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/qb/ - Quebec

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They instead intend on keeping the outdated imperial system that no other relevant country uses.
File: 1732987.png (1.09 MB, 1622x1674)
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Require the world to use English.
Then we'll use metric.
Both are forms of communication, meet us in the middle.
Otherwise fuck yourself.
Unironically, mandatory military service. The army is running the metric system these days, and it would also go a long way towards unfucking the average American.
That dates back to the hate of the english for the French Empire that was very powerful.
All this was the object of negociation.

- meter is SI unit (even if yes, in daily life, US Americans use feet, etc)
- but the deal said that the french for that would give up the Paris origin meridian, and give it to Greenwich.

true story.
>The army is running the metric system these days
US Army, eh?
Not for heights/lengths and weights, but distances/ranges are running on the metric system.
Also for aviation, even french pilots use feets. Apparently it's an international convention.
We still get ballet and diplomacy vocabulary.

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