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You cannot reply anymore.

File: 1494085351039.png (58 KB, 445x293)
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only robots allowed.

normies, faggots, trannies and roasties out.
35 living with parents. NEET for last 7 years. Will anyone hire me?
Have you ever worked in something?
i had an internship in college then i worked for 3 years after college
working doing what?
Managing an IT testing department
File: THE RIDE NEVER ENDS.jpg (249 KB, 863x752)
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249 KB JPG
>Still feels like I was around 19 or 20 not too long ago
>I turned 26 a few months ago

Time really does go faster as you get older.
Sorry, I'm very slow and ignorant, what did you exactly?

When was the last year you worked?
designed and implemented firmware testing procedures for a hardware manufacturer.

2018-7 = 2011
File: 2342345.png (42 KB, 481x406)
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>no friends
>no gf
>in school
>massive lack of motivation recently
>tired all the time
>no obvious trigger for this
>postpone doing my work and feel too guilty to do anything until it's done
>only really sleep or study
feels pretty bad
Any other skill? Languages? Any other expertise?
File: Daily Grind.png (169 KB, 1500x1500)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
>Be 26 year old NEET
>Life for me has devolved into this pic
No. I've sat on my ass and browsed the interwebs for the last 7 years, but I'm generally smart and a hard worker when I'm on the clock.
And if you are a hard worker as you say, why did you sit in your ass the last 7 years?
only a hard worker when being paid
Been there too, anon. Dropped out of uni several times before I settled for this. Was a neet for about 3 years I think. Been this now for a bit more than 3 years and if things go according to plan I'm done before 30.
Why dont we create a discord or something? We tried this a year ago but i was drunk and deleted it because the incels called me faggot and thread derailer.
Bad idea. On so many levels. NEETS in an echo chamber makes life even more toxic. Then someone who isn't a NEET will come and shame everyone.
File: COLLAPSE.jpg (89 KB, 624x658)
89 KB
>Was a NEET from 2012 to 2014
>Went back to college in 2014, finished the course last year
>Ended up going back to my NEET ways after I finished the course
File: 00000217.gif (46 KB, 650x500)
46 KB
nothing ever happens here
Often its the other way around.
>willingly chose to work 6 days a week
>manager comments that "i'm one of the few" that does it
>asks me why
>say because i have no life.
>"xD great joke anon, we appreciate you"

i hate working.
26 is very young. you're maybe 35% of the way through a relatively healthy lifespan
I know, but it does feel weird that I'm already halfway through my 20's.
File: 1534279554079.jpg (72 KB, 709x361)
72 KB
>insecure manchild
>terrible social skills
>still live with parents
>have 22 year old gf
>we both look young and are inexperienced
>get to live out teen relationship I missed out on

Things actually do work out.
And have you search for jobs and study more things to be able to find a new job in the last 7 years?
I gave up 3 years ago after I applied to 60 jobs without a single response.
>only robots
>faggots, trannies out
are you retarded?
I just noticed over the past few days that I have trouble thinking and lack concentration skills. What one could describe as brain fog I presume? I'm not familiar with all the pseudo science behind the psychology. For example while writing this text I forgot the previous lines I just typed down. If I need to pick up something in another room or at the grocery I tend to forget it. I also feel tired and unmotivated most of the time, like if everything turned out to be tremendous tasks but they are mere everyday tasks. I also forget my words constantly, it is especially disturbing when having intellectual conversation (or anyhting close to it) with other people and you just forget your point mid way while talking about it and defending an opinion. Ah and it also seems that I got absolutely nothing to say at all and I am boring and bored by everything. The worst is that I am too lazy to change. Is this depression? Shit sucks and I know I should just change but it's like my mind is playing tricks on me.
Ohhhhh poor guy he applied for 60 jobs and didn't take him... DIE ALREADY WEAK FAGGOT.

You are now going to blame society and politicans or your parents of your own fails right?

