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Hi friends. What's up?
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I dont care how many times these nigger loving mods ban me
based smartphones have obliterated jannies for all time
anyone with a dynamic IP and the ability to hit airplane mode has them at their mercy
Yeah bans don't matter too much to me either, I just stop using the site for a few days and come back later. Sometimes things can get niggerlicious on here so just remember it's only one website.
Yeah, dynamic ips fuck mods pretty hard, to the point anyone can ban evade. At this point deleting threads and not even banning makes more sense for the mods because they alienate the people who actually listen to them.
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I just wanna eat my chips in peace
if phone posters shit up 4chan too much they'll just range ban all mobile phone ips then tell you to buy a 4chan pass if you want to shitpost from your phone
File: hanken-tutu-maid2.jpg (57 KB, 450x630)
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how to fix life?
listening to zig ziglar has helped me a lot
UK chips or bag chips? What kind? Hope nobody disturbs you talking and eating at the same time is terrible.
I got a pass because new captcha scares me too much to use. Giving king nip 5 pennies a day is ok in my books.
You gotta pick yourself up by your bootstraps, listen to every Jordan Peterson video (after sponsoring him for 100,000 on patreon) and make a large social network for yourself from scratch.
Fuck if I know dude, lol
File: 823492.jpg (100 KB, 736x736)
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bag chips. I wanna make some UK chips (fries, fritas, tater wedges, etc) later on in the week though.
Mostly it's just the people I share my apartment with. They're nice but one is a crazy feminist that talks too much and the other is autistic and I find it a bit difficult to speak with him sometimes.
File: 1491005853123.png (1.47 MB, 1212x877)
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hello fren it's been going well wrote music and have been fucking around. its lightly raining so it's super fucking comfy. have a great day
>having an account that links all of your posts together on a website that's suppose to be anonymous
I finally got a job!
5 hour days and $14 something an hour, feels pretty good
File: hjmgfk.jpg (18 KB, 600x238)
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I jerked off to ntr porn and want to kill myself
Sounds frustrating. I'm sure they'll give you some space if you ask for it. Just do your best to enjoy them dude, alone time is really nice.
Nice! Hope the music turned out well. Glad you had a great day. I love the rain too. I don't know if it has rained where I live recently but I like watching it when I notice it is. Very calming.
Windows, chrome, all that shit probably tracks it anyways and my ip is static. Everything I do is monitored anyways no matter what I do so I mostly don't care.
Congrats! 14 an hour is pretty good depending on where you live! Good luck with the job, I hope you have a really good financial future and the work is enjoyable.
Being into something shameful sucks, just don't let it hurt your real life one way or another. In the end all sexual thoughts and masturbation are gross.
I had to help my brother and dad remodel the floor.
Went from Linoleum to Wood. I don't like the color of wood.
Oh and I have this pseudo ldr type relationship with a girl. She's in AUS and I'm in US.
She's probably going to a mental hospital because she emotionally abuses her mom.
Probably going to get ghosted. Probably best to not be in a relationship with her.
Im just baffled by all these ""robots"" flocking to the fembot threads. Makes me realize that robots are really just beta orbiters who like to think they're above that but are really just bitches
Sorry you don't like the way the floor turned out, but good job helping out. You probably won't look at it too often anyways.
>Oh and I have this pseudo ldr type relationship with a girl
Hope things work out well for you both. LDRs are a shot in the dark but sometimes they do hit. If she's being mean to her mom she might be that way to you in the future, be careful. Never heard of someone going to a mental hospital for being mean to their mom, but if it's that bad I'm concerned for you anon. Good luck, sounds like a mess.
A lot of people on here are the definition of sour grapes. It's a lot of mental gymnastics, nearly everyone doesn't want to be alone for the rest of their life. I get annoyed by people orbiting girls online too, it comes off as so desperate and slimy.
you need friends and money to have a phone. this guy has neither
You have no friends and never will. Gib livestream.
She's probably going to ghost me too. I guess it's probably not going to end well.
File: 1533440050082.png (365 KB, 992x909)
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365 KB PNG
I have a phone, my dad bought a plan for 4 so it didn't cost anything. I don't use it much though.
I wouldn't livestream anything, that's gay. Not killing myself for the foreseeable future anyways. Why be so mean? I think I'm pretty benign.
Maybe that's for the best. I can't imagine the relationship going well with her by the sounds of things.
based and originalpilled
Who? What? I don't understand.

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