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Had my first night of wageslaving at a restaurant after 10 years of neetdom. They said it's never that busy on a weekday. There were so many customers, and so much noise, and so many tasks. How do people do this their whole lives? It was good, though. Normally, I'm consumes by my anxieties. Tonight, though, all that was in my mind was the current and next task. And I got into a groove. And I was good with customers. Honestly, though, how do people do this for 40+ years?
With heavy drinking. Seriously, so many people in the restaurant industry have drinking problems.
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Also, you've got to get a hold of a teensy weensy bit of that weedle-dee-deed! That WEEDLE-DEE-DEED haha oh my goddddddddd anon haha Jesus man Jesus! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition! Man you gotta get high and jack off!
Honestly, with such a lot of mental stimulation, after awhile, you'll start to really get bored at home because you're not used to the quiet. We're remarkably adaptable.
yeah alcohol and weed is easy to get and abuse daily if you're paid based off tips.
Well how the fuck did you get that job with a 10 year gap?
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Been doing this for 10 years in everything from dish washing at fast food diners to jr sous at high end french places. It's fun for a year or so- do it for a year to build your confidence, then find a real job.

As it is now, I'm 28, make less money than all of my friends and I have no social life because I'm working every weekend. Have fun for a bit and if it's not a fast food place and you're using knives and shit, you'll get crazy hand speed and generally impressive reflexes, spatial awareness and multitasking abilities. Use those to do something better.

Also yeah. This industry is absolutely full of degenerate alcoholics. It's really the only perk after the rush of being new and overwhelmed wears off- you can be a complete and total shit show and nobody will care. Its no way to live, though. Have some asian softcore
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Why are you still in there then?
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I'm a degenerate alcoholic. You can get used to anything. Just as you can get used to 10 years of doing nothing in your room, you can get used to kitchens that regularly hit 45 celcius, the screaming and the burns.

this is r9k so I'm not gonna give the ol' normie slogan of "comfort is the enemy!", which is always said by people with easy jobs who spend most of their free time watching netflix. There's something to be said for comfort, just be careful what you get comfortable in. Have some more asian softcore.
Family friend. But this is a trial. The boss will be there on my 3rd shift to evaluate me. Not getting my hopes up. But the manager said I did well.
Yeah, I plan to get into construction eventually.
I worked at a restaurant as a dishwasher for a while, it wasn't too bad at first but then they had me busing tables while it was busy and it had me so fucking anxious from all the people around me.
I just walked out and quit on the spot one busy day
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I know this feel, once you get comfortable if starts feeling like your 2nd home.
You lose any will power to actually move up and anyway, I don't think you should stick to any job for longer than a year after that you get too comfortable and attached.

I'm not planning my escape with some meme schooling but just thinking back of all those years wasted hurts.
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Have you ever considered switching to something more interesting?
Alcohol seems like a hell of a drug. Do you think its ok that this job is so hard/stressfull that people have to do drugs to get by, or do you wish it could be easier/less stressfull?
working very hard in a fast paced environment then doing it while your co-workers are shouting at you are 2 different things.

the turnover rate is so high where i work on the Vegas strip, i'll see people come and go and i never knew their names.

i was taught hard work when i was a kid and i imagine the mexicans were like that, the older ones anyway.
if you weren't introduced to hard work at a young age i don't see people lasting.
File: Choa_018502025216.jpg (96 KB, 500x794)
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Oh and don't get involved with waitresses. The other fun part of the restaurant industry is the banging. Honestly, a restaurant is a lot like high school, and it's not unusual to hookup with anything female that looks at you. But we are robots, and we hated high school. Even we can score in the industry, but you'll be scoring with manic-depressive alcoholics who really just wish their dad had fucked them to death. A full bottle is better when it's all to yourself, anyway.
File: 116-rui-kiriyama-01316137.jpg (394 KB, 1200x1800)
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I have considered it, but don't know what else I'm good for. I can stand on my feet for twelve hours and work like a demon, but I can't wake up before 11 AM. I can't drive. My personal skills are poor- in restaurants, it doesn't matter because I'm just one more Character, but in a corporate setting I think it'd cause problems when I start rambling about the things I find interesting that other people do not.

It's not "okay" that the work is so demanding that over half of my coworkers are addicts of some variety, but the customer service industry doesn't care about what's okay for the worker, so I don't think of it much. I think it's more complicated than the libertarian argument of "you get paid what you're worth and you can just leave", but they're right in that nobody has a gun to my head.

Anyways, for the OP, if the boss is in next shift and you're kitchen, it's going to come down to attitude. Little things like never going up or down stairs empty-handed (always take something with you), keeping your station clean and remembering menu items are gonna be worth more than anything else really.
File: 1519680173080.png (509 KB, 634x748)
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You are right, most manual labour jobs are worth nothing in todays society and people tend to cope with drugs and develope mental illness.
I think the system is flawed in that sense and it is more expensive (to society as a whole) to leave it this way. But some people make sick profits from it, so its ok I guess?
Well, shoot me. I guess I'm a lefty.

I would never work in a kitchen although I'm a very good cook and I like cooking. I rather stay in my profession.

Good luck for you though anon, you seem to have your head in the right place. I hope you can get something "better" someday.

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