File: 1414879178835.jpg (25 KB, 549x547)
25 KB
>28 still living with parents
>have a decent degree but no one will hire me with no experience
>only 2 jobs on my resume
Fucking sucks. The only thing I really have going for me is I might get hired to be a custom & border patrol agent if I pass the rest of the steps.
Ill have to go to an Academy though, but Im nervous af cause Im a social autistc lanklet, & not only will it be the 1st time Im out on my own but Ill be surrounded by dudebro alpha Chads for weeks.
I would say Alzheimer.

How old are you?
File: frog.jpg (14 KB, 247x223)
14 KB
thats why hes here
its called being a robot
I don't know, anon. But you just described me rather well. Let me know if you found out what it is..
Father Mars Strider
This man has held faithful vigil for you
We therefore ask you to take him under your protection
May his enemies flee from him
May their city walls crumble
May their cattle and women be taken
This man is now evocati
But a robot can't lose the game of life because he was never alive.
File: Spoiler Image (11 KB, 420x387)
11 KB

fucking faggots
Bruh, get a database of company emails and use mail merge to send your resume to all of them. I used this method to write to over 1500 companies before I got my last job. It was my only offer.
did you lie on your resume?
Are you a NEET? I have the same problem, I think it's because I'm not doing anything productive and my brain just rots.
>I used this method to write to over 1500 companies before I got my last job. It was my only offer.
what kind of job was that?
>Me, 6 hours ago
>Go to vet to ask about my dog's health
>She answers, asks me what I'm doing nowadays
>Tell her I'm unemployed and am being evicted soon
>Cry a little
>She tells me to check a local dog kennel for work
>I go, it's very close
>Take a tour
>Meet the owner
>"You ask good questions anon, let's do an interview upstairs"
>Go upstairs
>Owner likes my answers and demeanor
>Talk with his daughter about Portal and Roald Dahl while waiting
>Anon we don't have a space for you right now, but someone is leaving in 2 months. I will call you then.

>Go to kroger
>Follow up on application
>Hiring manager likes me
>"Ok anon looks like we have an opening in grocery and with your previous jobs we can offer you experience credits above min wage"
>I am happy
>Offer comes back
>.15 above minimum
>"Your first day will be orientation in 3 weeks. See you then!"

You can take your little discord idea and unequivocally FUCK OFF. Put an end to yourself you fucking normal idiot.

Discord is pure cancer. Why the fuck would any true 25+ robot even entertain the idea? Fuck you and everything you stand for.
still feel like im 15 im 25 in like a month.
I relate to teens on R9K more than adults irl.
i dont go outside im hikki
File: small robot backflip.webm (920 KB, 720x404)
920 KB
28 kv neet, sent in my security guard application and ill be trying to get a job soon enough, if my security guard license gets approved. my goal is to work as a night time security guard, as it seems like the most robot-esque job; you just tell people to go away. ive been gaining weight lately, up to 220 from 185, it sucks. my long term plan is to move to the middle of fucking nowhere and live off the land illegally. just squat off the land and fish and grow small crops to survive, and if anyone comes screaming at me or something ill just run away and set up camp somewhere else

i know ill be homeless one day, and i dont think being homeless in the city is the best way for me to go about it. ill just make some makeshift shelter and live illegally innawoods, and just jump from camp to another. until then ill try working for as long as i can

