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File: Itsgoodtobe.gif (3 KB, 434x217)
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As we all know the only way forward for Alberta, and the Albertan people is to leave Canada.

Canadians, and by extension Albertans are a demographic minority here, with the inclusion of Drag Queen Story Hour and other events of degeneracy;its time we as Albertans accept that we have had enough and leave. We cannot support our future while Canada tells us our oil is racist, while importing it from people who kill gays and treat women as property (pretty based ngl but bad optics), or tell us that we cant grow our crops, because the machines we use to do it are racist, and colonial, or that we should subject our children to hormone treatment, because its current year.
File: leafmutt.png (447 KB, 1080x966)
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File: 1653697341639.jpg (48 KB, 548x606)
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Alberta has paid over a trillion bajillion Leaf dollars in Transfer payments
(Couple hundred billion in pre Trudeau-Dollars) and received exactly zero in return.

And while many of you might say UCP/Goyservatives are the way forward id like to remind you that our Premier authored the TFW that allowed the wages of the blue collar albertan to freefall and make us compete with temporary foreign workers who have a portion of their wage covered by the government, and swore fealty to Israel every time a camera was pointed in his direction under Harper.
File: 1651674903587s.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
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Id rather live under the American boot than the Canadian Pride Flag.
File: 1653020789610.png (207 KB, 889x805)
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207 KB PNG
As always this is a Tomboy safe space, where girls are masculine wifaus who bully you to do better and go to work every day so you can afford 10 kids.
Calgaryfag here (screw the Oilers kek)

What are the pros and cons of separation? Aren't we completely landlocked anyways?
Honestly separation can't be any worse than federal faggot trudeau ruling over us
Based fellow calgaryfag.

Go to pacific place mall, or ride transit. youll see.
Canada starves, quebec starves, mass power shortages, Toronto goes lord of the flies in 48hrs.
eastcoasters find out how working half the year and having alberta foot the bill for the other half isnt a good long term stratergy.

cons: they whine until we make a deal with america to trade oil for resources, and it might be a week or two of not being cozy
we might have to liberate Saskatchewan,
File: 1658704255320060.png (378 KB, 1242x1010)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>liberate Saskatchewan
Motherfucker just say when and we'll liberate ourselves
In it to win it together bud
Fuckin fire up the combine and go grab Brad Wall and his bitchin ride.

We are making the west Buffalo again, no fucking soft handed bitches allowed, shotgunning pil's and commies, bahd.
WEF glowie detected.
Your 2 city centers are already filled with shitskins with no loyalty to canada or alberta, it's too late
Brad Wall already threw support behind an independence movement
Scott Moe caught huge shit last year for threatening a Sovereignty Act, even the Washington Post was talking shit about how Saskatchewanians need to know their place
Easy problem to fix.

We just remove all the gibbs and make Citizenship conditional on being a contributor to society, and while this might sound racist, that albertan that sits in his parents basement playing fucking runescape isnt getting a vote either,

Dont like it, heres a one way bus ticket to fuckofftario or East Hastings and 50$
Brad Wall is a Chad who puts his people first, Keeney is a slimy shabbos goy who would cut the throat of every Albertan to spare gods chosen even the slightest offense.
File: diagolon2.jpg (125 KB, 1021x1021)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Not if Diagolon becomes a reality.
>whistles Dixie
Can you please fuck off with your thicc line shit,
The few diagfags ive met IRL i avoided because their glowposting IRL and being dumb niggers.
Ready as ever to just go and leave the east to rot and die
File: 1652640240776.png (700 KB, 1024x987)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
The time is soon brother, network, grow, acquire resources.

Read The Brigade and start finding people you trust with the aim of leaving at any cost, leave your phones at home, and accelerate any way you can.

find some based far right groups and get stickers just to make the left seethe, i hear WLM really made them mad last summer.
File: Reminder.jpg (338 KB, 1080x1054)
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338 KB JPG
This is all you will ever be
File: 75f.png (91 KB, 430x428)
91 KB
You should rename this general /RLG/ —Retards Larping General

Honest the dumbest fucking people I've even
R seen in my life
File: Justin_Trudeau.jpg (171 KB, 460x470)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
t. trudeau
So what are your plans for when we cut off transfer payments, and tell you we only accept gold and Quebecous women, who are to be used as fleshlights for oilfield camps in exchange for our precious oil and gas.

you dont get it, most of us would endure suffering just to starve you fucking parasites out, Alberta and Saskatchewan has everything we need, we dont need you, or Canada, and that scares you.

when Mohammad cant buy food, do you think hes going to go home, or go into your home and kill you for your food?
Nice larp buddy
File: 1659496160073588.jpg (84 KB, 500x467)
84 KB
You landlocked faggots wont do shit. Alberta is full of sell outs. Alberta has been talking about separating since before many of us were born. Haha get fucked losers
Northren BC is rightful Alberta clay.

Post hand Chang Siggmeat
When are you fags dropping the gay Queen Elizabeth monarchy bullshit? That’s the first step for Canadian redemption.
File: 1642370935599m.jpg (139 KB, 1024x765)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
True! We should be doing more to follow in The good old USA's footsteps.
What about the abos? This is going to be an issue in AB and SK since they belong to the feds and always wanting the gibs. Can they be re-homed?
Ive removed a few portraits in my day,
They either toe the line or move to Manitoba, although we find the boys in Brocket funny, we wont tolerate that shit outside the rez, but welcome them as partners.
You’re already a colony of the US. It wouldn’t change anything.
>drop part of their history and culture because it offends the sensibilities of amerilards
Log off 4chan and go learn something for once

and no I don't mean watching something like a Mark Friesen video
Alberta should stay Albertan, leave america out of it. All it will bring is cali expats, spics and DC degeneracy.
File: 1657442902730.jpg (154 KB, 720x960)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
That.....was an oddly specific insult.....

Do i know you?
>You're already a colony of the USA
Pretty much, I know.
>it would change nothing
Becoming a republic would change quite a few things

Also the people in this thread have no idea that canada is already a vassal or client state of the USA. Many of them have told me that they think we are a vassal of state of Britain because our head of state is also the monarch of Britain
Probably not, but you never know —I used to listen to the wexit crowd stuff a lot before I realised they are severely misguided or worse
this would be a cool job to have
>now children *whack* this is the formation *whack* that protects your front and top *whack*
Wexit and lots of the anti maskers are all boomers who want to scream, or be caesar and stab everyone in the back who doesnt repeat what they say.

its actually quite embarrassing.

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