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Read this if you are a straight white male that hates homosexuality in any of its forms and loves Jesus Christ and the white race: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WQXqSj9OucLlTEzxItouwzwxR7E9AZYh/view?usp=drivesdk

How to go to Heaven when you die: Jesus Christ is Lord, so do what He says: Repent (say you're sorry to Him for intentionally sinning and mean it) and believe on Him to fully receive His mercy that you need for forgiveness od your sins (lying, stealing, lusting, porn, secret sins unmentionable here, etc.). You are now born again unto God if you did this (Acts 16:30-31, Acts 8:37).
"I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

File: 1572584774491.jpg (92 KB, 792x1024)
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Turn from your sin and ask for forgiveness while you still can, gays.
File: 1614723509358.jpg (214 KB, 1180x663)
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File: 0040_12.gif (31 KB, 474x244)
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Christianity is for people who live above and separate from the world, as it is not their true home, and they are just passing through.
I believe this world, as wretched and full of evil people as it may be, is the only home I will ever have, temporary as it may be, and that I will be nothing but dust after I am gone here. No future, no consciousness. However, in the time I have, I will work against evil men with all my spirit, that those which come after me may have a place prepared for them.
You believe this world is fallen, belonging to Satan.
I believe this world is diseased, and mind to tend and restore.
Christianity has failed to stave off Marxism and degeneracy, and it is of no use to me as its practitioners continue to retreat into their inner worlds, family and church groups, and personal connections to god in these prophesized dark times.
The times have always been dark, and you have usually been retreating and cowering and pleading your God to see you through, or to do as he wilt, even if it means taking your life.
I'm not afraid to die, but I will not willingly give up my life and I have no intention of living a life of meek submission to tyranny.
You better be afraid to die, buddy. It will only get worse for you than the Marxist filth are making it for you right now. I understand your mentality, but you're a fool if you rejecr a free gift which you desperately need.
Nothing is worse than ceasing to exist.
That I have conquered such a fear should indicate to you that you have nothing left to scare me with.
Not peer pressure, not the judgment of history, not irrelevance or being forgotten.
You have nothing to offer me other than to lie to my face that my dead mother is waiting for me on the "other side". If I believed that I would simply kill myself to find out. What horror hold Hell's flames for me? The mere assurance of an afterlife would mean a heaven for her, and my mind at an eternity's ease regardless of what torments may come in my own lodging. I can amuse myself despite any outside stimuli.

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