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ITT: Times you fucked up

So this happened quite some time ago but I only just realized what happened.

>Be me
>10 years old
>School has this thing called safety patrol
>You essentially make sure kids aren't tripping other kids coming in and out.
>You get to skip the breakfast line
>One day be walking to my station
>It's all the way across the fucking school
>There are a few girls at their station when I'm walking to mine
>They stop me
>Two of them are 8/10 twins and the other is a 6/10
>One of the twins looks flustered
>The other says the flustered one has something to tell me
>Flustered one says it's nothing
>The other two try to get her to tell me
>Think nothing of it and walk to my station
>Eat my bagel I got to skip the line for
>Fast forward a few years
>Be me
>Be at soccer practice
>Twins are on my team
>Think nothing of it
>Fast forward to today
>Realize what went on that day
>Realize they were on my soccer team
>Realize I could've rectified my mistake

Why must life be so unforgiving, anons?
>7th grade
>2nd year in a new school district
>one day a cute girl approaches me in the hallway
>"Hey you went to [old school district]! Do you remember me?"
>she looks mad and rushes off
>never spoke to her again

H-ha ha I sure toasted that roastie right boys?
>Be me in high school
>A 8/10 is my best friend for like 8 years.
>We share everything
>We also get misunderstood as a couple at times
>But nothing between us
>I once ask a mutual friend if I should ask her out. She says yes anon!
>I ask her out. Get embarrassed when she friendzones me infront of everyone.
>I still have feels for her
>Stay friends until the end.
>Fast-forward a few years.
>She contacts me after long time and the usual hello hi.
>I ask how's her love life.
>She says it's messed up.
>She says "anon you should have asked me out again back then, I would have said yes"

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