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>another day, another dollar
How are you doing fellow wagies?
I'm a studentcuck now. I'll be a wagie by the end of the year though since that's when I'll have my meme degree. Not looking forward to it.
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>tfw poor
>tfw forced to wagecuck parallel to my meme degree studies because I'm fucking broke and parents threatened to kick me out if I dont get a job
Kill me
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>tfw quit wagie life to go to uni
don't do it bros. retail was much better than struggling to get a meme degree.
Yeah a wagied through most of mine too. It's helps that my mom is poor as fuck though and neither of my parents graduated college so I get my tuition paid by the gubment
I recently got another job,since my mom is planing to sell the house sometime next year. However I haven't started yet,and everyday I go in to my current job is fucking misery...
I worked part time at walmart and honestly besides having to occasionally help checkout it was a comfy job. Not much was ever expected of you. Once I have my meme degree I'm probably gonna try to go back to retail and get a salaried management job.
I regret even going to uni. Even if I get some office gov job after this retail seems more enjoyable. Worked at a small local store for two years. Was very nice, only regret was I never made friends with co workers.
Yeah I kinda of regret college too. I got along really well with some of my coworkers but we never kept in touch because I don't use social media lel
Most of mine were older but a couple were mid 20s. I was 18- 19. Don't use kikebook either.
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>go to therepy because thoughts are getting more suicidal / violent
>try to convence me to go to the lonie bin
>walk out because fuck that noise
>mfw the world really is a dangerous place
Im currently a neet at the moment but plan on continuing being a plumber when I finish my move. Moving in with my literally only friend so I know that will make my life a lot less miserable

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