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What qualities do you like in a woman?
Mostly a nice looking face, warm personality of course and a healthy body. So not fat or skelly
A vagina and breasts. That is pretty much it.
can make eye contact withme and not be repulsed.
My peniz XDDDD
in order of importance, if I'm looking for an actual gf
>above the age of 18
>is not a single mother
>not being a slut / thot (says "daddy," is CLEARLY looking for a Chad, hangs out with their girl friends at the bar, etc.)
>is capable of having a job, or making money at all
>has talent in something, besides looking attractive
>dominant (in bed, specifically.)
>height above 5'3, taller than me is an EXTREME boost in gf preference but not required by any means
because of my desires for these qualities, I am a cerified and proud volcel
>height above 5'3, taller than me is an EXTREME boost in gf preference but not required by any means
Its like we were separated at birth. Except I absolutely will not date a girl shorter than me or close to my height.
>Atleast a 5/10
Idk why it feels like this is too much to ask for.
>dresses in a feminine manner
>small tits
>dark hair
>narrow shoulders
>wide hips
>cute feet
>isn't going to be a pain in the ass
>lady in the streets, dirty slut in the sheets

>he doesn't like hearing a girl whisper "cum inside me daddy" when fucking her
You're a faggot, it must me bust hella quick.
Probably because you know what you have to offer doesn't allow you to obtain what you want.
Cute to me
Has hobbies (drawing etc) and a personality

So all in all not much hope
About 6 cm shorter then me, cute face

I want no fucking midget gf
If they give me respect, I give them. Being a cashier has basically turned me into an incel though, I really should quit
When I was a cashier I got hit on regularly, why would it turn you into an incel?
I'm paranoid and even though I've been there 2 years I always get spooked that the customer thinks I'm wierd, and that in itself has more now than ever likely been what gets them wierded out and causes a negative feedback loop of wierd looks from girls (guys too). I actually got hit on a few times, but I'm a mess and dont understand how someone could like me and get annoyed
Well at least you recognise the problem. What are you going to do to fix it?
I'm trying to get in shape and get new hobbies til I can finally be satisfied with whatever expectations I have for myself. I'd like to not do cashier for the time being though sincd it's driving me mad haha, but the benefits are pretty good. I'll prolly quit after I make use of time off for a long solo europe trip
guy who you called a faggot here, fuckin fight me dude
i want a gf instead of a masturbation hand, what's the point of having a mindless and therefore useless being that bends to your will for a "gf?"
>having a girlfriend means she can't call you daddy while fucking her
Whatever you say faggot. What are your lifts?
I want a woman that'll shoot me in the head with my gun
>Pretty or cute
>Huge tits
>Small Waist-to-hip ratio
File: 1527723659745.jpg (31 KB, 603x585)
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>in a woman
My penis.

>that isn't a quality
My good'n hard penis.
Do you sometimes lay in bed at night lamenting the fact that it'll never happen for you?

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