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File: 1523903433432.jpg (684 KB, 1250x1450)
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How are my fellow addicts doing today? What are you up to? About to go to the dispensary to pick up some strong sativa myself. What's your poison?
I just get whatever they recommend or is on sale.
Get paid tomorrow, what stain would you recommend I try?
Well what is it that you want out of your weed my dude?
Parents away and I've been high for days god I hate coming home from uni
To be functional enough to still play video games. Otherwise not sure, most my highs have felt relatively the same out of the 20 or so strains I've had. Only difference to me is the burn when smoking and how long they last.
I'm high and dry for the rest of the day (it's 18:40 here)
It's the worst feeling.
I'm making some pot brownies tomorrow morning when the butter's ready.
Ask the people at the shop for a good indica then, I like melting into the couch when I'm high and playing vidya, but yeah there shouldn't be much of a difference between strains. If the shop has Afghan kush you should definitely get that. Easily the best indica strain I've ever had. Might knock you on your ass though.

Sorry dude, at least you're going to make brownies tomorrow so that's something to look forward to. How many of them are you going to eat in one sitting?
Was trying to get a ball of heroin last night dude said hed have it this morning.
I know the guy and we are friends so I payed it up front.
Beginning to think this might of been a bad call on my part...
Live in Oklahoma and we just voted for our legized ganja law. Except our fucking state congress + governor just put a bunch of restrictions on it now, including one that says the act of smoking weed is prohibited. We can only eat it. Also a licensed pharmacist has to be on the premises of the dispensary(edible shop?) at all times. Pharmacists cant sell schedule 1 drugs by law. What the fuck
Stopped cocaine since I got done with college and I've put on 50 pounds. Are there any stimulants that are legal and easy on the stomach? I was looking at Kratom.
>How many of them are you going to eat in one sitting?

Not sure, I'll try them carefully.
I used 10g of flower to make approximately 480 grams of butter. I need 100g of butter to make a batch of brownies, so that makes about 2 grams of flower per batch, I'll see how it goes. Hopefully they're strong as fuck.
feeling like shit because i'm insufferable person who really needs to get their head straight. can't even communicate with my pals i'm so fucking ruined
Weed just isn't doing the trick for me anymore, it just makes me feel slightly buzzed and all the more fatiuged.
Have any of you ordered prescriptions online from other countries?
Any decent sources?
I'm not even looking for a controlled substance. Just propranolol to help with my benzo withdrawals
Have you looked into finding another strain than your usual maybe?
File: IMG_0870.png (91 KB, 400x333)
91 KB
Alcohol is my poison. Started to stop as of yesterday for a job in a couple weeks that requires I am sober. The fucking nightmares I had last night were next level disturbing. I didn't die in them but they were insanely gory and lucid. Hope this shit stops fast.
Tolerance break. If you've been a heavy smoker then take a 3-4 week break and do some exercise. As long as you're smoking good weed and inhaling correctly you should be fine

That sucks

Legal weed is shit in CA too was better medical only
Last night tried 600 mg Gabapentin for the first time along with my daily dose of 3-5 bowls a day. It was relaxing as hell and good for a quiet night in, but does anybody else experience ringing in the ears on it?
File: 1530471031505.jpg (52 KB, 600x600)
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>be me
>typical britbong stoner
>decide to get some coke off the darkweb
>gram arrives
>decide to do a test key
>really good shit
>decide to rack up a couple of lines in my dorm and share it with my dorm mates
>we all agree it's really good shit
>after binging on the stuff for a day I decide to save a 1/4 for myself
>decide to visit family
>get on train from uni
>3 hour journey with 3 changes in between
>last leg of the journey
>get off train and to change platforms
>notice police officers at the station
>try to keep myself from spilling spaghetti
>one of the officers sees me acting suspiciously
>pulls me aside
>"Good evening sir, how are you today" she says
>It's been 2 months since I last spoken to a girl other than my mum or my professors
>"F-Fine" I respond
>She notices my bag
>"We are responding to an incident at the station, could you follow me please"
>Follow her to her other cop officers
>After speaking to her I realize this is a setup for a stop and search
>I start panicking a little
>"I-I really need to catch this train"
>"That's fine, we just need to search the contents of your pockets and your bag"
>Empty out my pockets; train tickets, phone, wallet, keys, earphones
>Bag gets searched and they find my 2g of weed and coke
>They seize my shit and get given a caution
>lost around 40 quid's worth of drugs
>I now have to spend the next week sober

