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man. the no fap community is full of fucking beta incel basedboys on reddit with unironic social anxiety problems that brag about how no fap got them to have 1 minute convo with a girl.
BUT. at the same time. porn addicts are also basedboys who dont experience the major testostorone confidence and deep voice of no fap.

i say, if youre edging or orgasmed. dont go crying on the internet like a reddit bitch. and realize, your future girlfriend should love you no matter how much porn you like
File: 122423222456.jpg (49 KB, 697x427)
49 KB
you didn't mention how pathetic weebs are
You seem to have a new obsession every couple days. That's a literal sign of autism.
File: 1517838656390.jpg (85 KB, 891x717)
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Suck my frozen piss, dudes
Just unloaded giant wad
Suck my frozen cum now
File: sudoku.webm (2.46 MB, 960x540)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB WEBM
W-w-what happened varappi? You went from emanating the spirit yore to being an unadulterated teenbro...
File: 23523523512.jpg (13 KB, 158x112)
13 KB
holy shit,
That fucking shit was horrid. I want to fap goddamn. Havfe you seen pics or vids of faye reagan??? FUckm shes god dman hot. i should get a ginger wife that looks and dresses like midari
BUT. besides that. no fap makes no sense. WOuld i honestly be happy with a girl that only loves me because i dont fap? Is that relaly the selling point for the girl? And besides that, i want a fucking girl that loves lesbian porn and loves fappingm cause i think its kawaii.
Muh fuckin waifu midari masturbates on the toilet all the time ffs, You think i care if muh future wife faps, OR is a bit smelly, OR bit over weight, OR is a bit boring? NOOOO. And neither should she about meh (not that i am either of those things)

BUT. im not saying you should completely get rid of no fap. Shit was amazing. i had super power testostorone and all that. You just got do it moderately. FAP after every workout. I work out every 2 or 3 days so the muscles heal. Therfore, i will fap to faye reagan or whoever every 2 or 3 days.
I dont want a fucking whore wife that just loves me for being some crazy incel testostorone overdosing redditor.

i want. a midari wife!
Ganbare Vara-chin! For your future wife!!

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