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tomboy thread
you first
rally is a tomboy
that bra, that skirt and those eyelashes do not say tomboy
File: 1617080439996.png (201 KB, 611x892)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
File: black-lagoon-1005-1.jpg (50 KB, 800x450)
50 KB
it seems that canadians do not appreciate or possibly even understand tomboys. it is for this reason that when the u.s. annexes canada its citizens should not be given franchise and instead treated like inhabitants of u.s. territories.
>/a/ tomboy poster got deported
yeah, makes sense
Tomboys are very cute
but do Tommares count?
>but do Tommares count, eh?
the reason people like ponies is because they are more feminine than women

people who like tomboys are protofaggots, and I am willing to bet not a single person who fantacizes aboot tomboys has ever had a relationship with one, there is a reason half of tomboys turn into FtM hosers, tomboys are masculine women who want to be men

If you are a man, who is attracted by tomboys, you are literally a demifaggot
>the reason people like ponies is because they are more feminine than women
Is this what they say on /mlp/? Holy sorry, Batman.
File: medium (1).png (71 KB, 800x495)
71 KB
Don't let this buddy get you!
maybe if you post humaized versions
File: 6f2.png (116 KB, 640x412)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
File: Casca_1.png (546 KB, 864x713)
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546 KB PNG
File: maxresdefault.jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
wtf I love canada now
>the reason people like ponies is because they are more feminine than women
care to expand on this point?
File: HNB-Nagisa4.jpg (105 KB, 640x1000)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You know, this meme is pretty widespread at this point. I'm surprised to see it so often. It must have had a surprisingly large audience.

I'd be interested to see the reaction of the kind of girls it's making reference to. Because the meme isn't that far off from reality at all. Would it be a wake-up call for some of them? I'm sure most probably didnt even realize they were valued as tomboys so much.
I wish I could look up meme reaction videos from girls or tomboys.

Maybe they wouldn't understand it at all. That would be sad.
Why don't they have more shows like gunsmith cats?
File: 1576781887348.png (668 KB, 1024x1024)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
>Is this what they say on /mlp/, eh?
I don't actually browse mlp, I'm a ponyfag but I am mostly on /pol/ and /biz/, /mlp/ is filled with crazy people, and not in the good sense
I am not saying that everyone on mlp is mentally ill, but there are enough mentally ill people inside the crowd to make the board unusable for me, the /mlp/ experience is basically:spend 2 hours arguying with a guy who is samefagging and pretending to be 3 different people aboot an autistic irrelevant topic, or confronting a troll who is playing stupid, until a janny bans you at random, /mlp/ jannies are the worst subhumans I have ever seen on any board, I am willing to bet that they literally samefag and argue with the board users themselves, and ban the guy when they lose an argument to him or he makes them mad, it's a shitty place

Incoming autistic rant aboot the feminity of ponies in part 2 of this post:

>care to expand on this point, eh?
yeah it's coming, it's just over the 2000 character limit
File: tomboy loli.jpg (153 KB, 595x706)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
File: tomboy.png (2.68 MB, 1342x1998)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
I like tomboys
Anyways that's what I say and that's what I like aboot ponies, ponies ARE more feminine than women, this is a fact
Women are supposed to be petite, smaller than men in size and weight, ponies are almost small enough to roll in a ball on your lap, so they beat women in that aspect
Women are supposed to be curved, I don't mean as a euphemism for fat, I mean that the shapes of women is supposed to have curves everywhere, and while women have some curves(the thighs curve, the ass curve, the spine arched curve, the neck curve, the tit curve), they far more than men who have none
Meanwhile poners, are NOTHING BUT curves, every single part of their anatomy is a very aesthetically pleasing curve, no matter the angle where you look at them
They have a dorsal curve same as women, but it joins into an inverted curve for their entire back end, at no point do you see bones or muscles protruding on ponies, even their ears and facial features are rounded off and look good to the eyes
Women are supposed to have good eyes, It's no mystery that large eyes are more attractiven or else every stylized depiction wouldnt represent them with eyes many times the size, and women wouldnt use eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow etc to create a zone of shadow around their eyes, and give the illusion of larger eyes
Just compare girls who seem very attractive with a lot of makeup that focusses on their eyes, vs what they look like without that makeup it's night and day, and as for how ponies have larger eyes than wome, I don't think I need to explain, their eyes are huge, and again, large eyes are a feminine trait