Any of you lads had any issues with the police?
File: 1P-LSD.png (4 KB, 198x255)
4 KB
Does /r9k/ do psychedelic research chemicals?
got one benzedrex cotton soaking in a glass of 7-up
plans are to drink it and then jack off for hours and then cry because I wasted my day again
Irony is that this is for our medical stuff. The politicians in oklahoma do this all the time, we vote for something and they LITERALLY tell us that we "didn't know what we voted for" and thet just fucking override any progress we've made
Today's the most sober I've been in...months?

I was hitting xanax pretty hard because I got a script, but I don't want to get too addicted. Might down some kratom but these strands aren't really doing much for me. Wish I had some stims but my last psychosis was pretty bad.

Made friends with one of those 'mystic' types (xanax made me go outside for the first time in years) so i think i have a shrooms hookup now. Kinda happy about that.
Pulled over as a years ago with weed. Passed the field sobriety test. Was lucky to get an old cop who didn't give a shit, he just took my weed and told me to go home.

His partner was some young gung ho little punk who was like "I would have taken you in." He wasn't even old enough to be the roided up retards those type of cops turn into.
how bad would it be to briefly open and close the same bottle of sterile saline for injection?
>Wish I had some stims but my last psychosis was pretty bad.

Care to elaborate on your psychosis anon?
I Live in Oklahoma too, the lawmakers are taking the change to court, hopefully we here good news, it's simply not what we voted for
This is actually a real story from an American perspective
>be me
>typical ameribong stoner
>decide to go to beach party with best friend for high school grad party
>buy half ounce of dank from friend and get liter of fireball from dad
>go to beach
>decide to smoke first bowls with best friend in secret area I haven't been to in a year
>pack glass pipe and give greens to bestie
>make him smoke whole bowl
>pack my bowl and crack the fireball and take shots with bestie
>proceed to take one hit of bowl
>look up
>see two fags rushing towards us in short shorts
>they get close enough while I'm holding smoke in with pipe up near my face
>see batman utility belts with guns
>throw my bowl of weed and fireball into backpack
>cops show up
>I watched too many videos of citizens saying they know their rights and getting away with it
>clam as fuck
>"No, I don't think you can do that, I refuse to let you search my bag, I don't consent"
>white fag pulls out tazer while mexican fag yells
>I felt ballsy
>"bestie anon, pull out your phone and start recording"
>white officer yells
>bestie freezes
>I get up
>puts me in cuffs
>tells me we'll do this the hard way if I want
>says he saw me smoking out of a pipe
>says its just a ticket if its pots, its not worth it
>finally tell them okay, I'll give you the pot
>lets me out of cuffs, tells me to give me whats in the backpack
>I hesitate, wondering if I should pull out the bag of weed or not
>pull it out, with pipe
>they laugh
>"Hoho, looks like you were planning a big day today"
>doesnt cont
Fucking newfags
How hard is it to tyoe it out in a text editor of your choice beforehand?
>"haha yeah, we were headed to a party just now"
>"WELL, looks like the parties done"
>black man out of nowhere starts screaming
>feels bad
>mexifag cop writes me ticket for 300 dollars
>shake his hand and say
>"Okay thanks!"
>why did I just thank him for making me pay 300 dollars and stealing my weed
>mexicop starts laughing and walking off
>whitefaggot ass bitch ass cop says
>mexifag cop turns around
>my heart is racing
>still whole liter of fireball with two baby sips missing from it
>"NOTHING! I gave you it all, I swear!"
>mexicop chimes in
>"No, please, just search it yourselves then!"
>whitefag bitch ass goes into bag cautiously
>think I'm so fucked at this point I don't even talk anymore
>white cop looks like he actually has emphathy for the first time
>"Well... we won't write you up for this, we're just gonna poor it out right here"
>shake his hand and thank him
>god damnit I did it again
>literally as they leave laughing
>with my huge sack of pot in their hand
>me and my buddy try to lap up the fireball from the ocean rock scum puddle
>parents got pissed
>had to do community service for weeks
>literally puked in community service from getting sick from smoking 20 ciggys and taking shots all night until 6am
>then smoking my lungs out during slave labor

worst part

>1.5 years later
>recreational pot is legalized
File: IdontCareIllSayIT.jpg (48 KB, 680x593)
48 KB
holy shiet, glorious tripfag
its because I was inspired to write this right now
Sativa is all i. Wanna smoke. Rather not smoke than. Smoke Indica.