what im most exited about are robots and ai. automation and robotics are entering an exponential shift in growth. in the next 5 years we will see these types of robots on the street doing jobs and working. what a time to be alive
Not an endorsement, but Sam Harris talks about all of these things as reasons for mediation. Any thoughts?
You need to negotiate your start date Anon. You can even tell them you're getting evicted for sympathy
>what im most exited about are robots and ai. automation and robotics are entering an exponential shift in growth. in the next 5 years we will see these types of robots on the street doing jobs and working. what a time to be alive
That is the only thing I'm excited to see. When all the fucking normies whit their college degrees and all the wagies lose their stupid jobs and are replaced by robots HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH. The expression of their faces will be gold. The protests haahahahah.
Youre fucked anon
I used to be a normie
Going to bars blacking out with chad and stacy
Internship at republican office
This was a decade ago
Im now 28, live alone, drink and smoke everyday, shitpost, and make money day trading. Fuck hookers twice a month
Its the only path
The best advice is to leave this board and never come back
Put ad blockers on 4chan or you will be a robot forever
Remember me senpai
get a job now while the school itself is maybe willing to help hook you up

it's very important to start that shit early-- in the least you'll have money for video games and health care by the time you're 26.

I'm in the same boat at age 31, except I sponge off my girlfriend for the last 5 years. I dunno what I would do if I have to go through this for another 4 years. Probably wouldn't make it.
>That is the only thing I'm excited to see. When all the fucking normies whit their college degrees and all the wagies lose their stupid jobs and are replaced by robots

yes, exactly! its so nice to meet someone who understands how important this subject is. i regularly browse /pol/ and other boards, and no one seems to be that interested, its so disappointing. they care are politics and celebrities and nigger this jew that, but completely ignore ai and automation

robots and ai will automate ALL JOBS. this event has never happened before. this is going to make every single human being NEET, everyone is going to become as economically useless as a virgin robot on autismbux. all humans will be reduced to becoming "useless eaters" because non of them can exchange their labor for capital, because human labor is going to be made worthless very soon

its a very exiting time to be alive, and ai is going to recursively self-improve and become unimaginably intelligent. people cannot comprehend this idea so they just focus on trump and sports ball and making fun of indians

i dont know if it will be a utopia or a dystopia once the human-level ai benchmark is reached. a lot of people say we will have UBI and live in paradise, others say we will have a dystopia and there will be massive death waves of useless people. personally im pessimistic, which is why i want to live innawoods, but i could be wrong

regardless of what happens it will be very interesting indeed. you'd be wise to prepare for it

Unfortunately they require a background check from corporate and that takes a while. I did explain the situation and she was sympathetic. She also said she would try to rush out my paperwork that day to try and meet a deadline to potentially get me in sooner, which was very nice of her.

In the meantime I'm going to try and work at a car wash that doesn't give a fuck about background checks. Their sign says that they'll give you work the next day after you apply. I might do that for a few weeks and then bail if everything works out.
why do you want to be a normalfaggot? fucking get off this shit fucking site and go live your teenage life. you are 100% going to regret wasting what are supposed to be the best of years of life on this shithole.

You have a girlfriend. Get the fuck off this board. I hate moanbags like you.

>Just started taking Anti Depresent after years of postponing that shit
>It doesjack shit
>oh wait it's kicking in
>Feel jaded as fuck 24/7 I feel litteraly nothing I'm not happy nor sad, don't even feel depressed i feel NOTHING
>read everywhere that it kills your libido, I don't give a shit since I have no contact whatsoever with women and don't have libido to begin with
>have dimaond hard boners and I want to fuck everything that moves even tho I was never like that

drugs are really fucking with your brain real good, I don't even recognize myself, well, at least I don't want to kill myself anymore.
is it possible to get neetbux even after working for a few years? i've never made over 16/hr and work is just gay. im pretty sure im a schizoid and a therapist told me when i was 16 that i had major depressive disorder. could i pull it off?
What country do you live? How do you intend to survive living in the forest bro?
dude fuck you you're 16. you haven't even begun to fuck up your life or experience life at all. fuck off this board, specifically this thread. fucking zoomer.

