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File: 1588543959662.jpg (49 KB, 357x280)
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>crush of over 3 years
>super pretty, French descent, great personality sweetest voice
>confess to her 8 months after meeting her and tell her shes beautiful and im deeply in love
>says "thanks" and leaves
>fast forward to yesterday see her hugging and holding hands with her Chad BF

I just feel like dying
Life ain't a Hollywood movie where everyone gets their happy ending.

Start working on yourself faggot and bitches will come eventually
i dont want "bitches", i want her, its the first time ive ever fallen in love and God willing the last one
even when i know shes impossible to get i still obsess over her
Don't let her get to you bro. I think that women get some kind of sick pleasure from ripping the hearts out of men and stomping on them.
>yourself faggot and bitches will come eventually
maybe, what's more likely to work is lowering your standards and going after women less or as attractive as you
File: kdok2.jpg (18 KB, 353x531)
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You took 8 months to confess your love. Chad made his intentions clear and banged her in the first week. 3 years and 8 months....... bruh
File: 1564865151355.jpg (8 KB, 231x250)
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>Waiting 8 months to confess to a woman
>Not checking whether she was taken or not beforehand
>Still obsessing for 3 whole years
God, you're fucking retarded.
thx brother, i feel the same
nno you got it wrong
i confessed 8 months after i first met her
now, 3 years later after i first met her ive seen her with her first BF, who is a CHAD, they were holding hands and hugging

she wasnt taken at the time RETARD
she''s taken now, RE READ THE POST
Eehh how do I explain this.. Okay.
The fantasy of you being with her and her being the sweetest and the most loving and caring is false, you've seen who she is and it's time for you to move on.
I still havent found a single flaw in her
hard to move on when im at home 24/7 either on 4chan or with anime
i have have no friends/am unemployed so how am i not going to fixate on her?
File: 158763214632.jpg (176 KB, 1205x805)
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176 KB JPG
The simple fact remains that you waited an entire 8 months to make a move like a supreme beta male. The additional fact that she is STILL living rent free in your head after all this time is just sad. Move on.
Volunteer at any charity, basically keeping yourself busy will let you escape the thoughts.
I spent 8 months because I didn't see her often. I did meet her at a charity kinda thing but she kept coming and leaving instead of going every week like they advise. I'd have done it sooner had I had the oportunity
File: v3-leash.jpg (101 KB, 982x726)
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101 KB JPG
Cut the bullshit out OP. If it was 1 month it would be understandable. It doesn't matter if she didn't show up to the event regularly. It took you almost a year to make your first move. I suggest you lower your standards and practice with women a bit more before this becomes your sad reality.
i dont want any other girl, just wanted to vent my frustration and share my sadness
>crush of over 3 years
>super pretty, French descent, great personality sweetest voice
>confess love after 8 months
>I don't want "bitches" , I want her
>still havnt seen a single flaw in her
>still lives rent free in your head 3 years later

OP, are you fucking listening to yourself? The way you perched this bitch up on a pedestal is pathetic.
i know but read
So, here's how this story should have gone:

>meet girl
>super pretty, French descent, great personality sweetest voice
>within a week or less of meeting her, tell her she seems really nice, and ask if she'd like to go out with you sometime

>she says no
>if you like her, stay friends, and accept that you won't date
>if you don't like her that much, be polite, but move on (and be grateful that you avoided a bad relationship)

>she says yes
>go on date
>see if you actually like her, and she actually likes you

>it's not a great fit
>go your separate ways
>learn from your mistakes, do a better job with the next girl (see option A)

>you like each other
>keep dating
>good things happen
>(this means sex)
>anons will start calling you Chad
>leave /r9k/ behind like the blasted hellscape that it is.

And I say this from experience. Pining after a girl for months means you wind up obsessed with her to creepy levels. The whole point of dating is to see if you're a good fit. You don't need to know everything about her before you ask her out - in fact, that's a terrible approach in most cases. Too stalker-ish. Before I asked out my now-wife, I had one good conversation with her. It was a long one (we were at a mutual friend's cottage, stayed up chatting for a couple hours), but I met her on Saturday, got her contact info on Sunday, and asked her out by Wednesday. And even then, it'd have been sooner if it wasn't for some other stuff going on in my life that week. The girls I pined after for years, I never so much as got a kiss from. The girl I talked to a bit, said "Hey, you're kinda cool, we should go out", I've been married to for three and a half years.
If you haven't found a flaw in her, it's a sign that you never really knew her in the first place. She's human. She has bad days, and she has bad habits. She even farts sometimes. If you don't see anything bad about her, you either don't know her at all, or you've completely ignored her as a person in order to fall in love with your own imagination of her.

I know it's not as simple to stop as us telling you. This is a mindset that feels natural if you've been in it for a while. But seriously, it's destructive. Go find other girls to ask out (by dating apps, perhaps), and this time don't wait eight months to do it.

Also, if you're unemployed and have no friends, fix that first. Relationships come a lot easier when you aren't a NEET. When you have social skills, and a life, and actually do things. You'll have more to talk about, you'll have more chances to meet girls, and you'll be putting your best foot forward in terms of how appealing you make yourself look.
thanks for the long message bro, appreciate it
I did ask her name second time i've seen her
after 8 months i confessed to her saying she was the first girl i had fallen in love with (which is true)
then after 3 more months i asked her out and she said no
sometimes she avoided me, not even saying hi to me but instead doing so to everyone else in the room
sometimes she was really nice "long time no see!"
most of the time she was harsh tho
i had her on wp when i met her before confessing and she just replied like after 3 days and after i insisted
last time ive seen her was last year sept.
i saw her yesterday because someone from the charity died and we went to the funeral
she was crying desperately and hugging her boyfriend really hard, thats when i realised who was the boyfriend
i know the guy, hes cool and was nice to me, hes chad, but i was devastated by that view, and to think they lost their virginity to each other hurts me even more
read a bit of this
that answers yours questions

i havent been much with her but every moment was a sweet and tender, and the more i know about her the more i like her, however what you say is true an has been told to me by my psychiatrist, now here comes the awful part

i've been in psychiatrist/psychologist treatment for over 3 years and they say i havent improved despite the medication
in 5 years i havent made a single friend, and in the 3 years that i started helping with charity i dont have anyone that i can call a friend either or that will come to my aid when im depressed
Wait, you confessed your love to her *three months before you asked her out*? That's worse than I expected. I thought you did it at the time you asked her out. That'd be bad enough, but waiting three months after that is just never going to work. You raised more red flags there than the Chinese army on parade.

Also, for someone who can't see any flaws in her, you seem to have just pointed out a few.

That's a you problem, not a her problem. Go meet people. If you like anime, find an anime club. If you like 4chan, go on /soc/ and meet some anons IRL. Or pick up a new hobby - board games, wine tasting, power metal concerts, whatever. (Admittedly, this is harder with covid). But go meet a group of people, talk to them, and try to be an approachable human while you do. (I know, it's harder than it sounds, but try. It gets easier with practice.) Once you know how people work, girls get way, *way* less mysterious. Really, they're mostly just people that happen to be prettier than dudes.
this is good advice,
but i fail to see the flaws that i pointed out about her
if you mean that she ignored me , well i am autistic and a diagnosed schizoid so i would do the same in her situation, a lot of people in the charity avoid me

Are muscles and books fucking magnets? No shut up before you get doxxed

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