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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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When talking to people they often say I'm too critical and ask me why I can't just enjoy stuff without looking at the negatives.

My arguments are solid, I make good points and listen to what they have to say but it always ends up with shit like "Yeah but you just dislike everything"

I agree that I have difficulties enjoying most things but how can I with all the garbage I see on TV or hear people talk about.

Most people are so oblivious and naïve to everything in life it makes me want to off myself. You can't redpill them can you?
Pipeweed is tobacco, Tolkien was such a fan of tobacco that he believed it had restorative effects and everyone should enjoy it whatever the occasion.
It isn't le ebin weed.
You can't turn them to something they are not. Save your intellectual faculties to those who can appreciate them and challenge you.
shutup faggot
Middle earth isn’t actully real so pipe weed is just pipe weed


Literally me except /pol/ posters have the same defensiveness when confronted with the truth that 4chan is a psyop/vice as much as anything else it calls "degenerate" (degeneracy btw being a psyop itself as a darwinist/Nietzschean substitute for sin)

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