you should be
>doing drugs
>fucking prime teen pussy
>learning to be a dj

what the fuck are you doing on this fucking board? GET OUT NOW
i had one man, but my acc got banned so I dont have the link.
it had only 25+ people.
ask shrimpy in comfy central for a link
>What country do you live?
>How do you intend to survive living in the forest bro?
fishing and hunting and stuff like that. i fully intend to squat, its extremely expensive and difficult to get a hold of land in this country. you have to pay many thousands of dollars, go through all these legal bullshit, etc etc. you have to pay them i believe 500$ just to REVIEW your application, and they can arbitrarily set the value of the rent at whatever they want, and if you dont accept their deal they keep the 500$

its so stupid, the government doesnt want people living in a cabin innawoods because those people stop being tax cattle that are useful for society

so im just going to do it illegally and get some shortwave radio reviewbrah style and set up several camps in case one of them gets shut down, and just live like that. if you need food you just fish and hunt and grow potatoes

thing is i just dont see myself surviving while im homeless in the city. i used to be homeless and its extremely stressful and difficult. i feel i have much better chances of survival, and a higher quality of live far innawoods alone, maybe with a dog.

i simply cannot afford to buy land and make a cabin. i feel the few financial recourses i have would be much better spent on stuff like tools, solar panels/batteries, shortwave radios, fishing equipment, jarring equipment, plastic pales, stuff like that

i understand its illegal, but i cannot live homeless in the concrete jungles, and northern canada has an EXTREMLY low population density, so if they try to bully me ill just run

all of this is apocalypse preparation. if it will be a utopia and ai will do all the work for everyone, then ill come out of the woods. but if it will be a dystopia and people wont have jobs and starve as a result, i will be much better illegally squatting in the woods kaczynski style

my dream, but the land is affordable for me
There's a 25+ discord already. Lurk more and you'll find the link.
But he starve and have to call for help...

Also do you think you won't feel alone only with a dog? With no one to talk?
how do you grow up? I dont wanna end up like you in a few months
File: 1535050873672.png (277 KB, 1148x758)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>muuh singularity
If you are making that question HERE then you are already asking yourself.
So what is your point? That it will need more years but it still will happen?
File: Unsdsdsdtitled.jpg (51 KB, 663x500)
51 KB
i have schizoid personality disorder so i feel as if this lifestyle would most likely be the easiest for me to handle relative to other people. im not exactly saying it will be easy, but i feel my personality type if the best equipped to handle it. not to mention i will most likely have a dog as well

and the guy did not starve, he had plenty of food, he quit because he was lonely, not hungry. just because he lost weight doesnt meant he starved to death. its not unusual to lose weight when you go camping for extended periods of time

not to mention i feel as if this is the only option i have. once again i know i wont survive in the city, im a shy virgin, in a situation where i dont have access to food or a shelter, and where theres no government assistance or work available, i know i wont survive. other more violent people will fare much better in society than me, which is why going to a remote location is much more appealing for me

and when theres no work available because of automation and ai, why do you think the government will give everyone free money for nothing just for existing? what motivation do they have to keep you alive once you stop being economically useful?

look at how the government treats people in communist dictatorships like Venezuela in 2018

moores law hasnt slowed down in the slightest, mock me all you want, you're just mocking objective facts and reality, pic related

and we already have the processing power needed to emulate the human brain, we just dont have the software for it. the quality of software is also exponentially increasing. it will be here most likely by the very least 2029 or 2030 as kurzveil predicted many years ago
I'm literally incapable of forming close or meaningful relationships. Anything beyond acquaintance or small talk is completely beyond me