Been sober 3 weeks from al ohol and weed i think i should quit entirely. I realize last 2 urs of my life weed was my hobby because i can't handle being in debt and was constantly thinking about my car loan. Now that its paid off entirely i want to go out to all the places i wanted to 2 yrs ago.
File: 1528472775570.jpg (86 KB, 1520x1080)
86 KB
Lads, whats the best way to make connections when you know literally no one.
I had one dealer for all my shit and he OD'd now I'm up shit creek without a paddle
Are you in the U.S. or Canada? Chances are there's a dispensary pretty close to you, you should just get your stuff there broski.
Lol. McDonald's or the internet. Or if you want ghetto weed go find a group of black ppl standing at a hotel or where the bar area is at.
its hard work but you can grow your own
File: 1529611334279.jpg (95 KB, 450x392)
95 KB
I'm in the UK and I'm not after weed, only shit outside of that weedle-deedle-deed that I could get a hold of is some molly if I went to a club.
stumped on where to get my psychedelics from though
Got some good Haze. Gonna smoke it tomorrow.
Why not smoke that good shit right the fuck now anon?
Psychedelics are always hard as fuck to find. Last connect I had only had research chemicals (1p-lsd and eth-lad) both of which fucked me up good but who knows what they do to your mind/body.

Had actual good acid only once and it was leagues better than RC bullshit.
File: 1520040743158.jpg (54 KB, 546x896)
54 KB
Guess im getting on DXM then
at least amazon helps
File: 1531269360779.gif (1.1 MB, 508x583)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
Same lmao, at uni i can smoke all day every day, eat whatever whenever. I love being home, but theres so much less freedom

smoke that shit now

go to a club. youll see a few shady black guys around. Theyll be able to hook you up with dealers.

t. blackbot whos made friends with a lot of these guys
File: knights of sun.jpg (271 KB, 980x1000)
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271 KB JPG
Just popped 240mg ectasy the wait for comeup always feel like a eternity
File: jpeg.jpg (37 KB, 375x211)
37 KB
Indeed. 1P-LSD is one of the best substances I've tried. Was thinking of doing 4-aco-dmt, you or anyone here have any experience with it?
I've been stopped by community support officers many times and I've always just ended up walking away from them whenever they tried to stop and search me. They never give a fuck and the one's who do are the typical try-hards.

This time they were actual officers.

Fellow UKfag here. My first and only charge was for getting caught with a few ecstasy pills. I thought I was just going to get a fine for it so imagine my shock and rage when I got a letter informing me I had to do 30 hours of community service, even though it was my first offence, as I said. I should have made an appeal to get it reduced to a fine in hindsight. It gets expunged this year though, so that's nice.
Ran out of meth today and don't have any money. Probably going to pawn my phone so I can get more. How are the meth prices in your areas? I've been paying 40 for a G in Austin Tx I feel like it's pretty overpriced.
Gonna down a couple of cans of beer and have some codiene

Codeine and dihydrocodeine never did much for me the couple times I tried them. There was a point where it felt like I was beginning to come up and I felt kind of nice but that quickly just turned into nausea. Not that interested in opiates after that, though I'm sure other ones would give me an enjoyable high.
Just relapsed on morph and oxy and now am debating on getting more. I don't know if I can handle it. Maybe I could just take a little?
Ugh, those fucking dreams are the worst. They faded for me after like a week. Sometimes if u try they can be fun!
hmm over 1 hour and still no effect of the ectasy
File: lsd-brain-scan-images[1].jpg (257 KB, 1596x1197)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
anyone who is into psychedelics knows they are the best for vidya at low/medium dose (or even high doses)

especially stimulating ones like lsd, 2cb cause they not only increase performance by improving muscle memory and thought flow, they increase strategic/4d chess thinking with enhanced creativity and an increase in connections in the brain. Improves immersion too.
amphetamine is also good for zoning/confidence/thought flow, but lacks the creativity spin
I've tried microdosing lsd and doing vidya and it just doesnt work. Focusing on a flat screens is really annoying.
weed is for faggots
hard drugs are for cool kids
I don't think you were microdosing anon. You're not supposed to have issues like that.
microdosing with 1-5ug is optimal, many people "microdose"with 10-20ug but this is too much for a microdose and can make you jittery, anxious and emotional. Its too little for the full trip effects and too much for the subtle benefits of true microdosing, its a purgatory.

at 30-60ug the psychedelic effects begin to manifest and (in my personal experience) "zoning" begins to occur. With mild ego softening performance anxiety starts to go away.

