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My least favorite thing about America is the overconsumption and blind consumerism that drives so many peoples lives here. Dont get me wrong I am pro capitalism but the plague of shopping for stuff people dont need and can barely afford and buying insta experiences drives me crazy. There are so many people that go on extravagent vacations just so they can recreate some influencers post and brag on the internet about their life changing experience, when in actuality they spent most of their time taking a picture instead of living the experience. I can go on about this forever and was wondering if any other robots here have noticed this or share the same hatred towards these people.
I just pity them
At least they're having fun and contributing more or less at their jobs and with their taxes
If/when the world does go to shit we probably won't have to worry about them
Sounds like you have autism or just retarded.
>look at my new IPhone I bought
>look at my new sunglasses
>GGGGGuuuccciii flip flops anyone else?
>Woaw why am I broke
i know people like this personally and on the outside they say they are happy and having fun but I know that they are just putting up fronts and are truly sad. May be purely anecdotal

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