It was a programming internship. My major doesn't even have anything to do with computers.
>moores law hasnt slowed down in the slightest
yeah no shit. thats my point. yet we still havent achieved even primitive AI
>Job getting even better
>Lots of savings/cash in stockmarket
>Had sex a year ago
>Women say I'm attractive but I get maybe a match on Tinder once a month
>Live at home
>No licence
>Few friends, only one there when I needed someone most
>No "interesting" normie hobbies, I like listening to old techno, reading and gaming which isn't a hobby
>99.999% of women I work with are taken, the single ones are normally bitches
I guess I just need to ignore women but nothing else I've experienced in life gives me the same feeling of the sexual experiences I've had it's like heroin
File: AI-vs-big-data-21.png (15 KB, 1012x661)
15 KB
>yet we still havent achieved even primitive AI

ai learns curiosity

ai learns to dream and learn from its dreams, in a very similar way to how humans dream and replay hypothetical situations in their mind and learn from them

our ability to create fake video and pictures is getting more and more disturbing

ai is able to fill in anything you delete with almost undetectable pixels

ai can debate better than any human

ai can drive a car, a truck, any airplane or jet far better than any human

ai will be able to use its body in a more caloric efficient way and be able to move better than you once it has access to better robots

ai can paint in the style of a picture better than any human

ai can diagnose cancer and preform certain surgeries better than any doctor. machine learning and machine accuracy are simply better than our smartest doctors

ai can make an extremly accurate 3d model of your body including your face using voice ALONE. it can also determine any health illnesses or any drugs you're on by analyzing your voice samples ALONE, NOTHING ELSE. height, weight, race, location, sexuality, all on voice alone

and this is NOTHING compared to what ai is going to be able to do just in the next 5 years. you dumb goyum dont understand how fast ai is accelerating
>listening to old techno
good taste
>reading and gaming which isn't a hobby
its a hobby my friend, get into it more, read non fiction books, play less videogames
>99.999% of women I work with are taken, the single ones are normally bitches
NEVER try to find a girlfriend or girl to fuck in your workspace, it will seriously fuck your shit up... try tinder or badoo, depends on your location. Google how you should build your profile for more attraction

everthing you guys wrote in this thread is simple as fuck. whats hard for you is correct mindset you should work with. search something about self discipline, study the shit out of it and apply the method you feel that will work for you. If it fails, try another method. Sorry for my english i am high as fuck
>no skills
>no driving license
>living with parents
>uni dropout several times
>no degree
>no achievements
>basically haven't grown up beyond beeing 14
>no social skills
>extremally boring
>seen as awkward every time I speak to others
>guilty for destroying my parents' marriage
>fully aware how fucked up I am
>consider myself as human waste

Och God, why you did this? Why you let me get born alive? Why did You give me life at all?
I honestly regret having every single chance in life, because I spoiled all of them destroying not only my own, but also my mother's life. She hasn't told me this, but I am 100% sure she is aware how garbage I am. But still, she keeps hope alive in her that one day I'm gonna turn into a butterfly, that I will move forward and recover myself from this horse shit life I have now. She still thinks so, as if she wasn't aware this day will never come, because I am lagging behind my peers about 15 years now. It's just too late and I gave up completely, but she still believes in me after all these failures I've founded her.

I want to cease my existence at all.
>robots and ai will automate ALL JOBS.
If people don't work they don't get money (which is taxed) if they don't get money they don't buy things (which is taxed)if they don't buy things corporations don't make money (which is meant to be taxed)
UBI has the word "basic" in it meaning it will be enough for food and shelter, nothing else.
Unless a large amount of humans are culled people will still need to get paid enough to buy useless things to keep the economies growing

Learning survival is a great idea though

oh sorry, I mistyped. I believe reading is a hobbie, gaming isn't.
I'll look into badoo and google ideas on how to make a better profile.
File: Cars-Homes_Chart123.jpg (105 KB, 1500x596)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
if UBI works it will be great and things will be rosy and wonderful and we'll all live in a techno-utopia where robots will do all the work and well all be smug neets drinking hot cocoa while snug with robot-catgirls

if UBI aka free money from the government for doing nothing for every human being doesnt pan out, then society will crash and humans will become no more useful to the elites than racoons or dogs or ducks

look at what happened to the horse population once cars made them economically obsolete, pic related. i have very strong doubts about UBI making the world a techno-communist utopia, so i will prepare for the worst by going innawoods. in the case where im wrong ill just come out of the woods and enjoy paradise with you all with robo-loli catgirls and 3d printing flying machines

its nice that UBI has the word "basic" in it, maybe you should go tell the starving Venezuelans who live in a communist dictatorship that. tell them that since UBI has the word "basic" in it, when they will eventually receive it, everything will be peaches and cream
dont blame god, blame yourself. everyone is born to different family, class, state... if you feel there is something wrong with you you should change it by yourself. no one is going to help you, overcome your personality and habit .. you will make it.

