
>American investors get worst ROI, American esteblisment loses global power.
>Loses acces to markets, less money flows back to American multinationals, loses competative advantage in inovation.
>Higher consumer prices.
>Labor gets in short supply, Wages go up for the lower class.
>Niggers demand more money.
>More US niggers get jobs, and more wealth. More cloud.
>Niggers get uppity. More money to suport more niglets.

>No abortion rights
>More Niggers
>Make America Black again

The US holds all the cards.
>Folds aces cause he doesnt understand the game? Why is he so hellbent on destroying the Pax Americana? Yeah 4D chest so brilliant. Make America mutt again! MAMA

Trump is Eddie Barzoon personified.
File: 1530586099552.jpg (172 KB, 1280x720)
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I'm just wondering where all my guys are at. The ones who claim Trump is hunting down zionists via Robert Mueller's double secret counsel. Hell, I'd even take some "Drumpf is owned by zionists" guys at this point.

It's almost like they arent really invested in what they post about and ignore real news that runs counter to their paid agendas
He deserves that 2nd scoop
File: 1513008426428.png (1.45 MB, 1126x1228)
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File: 1526221299582.jpg (1.49 MB, 1780x2004)
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Total bullshit, cringelord. Trump's policies are objectively flaunting Israeli interests.
Oh there you are. Not one word to say huh? Fuck back off again now
jews bow to big trump cock
If this article and thread are any indication it certainly appears so
>Implying North Korea has any fucking ability to do anything that far away from its borders
>Implying it isn't normal for Republican Presidents to be generally pro-Israel anyway
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