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File: harold_be_strong.jpg (1.18 MB, 2963x4192)
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Got rejected by a girl at work I was kinda sorta friends with. Probably going to see her tomorrow.
What's the right move here? I'm planning on not saying a fucking word to her.
>kill her lol
or you could just move on with life
Dont ruin it by being a dick. That is very childish and lame to not talk to her cuz she doesn't want to get with you. Youre the one who made it weird anyway. And who knows, she might not be into the thought of getting close with someone now, but maybe you'll stick in her mind and she.may come around eventually knowing you're already interested in her. Just act like it didn't happen. If you act like she doesn't exist anymore it makes you look like you only wanted to "fuckzone" her.
It was the way she did it, desu. She responded to an invitation to see a movie with "I'll see what I can do."
I played it off and said it was cool but I was seething.
Be super super chill about it. If it comes up, acknowledge it but do not dwell on it, and continue as if you are totally fine. Act like nothing happened, proceed like normal, carry yourself like you have many other options.
Carry on.

Fuck man, I am in a similar situation. We have been somewhat friends since she started to work in my company and many people know that I like her. Never had the balls to make a move because she has rejected other guys, she seems centered in her goals only.

What if I fuck up and she doesn't feel the same way, she is going to tell her friends which obviously will tell to the rest of my partners. Holy fuck.
Kill yourself, you normalfag.
That'll show her.
>being able to talk to a woman makes me a normie
She's telling all of her friends, your friends, and your coworkers that you asked her out and she said no.
Enjoy hell.
File: snake drinking.gif (1.78 MB, 270x188)
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1.78 MB GIF
Don't speak to her unless spoken to. That said do not act in a rude manner, keep it professional. You already broke the rule not to shit where you eat.
If she rejects you once she's in no way worth it and will never pair bond with you, this is basic biology. Don't be a fool.
Forget her, use your anger and hate to better yourself. A good strategy is to look introspectively at yourself and pick one thing which will make you better than you were before.
Unless you're making $50,000+ the thought of acquiring a girlfriend shouldn't cross your mind. Stick with 2d until then.
File: 1539175703092.gif (17 KB, 220x220)
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You have to take risks to get a gf anons. if she doesn't want to be friends with you after she rejects you she doesn't deserve to be your friend.
gl ascending to normiehood
This is why asking out women gets risky and humiliating. Anons talking about " just act like it never happened " are trying to make you delusional, OP. You're co workers won't let it down and talk shit about you. It will distract you.
Because of this >>48648648
You need to act like >>48646399
Otherwise, it might end with her telling everyone how a dick you are. Be the better peron anon, it will pay off.
>Be the better peron anon, it will pay off.

When people are already making fun of you, no one cares of you "being the better " just act totally indifferent to it and make sure you stand up for yourself if someone gives you bullshit
File: 1530511503784.png (91 KB, 400x333)
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genuinely good advice desu

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