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Food for thought, the Catholic Church says fuck .divorcees, no body of christ for you,
>those snapped teeth from superglue for cosplay
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Oh good.

Finally an organization with morals and standards.
Women don't care though. Those negative incentives no longer work on women.

You need to get rid of laws such as No Fault Divorce and all the incentives for women to get divorced.
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Catholics have no place in the US.
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Dumbass, shit happens and burger women are as a rule awful. Use your heads. I can say if I'm ever in the same boat i'll be hauled atleast with one body bag fuck you.
murder murder everywhere..
ding ding ding...
the catholic church is pretty hit or miss these days. i think people just want what they agree with out of churches and being told what they should think instead of actually researching and abiding by their congregations rules
The Catholic Church also said you should love Jews for killing your savior and that everyone goes to heaven now
The 4% rate of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in America is the same as protestant priests, but less than the 10% rate of school teachers. Keep clinging to this meme though.
you can get an annulment
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>Pray the Rosary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KS0ZFY5qv8 Latin prayers in description
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_shhU_H5Z0 Latin chant

Libido Dominandi

Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

Goy Guide to World History - Part 1

E Michael Jones on Jewish Influence from Calvary To Trump

E Michael Jones on Logos vs Anti Logos: The Pivot of Human History

E. Michael Jones on Barren Metal; British Empiricism vs German Idealism

>Latest Interviews
Pope Francis in Context

Viganò and the Homosexual Network

Ethnos and Logos

Donald Trump and the (((Russian))) Mafia
why the fuck would you marry someone you wouldnt want to marry? imagine being this mentally retarded
how did you make your text green?
my mom was in a marriage and my dad turned into an alchoholic that verbally abused my brother and his fiance while messing with my moms finances. they got divorced. he was fine for 20 years but then he went off the deep end and the alcohol rotted his brain. sometimes divorce isnt a terrible thing, it brought peace to the household.
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▲ ▲
love you bro. God bless. But I had to share this one.
/green/ you fucked up your triforce /green/
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>american flag
>im orthodox hehe xD

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