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ITT: Opinions that are unpopular on 4chan
Justin Trudeau isn't a bad leader
He managed to piss off the leader of the strongest nation of this planet and ruined Canada's elevated position that it had held beyond the Cold War due to it being in the flight path of Soviet nukes all by himself.

If that doesn't spell bad leader you must be used to Merkle-levels of fucking shit up.
He's been fine for the economy, lifted us out of recession and he handled Trump's tariffs pretty well and engaged in tough negotiations

Also many Canadians think its high time we strengthen ties with other anglosphere nations, we really hate America over here now.

As for managing to piss of Trump, I think we were always going to be on an economic collision course with them at some point, USA is getting pretty protectionist
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>He's been fine for the economy
Pic related. I hear vastly different things.

>he handled Trump's tariffs pretty well
Compared to what? He managed to void the trade concessions his predecessors negoriated with his G7 speech:

Good job, Trudeau. Couldn't keep your fucking mouth shut, could you.

>many Canadians think its high time we strengthen ties with other anglosphere nations
Who gives a shit what they think? The direct and only English-speaking (if not only) neighbor the Canadians have are the US; any trade they conduct with the outside world either goes directly through the US, or through international waters protected by the US. The US pulls out, and that's it with trade.
>b-but they wouldn't do that
They've been doing it for the last four years. There's no reason for the US to get involved in ANYTHING, not even Saudi-Arabia, since the Shale revolution.

And all that doesn't even factor in the demographics of Canadia (mostly boomer-centric, highly-educated, highly value-adding workforce - in other words: a direct competitor) and Mexico (young population, not very trained/educated - a consumer nation for American products). Which one of these two nations, do you think, is the more important trading partner?
>Pic related. I hear vastly different things.
Costs have been up for a while but it hasn't been so bad for me, certain things are more expensive. Our debt to GDP ratio is alright.
Poverty rates have also lowered since he was elected
and inflation rates aren't that bad
>Compared to what? He managed to void the trade concessions his predecessors negotiated with his G7 speech:
He managed to void the steel tariffs which is pretty good
>The US pulls out
We're still in NAFTA though? Plus he used similar tactics with Mexico
Haha holy shit so canada is barely ahead of zimbabwe or something?
>Plus he used similar tactics with Mexico
I'm shite with names, but I think it was Lighthouser who first negotiated NAFTA 2.0 and then told the Canadian ambassador that the negotiations are done, you have seven days to sign or they're out. They didn't even need two.

In other words: Mexico was treated as a trading partner, and Canada got the crumbs. Mexico got rhetoric, Canada got reality.
In the grand scheme of things, women aren't really worse than men. It's just that people in general are awful.
how much does a chicken breast cost in Canada? $40? $50?
at costco you can buy an entire rotisserie chicken here for 9 bucks
Fuck neoliberal scum.

I really hate to even sorta reference the overused Carlin quote, but man, it's insane how retarded people are up to even like ~115 IQ, which covers the vast majority of human beings. I understand school isn't really designed to properly teach students how to truly understand how to think critically and self reflect in the real world, but god damn man, still.
Lul Trudeau can't fucking walk without tripping into another ethics scandal. He has been funding spending with debt since before there was a pandemic or a serious economic issue. He's literally the dumbass brownface version of his father.

What can I say that's good about the leadership? He gets a lot of women to donate. He has a pretty face. Nice hair.

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