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File: 1626709617413.gif (237 KB, 64x84)
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I'm trying to stop fapping but it's almost impossible
I masturbate like 6 times a day everyday and I have been doing this since i'm 15
I don't know how to quit, I have become lazy and apathetic
>inb4 you probably have always been a lazy nigger lololol
But I remember having way more attention span and memory retention than now
I'm convinced that fapping is rotting slowly my brain
Also porn is jewish
How do I stop fapping?
I haven't fapped for one day and I couldn't sleep at all
whats your day like?
I wake up, I eat breakfast, I study at university so I spend most of my time behind a computer
I do one hour of exercise in the night and that's it
I fap since I wake up
When I go to the bathroom
When I feel bored
When i'm about to sleep
get a job so you can earn money instead
File: 1626878200821.jpg (116 KB, 669x680)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I do crypto trading
then learn something about trading instead
you cant climb the ladder of success with your hands on your dick
buy CSP

change DNS to cleanbrowsing
File: 1626722837292.jpg (176 KB, 845x925)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Sheesh fren, alright
Thanks lad, i'll try to block porn pages, I might even try to come here for a while, the occasional jezebelpost can make my dick hard and then everything will go to hell
Or cut of you balls.
Don't get me wrong, I have been on the train, used to fap 5-6 times as a teen and really wish I hadn't. Consciously avert your eyes from lust provoking images, hide threads with half naked women in OP etc. Stop browsing any board that features porn, /b/ /gif/ etc. and other websites for that matter. Cold showers. Start lifting. In time your sex seeking behavior will start to change and fapping will seem like a degenerate thing to do.
You dont have to go full eunuch but only reward yourself after you accomplished a goal. And if you need fap material use 2D and keep it wholesome like loli.
Get a real job
File: 1626601534477.png (244 KB, 580x449)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
Never thought about it that way
File: 1626651608537.png (889 KB, 1111x597)
889 KB
889 KB PNG
>Get a real job
I refuse to pay taxes to my corrupt government and the CIA
Then why study at a university?
regular jobs are for losers
How do you even have that much time to fap? Do you cum in 5 minutes?
Just edge so much your faps end up taking 2 hours like mine do
Get a girlfriend or wife, fuck her. The need to coom every day calms down anyway in your late 20s early 30s. Until then, coom in women, or your hand, but avoid porn, porn will fuck up your brain really bad. If you need visual stimuli, limit yourself to a pic of a bikini model, do not consume porn.
Every time your Brean does the dopamine tantrum, the one where you are bored and open up your smut.
Do a pull up/push up. Every time. Convince your brain that it's exercise it wants instead. Get swole, save the white race. See you August 1st
Ya don't coom in 5 mins if you fap, doing this is training your body to coom quick, OP is gonna disappoint women.
Disconnect you're penis
My family wants me to and I don't want to make my parents upset dropping out
Are you a child? Make your own decisions and live your own life.
Its time to grow up and become a Man
Just stop looking at porn retard
workout instead.
File: 1626228969531.png (222 KB, 1005x668)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
Ok thx fren
That sounds good, i'll do it
>6 times a day
How do you even do it?
I found it easy to quit porn. I just got bored of it when I turned 22 and I'm circumcised so I never really enjoyed it all that much to begin with, just liked the feeling of coom shooting out but the actual process was painful. I could only ever enjoy anal porn but years of it got boring to me to. Its all just chasing novelties...like any other drug. I'm sure your hormones will slow down eventually and youll stop feeling the need to COOM so much
Unironically repent to Jesus.
File: 1626213162934.png (353 KB, 576x370)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
I'm 20 years old, but I can't dissappoint my parents friend, so I will try to make some money doing crypto and trading, then when I have enough invest it all in my old farm, of course that I need to finish the university and try to fake i'm working, I don't want my parents to die worried about their retarded drop out son
They don't know that i'm a huge coomer failure
Read this.
File: 1626358706653.jpg (115 KB, 794x896)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>How do you even do it?
I don't know
oh how Germans have fallen
then you won't fap
File: 1612282039015.gif (1.22 MB, 640x360)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
Your parents are fags if their view of you is strictly based on whether or not you earn a piece of fucking paper that says you're special
Just go out more. It's literally the problem of a cramped up place.
You arent a kid anymore, grow up you sperg and stop lying and pretending for your parents.
If they are dissapointed so be it, you can always redeem yourself later.
18 days without fapping right here
File: 1618531247256.png (245 KB, 672x756)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
German anon pls, I may be a spic but I have feelings you know
File: 1618752314060.jpg (124 KB, 590x680)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Based Pierre, keep up the good work
File: HAHAHAHAHAH.jpg (121 KB, 1600x900)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Just don't do it. And spend more time in schizo threads. This will help keep your mind off of it and you will ascend.
>Captcha: Hojpg
Stay busy. Work, hobbies, personal goals. I've found that people engage in self destructive behavior when idle or bored.
>not working
>horsing around doing nothing
>gambling with your parents money
>is already 20 years old
>rewards himself with fapping for being like this