sure bro, if you mind i could recommend you a nice book - Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success.. im sure you will find PDF online for free if you search a bit. Name is cringy but the content is really helpful. With each chapter you will get what are you doing wrong, try to read it just for 10 minutes, wish you luck
File: 1512280334139.jpg (133 KB, 728x636)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>feminist girl i was seeing for 3 months left me after I got promoted at work
>complained just another case of privileged men having it easy in life despite the fact I'm the only one on my team who stays late every night
Are there any normal women left?
this is the bad kind of feminist anon, you should avoid her as much as possible
File: 1520291855443.png (543 KB, 758x600)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
>ai can make an extremly accurate 3d model of your body including your face using voice ALONE. it can also determine any health illnesses or any drugs you're on by analyzing your voice samples ALONE, NOTHING ELSE. height, weight, race, location, sexuality, all on voice alone
we dunn fo
>only sleeping for 7 hours
Man, I sleep 10-12 hours a day. My body slows right down when I do nothing, it's like it wants to hibernate or some shit
I feel much older because I gained like 70lbs since my late teens and I'm losing my hair. Turned 27 a few months ago and I already feel like the boomer meme.
File: 1511267306045.jpg (45 KB, 600x612)
45 KB
Any of you boys tried those dating apps? I can't seem to ever find any chill girls. Since i'm 28 they keep pairing me with girls in the 23-35 year range. The age range is fine, but all of them are like:
>partner in crime
>my passport has 1 page left

It's almost like a meme at this point. Can't make up this shit.
ai doing stuff doesn't mean star trek singularity/post scarcity (though obviously could be a step to that) that's why governments and the World itself would still need a consumer base which itself is only possible if people have disposable income...unless we get NWO'd can culled.

>its nice that UBI has the word "basic" in it, maybe you should go tell the starving Venezuelans who live in a communist dictatorship that. tell them that since UBI has the word "basic" in it, when they will eventually receive it, everything will be peaches and cream
Which is why I don't believe UBI can work unless people are still able to work ontop of it or hundreds of millions are killed.
you can try to change your profile to be more attracitve, search a bit im sure there are many articles about being more attracite on social dating apps. if that will fail, make up your own story about traveling around the world, create your own accent and say that youre from different country that is interesting in some way. Girls will accept foreigners who are different, traveling and exceptional from casual guys
File: 1454949859650.jpg (48 KB, 469x505)
48 KB
>28 kv neet, sent in my security guard application and ill be trying to get a job soon enough, if my security guard license gets approved. my goal is to work as a night time security guard, as it seems like the most robot-esque job; you just tell people to go away. ive been gaining weight
This is my plan too, the only problem is that it's taking AGES for my licence to come. I applied almost 2 months ago and it's still not here.
File: 1510188835419.jpg (12 KB, 239x211)
12 KB
>puberty long over
>small dick
>fucked up spine
i can't believe that this is really going to be my body for the rest of my life
what did i do to deserve this
Oh I'm not saying i'm having trouble attracting them. Just don't know where to find down to earth girls. Guessing they're not on dating apps for starters. Then again I've only tried 2 apps.
No girl that is on dating app is down to earth. Every one of them is searching for quick fuck, you just have to "hit in the right spot" for her to get interested in you enough to meet you and then fuck you. Of course you can meet girls without fucking them if you are autistic fuck who dont know how to approach girls but its up to you. Experiment, adapt and fuck.
>Which is why I don't believe UBI can work unless people are still able to work ontop of it

i dont think you understand what automation means. its not that you cant physically work, its just that your labor is worthless. we dont use horses anymore not because horses cant physically move and pull carts, but because they are extremely slow and inefficient and preform horribly when compared to cars and trucks. the horse was outdated by the invention of the car, and humans will be outdated by the invention of artificial intelligence