Part 1/no idea how long the autism will last
was "hoser" a wordfilter or did you write that?
File: HD_CMC03.jpg (1 MB, 1652x2719)
1 MB
File: EX_CMC03.png (1.96 MB, 1652x2719)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Nsfw version
Huh? I never said that in my post. Did you mean to reply to >>13933 , eh?
And yeah hoser is a wordfilter for tr*nny.
yeah, thanks.
I think what you mean is Tomcolt
File: ezgif-2-398ce2c0b23b.gif (2.81 MB, 768x432)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB GIF
Then there is also the facial expressiveness, because of their huge eyes and eyebrows, their faces can convey way more and much stronger emotions than human cans, and our brain are still able to read the emotions, but since they detect them much clearer, this improves a lot the empathy people feel towards ponies, because they are able to more effectively convey their feelings through their facial expressions and body postures, and it is something they can even use their ears for, and somehow, despite not having any close ancestors that had detatched ears like that, we are perfectly able to understand the emotions ear movement conveys, which adds to the normal facial expressions and melts with them in a very surprisingly natural way
then there is the overall bodyplan of the ponies, that doesn't feel as strange as you would expect, to be fair they are chimeras, and their skeleton has aboot the same angles of movement as the human one, but the main effect their body has, is to make them feel more compact, which again adds to the "petite" aspect of feminitity, and they also feel very comfy, you feel like they are comfy in any position just by looking at them, they can stand on all 4s, sit on their posterior like a human, but also unlike humans they can roll in a ball, or lay prone on their belly, and it all contributes to making them smallercomfier, cuddlier etc

Part 2 of the autism
File: 2248776.png (1.37 MB, 2163x2170)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Then for the cuddlyness, it's of course not clear what they are made oot of, but it's probably something extremely soft, softer than the softer fur of any animal on earth, probably as soft as bird duvet, and what do you prefer, hugging and cuddling with a soft, squishy and dry duvet, that could almost feel like a warm pillow, or rubbing your skin against naked skin, that instantly overheats, starts sweating, then filling up with bacteria, smelling etc, there is no contest, again it is far preferable to cuddle with one of the ponies from the show than it would be with a human, and obliviously the ability to cuddle and give good quality hugs is an important
Then of course there is the personality, but if you've watched the show you already know, basically every single individual in their universe would pass as a saint in ours, with human women you have to be constantly on your guard, she will test you constantly, she will do shit tests, she will be needy, she will play mindgames with you, she will push as much as possible, she will never feel bad for breaking a promess she made to you or cheating on you with someone else, being with a woman means being constantly vigilant and constantly alert for the trouble she spends all her time brewing
Obliviously, with ponies, you don't have that, minus that quote from the cakes written by (((haber))), It's fair to assume that cheating doesn't even exist in their universe

part 3, the next one will be the recap and the last part
she has pink hair and a little bow in her hair doesn’t seem tomboy to me
Sorry for being late buddy, i had to deport myself back.
I saw a lot of Tomboys who got a bit angry how people are starting to say they are "secretly trans".
I have nothing against trans people (unless they are actual douches and doing things to kids, but not all of them do this thankfully) but forcing stereotypes on people just like that sorry on their behaviors and tastes...it's just doing exactly like the people they love to criticize of the past.