You are actually cancer and a shame for your family.
Not because you jerk off but because of your behavior.
Do you see yourself as a nigger? If not why do you behave like one?
Go to the gym and tell yourself that its better to masturbate with girl pussy
Fuck off faggot his parents probably overprotect him when he was a child, now he is incapable to restrict himself because his boomers parents didn't gave him any responsabilities.
At least he is self aware and he try to stop fapping.
File: 1618506210629.png (148 KB, 780x433)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
You are right holy shit
That's okay. One day his parents will die and life won't be nearly so easy on him.
File: 1590411680929.jpg (63 KB, 445x372)
63 KB
My local narco gave me a job offer last week
Gonna gamble with the monte I make off selling drugs to other shitskins
If they ever come for me I will use the gun they give me when I start the job to off myself before I end up in a rekt thread
It's a spiritual quest for me, I search virtues and most of the great virtues are found in self-effort. It's like climbing a moutain, every efforts is a step upward : vices (which are only perverted pleasures) are like ballast that prevents you from climbing this mountain.
File: 1590541805255.png (297 KB, 508x527)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
This time is no joke
I actually was planning on offing myself once my parents are dead
So I need to keep up these lies for a few years now
I'm not doing bad at school, I have like a 3.6 gpa or whatever americans call it but still I don't enjoy university
I already have a shotgun so I'm waiting until they aren't here to blow my brains out
That's why I gamble on crypto, if I ever make like 50k I'm gonna give it all to my family, I don't really have ambitions and I can live under a bridge if I want
I got an engineering job.
Now I'm either to busy or too stressed to even get aroused.
I'm in charge of a multi million dollar project.
Very nice anon
File: Jesus.jpg (39 KB, 337x400)
39 KB
God made me quit porn, I was addicted. (I'm catholic).
You will pass through a dark time quitting porn and masturbation but in the end it's worth it.
Lust is a Capital sin, desiring other women (specially married ones) is even psychologically and morally wrong (Just imagine being a dedicated husband and discover that your best friend is lusting for your wife so hard that he is willing to risk in destroy your friendship and marriage). If men could control themselves (and really follow the word of GOD) women in these times wouldn't be whores. And if women could control themselves (and really follow the word of GOD) man wouldn't be fucking apes. For both situations I blame the talmudic jews.
Chastity and celibacy ins't a easy way to go, but you seem to be younger than me and because of this it's more """""easy"""""" to find a religous virgin to eventually marry but remember don't have sex with her until you are married, dont even touch genitals. I found this way to be the most effective one to find a good woman, the whores will eventually betray or will try to break chastity (this is a great sign of lack of self control and allegiance), the crazy ones will chimpout over nothing, but the right girl will behave like a good servant of GOD. Be strong lad because life is a eternal cicle of pain and love but with JESUS CHRIST life can be hard but never painfull.

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