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>you wonder why your mind feels like it's about to break all the time, you have anxiety and depression symptoms, loss of touch to reality..
>then you realize it started when you lost your social life

Holy shit I never realized staying alone in your apartment could give you cabin fever to this degree. I can't even function normally anymore and my judgment is clouded.
I never have a good day, literally ever. I'm not just imagining this either: I noticed a couple of years ago that I never feel good or normal. Like I was incapable of receiving dopamine.

It's my brain telling me to change my life, to not live like this. It's not normal for a male.
But the problem is, how to get a social life at 30 years old? I can't just "go out" on the street and force people to be my gf. I've tried every hobby group around here that I can think of.
>when your mom tells you you sound schizoid
are you a NEET by any chance? Sounds like a typical NEET issue.

Being NEET is incredibly hard and will make you insane in the long run.
absolutely. in many cases due to social isolation. It could also be the social isolation in high school that leads people down the NEET road. so it's like a downward spiral.

I would simply suggest you get into some work-training or apprentice ship or something, try to get something. You'll be speaking with people atleast.

and many people circulate the idea on here that work is like "Oooh well shit now i gotta go to work and all those fuckin selfish bastards there and man i just wanna blow the place up" shit like that.

You'll meet a lot of bad apples but there could be one decent apple among em you kno what i mean.

attempt something man. be scared of what is to come otherwise. let fear motivate you in this case. DESU bro.

not sure if ur OP but this was directed to OP.
I think you've made good judgement here OP. Make real connections with people. Seriously get as off-grid as you can.

True. People underestimate the positive effect it has on your brain if you just coexist with people even if it was just coworkers who mean nothing to you.
> how to get a social life
The best you can get during the lockdown is riot or protest.
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This, my anxiety has gotten so much worse. I've actually started playing vr chat of all things and I'll just hang out in public worlds and mostly listen to other people.
I've been riding on peak anxiety for months and it's gotten to a delusional degree.
Whenever I'm alone I feel uneasy, scared and like something bad was going to happen.
Anyone know what this feeling is? Why do I feel it?
Dunno, just anxiety, dread if you want to use a scarier word. I find exercise helps a little, I go out to run. At most I pass by 2 other people that are running and say good morning.
Anime conventions and school kept me going. I went borderline schizo immediately as I had to sit at home for a year.
>how to get a social life at 30 years old?

Become a drug dealer. No joke. I know dudes who started selling weed or coke at 30 and now have a pretty large social circle and even go to college parties.
Well. Definitely don't google "solitary confinement infographic". You might brain yourself into insanity.
>used to have friends and go out and stuff
>havent had them for a few years
>feel better than before
Anon your real problem is that you're a faggot, people suck. I was closer to suicide when I had friends
Granted there was an adjustment period where I was stressed but still
It really does be like that OP. I am gainfully employed, but without much of a social life outside work. I'm in vacation now, and with the corona running around I can't go anywhere or be anywhere, so I've been stuck around my house for the last two weeks. Sure, I go for long ass walks innawoods, but it doesn't feel the same. The days slowly merge into one another, without much in terms of continuity. It reminds me of my neet days back in the day, and I had forgotten this feel. We are only human, and we can't abstract from our human instincts.
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1.06 MB JPG

i got 135 iq on the last iq test i took, i usually get 130

you should watch me play pokemon emerald rental battle frontier, i also have robopon that i want to play aswell as car battler joe, i just got stuff to stream my gamecube through my crt today

i listen to alot of comedy podcasts, im genuinely sorry if this falls under camwhoring, but there really is alot of people @ing me right now on r9k and id like to make a thread to talk to them, ive made literally 6 threads over like 2 years but people here discuss me alot

id genuinely like to talk to you and talk about your nightmares and problems so i can objectively solve them or laugh at you and am going to start a phantasy star online guild, i have an empty discord setup and am honestly looking for mods and people to teach

also heres an album i made a few years ago that had the album art very literal influence the doomer meme from when i was posting it on /mu/ to get kanyes attention while i was living in montreal washing dishes and playing melee in 2018
I only used to feel this way when I was younger. Now I'm just so apathetic. I just don't care anymore. The only thing I worry about is not being able to navigate finances and all the other adult responsibilities I have to have as I get older. I was a NEET from about 4th grade onward, and only got a part time job last year. About 15 years without having RL friends, schooling, or a job.
literally had war when people lived in cabins.
>washing dishes and playing melee in 2018
yeah i started playing melee as a dishwasher too lol
yes, nintendo = equals classism, welcome 2 reddit

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