Cute chicken
Oh no D:
Yeah buddy i meant this, my brain just act funny at night.
File: 1576344932562.jpg (370 KB, 2160x2160)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
the bottom line to recap, and the main reason I am saying this, is because every single attribute of femininity, is not only present in ponies, it is also present to a greater degree

Masculinity means being large, being dominating in size, having strong and hard muscles wrapped tightly by your skin, with low body fat, it means being a protector, an active agent, a force to be reckoned with, a man is an astute planner, and is solid enough to overcome conflict with other men, those things are the essence of masculinity, the less a man matches with those values, the less of a man he is

Feminity on the other hand, is ideally something that is there to support the men, which is why women are so hated, most of them are selfish individuals, who will never view themselves as part of a couple, but always themselves, and every man she knows as something foreign she can interract with, manipulate, gets what she wants from, etc, that is of course absolutely terrible, and does mean most women completely fail at being women
Feminity comes with a lot of other things, "feminine traits" means "softer traits", even their faces are more rounded, while men have angular everything, angular bodies, and angular faces. Women are supposed to have curves all over their body, be petite, a small and cute little thing that is faithful to the man, and that the man protects, and therefore also provides morale and emotional support, hence the cuddles, hence the cute and beautiful appearance to look at.
And same as with the men, the more a woman strays from that ideal, the less of a woman she is.
Stop spouting tr*nny rhetoric, your sex is determined by what you have genital-wise, not by how you present yourself. You're the reason the west is in shambles.
File: seed58415.jpg (71 KB, 1024x1024)
71 KB
Every trait is more feminine in a pony than in a woman, and it gets to the point where when you have seen enough ponies, all women start to appear manish, when your brain begins to associate "woman" with "a tiny small cuddly and round thing", then suddenly human women don't look very much like women anymore to you
You begin to notice all of their manly traits, the way that they have bones that protrude everywhere, look at their pelvis, that is almost completely exposed, look at their kneeds jutting oot, the elbows, and the shoulders
Women have suuuch wide shoulders, compare that to ponies, ponies don't have arms directly bellow the body like real life horses, but their shoulders are still far closer to one another, and their different body proportions (longer and thicker neck, shoulders thus lower compared to the head), the fact that the bone attachement is diagonal in them, unlike humans, who's equivalent bones are the shoulder blades, that are perfelectly flat along the back at 90s, it all works together
You begin to see women for what they are, barely modified men, who are still more man than women, and only superficially feminine
File: 1577598610009.png (199 KB, 763x1140)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
what are you smoking, I never said genitals had no role
but masculinity and feminity both are an ensemble of a lot of things, genetics, hormone levels, the biology of every single organ differs, did you fail highschool? if not you would remember a thing called "secondary sexual characteristics", you are literally denying masculinity and feminity exists, yet you are the one saying I spout hoser rhetoric, eh?

Both Henri Cavill and george soros have dick and balls inbetween their legs don't tell me that they are both equally as masculine, you are the one who is speaking complete nonsense here
since when does bony mean manly
think aboot what you're saying for 2 seconds troon
if a man becomes less of a man the less masculine he is, you're implicitly saying he becomes "more of a woman"
masculinity and femininity exist but sex traits are the sole deciders of sex
if you can't see how that makes you sound like a tra and why saying shit like "acting masculine makes you more of a man" just helps the trans cause there's no helping you in your horse-fogged brain
File: 1556931459055.jpg (24 KB, 500x300)
24 KB
>hoser rhetoric, eh, eh?
ffs word filters

do jannies unironically find word filters funny? what is wrong with these "people", eh?

since ever? look at the skull of a woman vs the skull of a man, same for the rest of the skeleton

>if a man becomes less of a man the less masculine he is
not gonna play if games with you, leaf, answer this, do you deny that some men are more feminine and some men less feminine, and some women more feminine while others less feminine, despite having the same chromosomes and genitals, because of characteristics propper to them, their genetic, their realized phenotype, and developement, eh?