I'm a grand champion in Rocket league on 30ug
i'm diamond3/champion 1 on my sober alt account
Ye i guess my dose where something more like 15-20 a little much
My biggest regret is sharing my drugs with my ex
4-Aco-DMT is the best substance I used so far, but don't overdo it. It's quite potent stuff.
File: hgcjc.jpg (67 KB, 633x758)
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Im going up to Colorado to get some weed for my birthday, hoping the shop i frequent will have Blue Dream. Any other strains that give that same super euphoric high? I havent felt anything emotionally in months.
Man, Blue Dream is one of my all time favourite strains. You should also try Lamb's Breath, it's Snoop Dogg's favourite strain.
im sitting in a mcdonalds parking lot smoking crack with my 54 year old friend(im 27) paranoid as hell. good thing i have xanax, alcohol and weed for when it runs out, which is always too fast
T break dude
>all these upper fags craving sativa
Indica and edibles or bust. Closest natural thing on god's green earth to dope. If I wanna trip I'll just pop a tab, otherwise melt me into the couch senpai
Thanks man. Blue Dream is my #1. Its a strain that makes me feel genuinely happy
>be american, 18
>house raided by police
>searched whole house
>found 1/8 of weed
>took pink floyd poster and jimi hendrix poster as evidence of "what a typical drug user has"
>stop smoking while I go through court shit
>be 19
>arrested for drinking
Kek how'd you get into this position? Shit nigger.
OP here, time for round two, gonna smoke a joint and vaporize a bowl. Finishing off this heavy sativa and will smoke some indica before I go to bed.
were both white my friend, but i used to work with him and somehow ended up driving him to his doctor and the pharmacy for his xanax script every month and I would get some for free and he would sell me them cheap. I pick him up the other day to help him move cause he lives in a shelter in the ghetto and hes goes anon I got some crack for free so i say fuck it and smoke it with him cause im an addict and like free drugs. So now we still smokin in mcdonalds
does crack even make you hungry
File: 1530839505579.jpg (764 KB, 1280x1726)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
Anybody here have experience with caffeine pills? Do you ever feel anxious on the comedown? What's a good performance enhancing stim that's not too dangerous in the long run?
File: 1525194621473.gif (645 KB, 969x700)
645 KB
645 KB GIF
Only thing that comes to mind is ritalin but don't know how dangerous it could be depending on the dose desu
Where you want to go anon?
>2018 and plebs still looking for tyrone to hook them up
When I read about people doing psychs and playing vidya, makes me want to be in the 60's when this shit was enjoyed in a more real and communal sense.
t. I drop acid/shrooms and just watch music videos on youtube
Pharm stims are too expensive, though. Anybody here have experience with modafinil or rcs?
Wellbutrin is the fucking devil. 2 xanax bars and I'm STILL wound tight as fuck. Fuck you psychiatrists you quacks.
I was thinking about speedballing dexedrine and oxycontin. Is there a recommended safe dose for this? I have no opiate tolerance and a very low stimulant tolerance
4F-MPH is the RC speed that's still going around and well recieved. Only one I haven't tried. Everyone loved 3-fpm until they realized it causes AIDs. All the flourinated amphetamines are gone. Hexen and NEP are pretty great until they drive you insane. Its sleepy times in the stim world.
If you're looking for pure functionality 4f-mph is probably the way to go. It's supposedly a ritalin analogue, but slightly more euphoric.
>safely speedball
Any good cn vendors for 4f-mph? Or is it best to go dn for this one?
Sourcing will probably get drugfeels b&. But I also honestly don't know. Is Dread back up yet? All the leddit clones where you can find this info keep shutting down.
Yeah it's back up. You know the status of this particular rc?
pcg is out but I think this one isn't dead yet.
People were posting about cyclazodone for a while too, but I think they were just liftmode shills.
>"sir we need to search your bag"
>let them

You fucked up

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