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> getting with a Guatemalan chick my friend introduced me to because no action in a long time with women
> 6.5/10, 22, thicc, has an innie according to the nudes shes sent
> she's really into me, more than i thought a chick could be
> issue is, she has the emotional maturity of a toddler
> i mean it, she calls her period "woman pain"
> she seriously can't text sentences even though she speaks english
> she tried to meet me at her church the past couple of times we tried to meet
> still lives with mom, wants to be a professional babysitter because she's around children all day, still scared about her mom catching her sneaking out
> wrote indirect posts about me on her social media when i ignored her last time

What gives? I wanna smash, but shit's a little offputting tbqh. I know she's gonna feel great raw, but I don't want a baby with her guys...
shes literally like the ideal woman you ungrateful slut
take her
This. OP this maybe your only chance of getting a non-thot gf, don't waste it.

Fuck, it's a hard sell... if she had a modicum more intelligence (I'm not asking for a genius, but holy shit, she can't even relate to half the things I try to say, it's kinda cringey), i'd think about it. Besides, her mom's kinda crazy. When I try to sext her, it's real trial.

I'm not gonna mistreat her or anything, I just don't think she's gonna be at the top of my list.
>has an innie according to the nudes shes sent

Do chicks just send out nudes to people this easily these days?
Fuck off normalfag
Or ridge in al

she sent em to me. She's been a bit shifty about meeting, but we've made out once at a park. I'm an advocate for conservative values and all, but marriage is a difficult thing for me now, and these balls need to drain.
As a Latino guy, this woman sounds like she could be a bit off the wall, even by our standards.

My impression based on what you've told me is a woman that would most likely try to entrap you at the first opportunity, be a derelict, and has a high likelihood of becoming an abuelita-tier gorda within the next 10 years. High risk, low payoff, especially long term
File: 1523068035451.png (391 KB, 487x707)
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That's why i'm keeping my rubbers in eyesight when i'm with her. I'm probably gonna hit it raw for a few minutes so i can feel that panocha then put one on. She looks pretty fucking fertile, I wouldn't trust my precum with her. Her mom's a bit abuelita, but actually not too bad, just the clean, short-haired mom lookin type, just crazy.

Thing is, she's not mean spirited with me at all, just completely clueless. I wouldn't doubt entrapment too much, but I don't think she'd do it to make my life miserable. Her titties are pretty nice though. I'm half Puerto Rican, so I get you.

If a girl like Nasim came around, I'd unironically lock it down more.

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