you sound weirdly offended that I said weak faggots with shit genes, no muscle or strengh of mind are less of a man than those who don't have those shortcomings, you almost sound "triggered"
yeah but skinny with bones poking oot doesn’t mean manly
>do you deny that some men are more feminine and some men less feminine, and some women more feminine while others less feminine, despite having the same chromosomes and genitals, because of characteristics propper to them, their genetic, their realized phenotype, and developement, eh
no what i am denying is that man become equivalent to women and women become equivalent men when they act a certain way which you seem to be unable to grasp is troon rhetoric when it blatantly is. men cannot become akin to women by putting on skirts. this is basic biology
frankly it troubles me that this is a difficult concept for you to understand
Holy shit they are completely oblivious.
File: 1592701901255.jpg (134 KB, 1080x1350)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>yeah but skinny with bones poking oot doesn’t mean manly
Try to picture a normally skinny girl, but now put her in a situation where she is half starving, all her tits and fat reserves are gone, and what you are left with is hard to tell appart from a dude just at a short glance
what it all comes down to is sexual dimorphism, humans have a very low ammount of sexual dimoprhism, with men and women being extremely similar compared to other animals, or even the average of animes
And what I mean comes from the fact that even though that dimorphism is slight, it still has 2 directions, one towards the more feminine form, and one towards the more masculine form, and if you follow along that axis in either direction, you begin to realize the true potential of either sex more, and how sadly undistinguished humans are, it's a fact that women aren't that different from men in terms of shape and appearance, and that femininity could be carried much much further than it is currently

I mean just an example, look at pic related, it was posted in a random thread
It's a She, a biological woman, not a hoser, 100% pure woman, never took any hormone or any bullshit, and yet look at her, she basically looks like a boy with makeup and long hair
She is a bit of an extreme example sure but it helps you understand where I am coming from, since after you get used to ponies, well it changes your baselines according to which you judge people, and all women begin to look like that one does to you
>Women are supposed to be petite
here you set up the idea that femininity is measured by how close one is to an ideal form of a woman and then go on to claim that something that doesn't even resemble a human is closer to that form. given that femininity is certainly different for each species (what a peacock considers masculine differs greatly from what a deer does) this claim is absurd.
>ponies are almost small enough to roll in a ball on your lap
has the size of ponies actually been established in the show? it doesn't matter. you seem to be claiming that there is no lower limit as to what the size of a woman should ideally be which is ridiculous.
>the shapes of women is supposed to have curves everywhere
specific curves in specific places. breasts, for example, which ponies don't have. when these curves are in the wrong places or there are more of them we do not say a woman is more feminine we say she is deformed
your points aboot eyes and facial expressions while true is equally true aboot animated human women
>unlike humans they can roll in a ball, or lay prone on their belly, and it all contributes to making them smallercomfier, cuddlier etc
women can lie on their bellies. cuddling a human who can hold your hands in hers or wrap her arms around you is better. human on human compatibility is superior to human on horse.
>it's of course not clear what they are made oot of, but it's probably something extremely soft, softer than the softer fur of any animal on earth, probably as soft as bird duvet
what are you going on here? is this really established at any point in the show? is there really an indication of the squishiness of ponies? i'm doubtful
>being with a woman means being constantly vigilant and constantly alert for the trouble she spends all her time brewing
>Obliviously, with ponies, you don't have that
true but equally true of any animated woman
>You begin to see women for what they are, barely modified men, who are still more man than women
see this is the core issue right here. your supposition that in order to be completely a woman a woman must have nothing in common with a man. while there are many species more sexually dimorphic than humans none come close to the level of difference you claim is ideal. a fish is not the ideal female rat for being nothing like the male rat and a horse is not the ideal woman for being nothing like a man. if what you say is true and the logical perfect woman is as far away from the masculine side of the masculine/feminine gradient then the ideal woman is in fact a lovecraftian horror with no trait recognizable to any lifeform on earth.
File: iu.jpg (255 KB, 800x600)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
File: 20210401_214802.png (209 KB, 500x498)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
File: 1615695685834.jpg (43 KB, 330x570)
43 KB

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