>ai doing stuff doesn't mean star trek singularity/post scarcity
ai doing stuff basically just means all human labor is now worthless, because a robot will be able to do it much better and much cheaper. things like land and food will still be scarce, but its just that humans are now useless

>that's why governments and the World itself would still need a consumer base which itself is only possible if people have disposable income
this is circular logic. the governments dont need people if ai and robots can do all human labor better than humans. that includes military and police work. the governments and the elites need absolutely ZERO human beings to function, because ai will be able to do everything a human can do better

any form of human labor. intellectual labor, physical labor, simulating emotions, creativity, whatever you can think of, an ai will do it infinitely better than a human. what motivation does a powerful elite have to keep you alive if you are of no use to them? they cant tax you or use your labor for anything, because you're useless. they just dont need you for anything

heres some ai written music

File: 1524501995958.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1920)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
>Manager at a bank
>Live in my own place
>Have 10k in savings
>Dating a big tittied, light blue eyed natural blonde beauty who gets hit on at least three times a day by ransoms for a couple of months now who's coming over to cook food for me this Sunday
>Have loving parents and some of the best friends I could ask for
>Left /r9k/ a couple of years ago and all this happened in that time
>I have everything I could ask for and more
>Completely fucking dead inside
>All the years of pain, neglect from women, studying, working, earning has left me a hollow man inside as I look back to see where along the way I've lost myself

It never really gets any better robots. You cannot gain something without sacrificing something of equal value in return.

how the fuck would we know what's required for something when we don't even know if it's possible?
File: security.jpg (100 KB, 1023x677)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
yeah, i sent mines in about a month ago, pic related. i remember i vomited on the bus on the way to the test center, because i havent been on public transportation for so long i had motion sickness and vomited all over my backpack and had to leave just to recuperate on the ground

i was only 2 blocks away from my destination too when all of a sudden there was a MASSIVE amount of rain that lasted for 10 minutes, and i came into the test center soaking wet, just as it stopped raining

but i passed my written test, and now im just waiting for them to review my application. hopefully i get accepted, i didnt even start working on my resume and ive been a neet for about 7 years now, i have no idea wtf i will say on my resume or job applications or job interviews. probably i will just lie about everything, but we'll see. until then i have to wait to see what the "review in progress" will turn out as

i just want to work tons of hours and save up enough money to move innawoods, and then one day eventually make the jump. im telling you artificial intelligence is the main reason i refuse to kill myself. the jump in ai in the next 5 years is going to make the ai jump in the previous 5 years look like a joke

and the ai jump in the previous 5 years was so dramatic its BREATHTAKING
I turn 28 tomorrow bros. Still a virgin, still live with my mom, make $12.50/hr, dropped out of college 2x. A lot of it is my fault. Yeah, being me sucks. I'm trying though.
happy birthday dude. the only good news i have is that soon everyone will be making as little as you are, because people with high paying jobs are going to get theirs automated away. its much more economical for ai companies to automate high paying jobs like lawyers and doctors than it is minimum wage, and its actually much easier for them as well, oddly enough

ai gives all depressed virginal robots a great reason to life; to see society crumble as ai makes everyone obsolete!

In a similar situation as you. We should be friends.
not trying to be mean, buy u guys are weird. dont give up=-always hope
anyway, i was kinda like you- things get better. whatevr
if you're in the bay area, let's crash Casanova at Valencia. They got a good happy hour
Die with exceptional originality.

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