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File: 1610308881328.jpg (118 KB, 786x1024)
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Welcome to another episode of /r9k/s red flags for women

Here's my list
>single mother(free space)
>has no ass
>has an only fans
>loves Disney
>doesn't drive (ok if she's in a city)
>goes clubbing
I dont mind that women do this, just not my type of thing.
>double digit body count sub age 30
>uses the term nazi to describe the right wing
>doesnt want me to smoke weed or drink
>doesnt like cats
>doesnt work
>hates rap
>has white guilt/savior complex
>not allowed to demonize the far right
>not allowed to hate rap
Well is she or isn't she pozzed?
ideally she would be more right wing, but I like violent gutter music and don't want someone who complains about it like you fags do here
>hates rap
>>somehow a bad thing
Found the nigger
But the ultimate red flag
>has a vagina
Here is my list:
>has a penis
>enjoys shitty nigger music
>calls other people fags
Proving once again that OP is a faggot. Go choke on a fat black cock.
Why are you so upset over being called a fag? White people don't get upset over being called a nigger
white people don't listen to nigger music
>doesn't post sneed
File: 20210114_023523.jpg (212 KB, 1080x1561)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
>white people don't listen to nigger. Music
Billboard 100 says otherwise. Also white people have been listening to nigger music since at least the jazz age if not longer. Nice try trad fag
Jazz was made by whites you nigger loving faggot
the minority of young people in America are white
All music is nigger music
nice revisionism

I bet you think all philosophy is Jewish
>aspiring streamer, "influencer," tik-tokker or other such permutation of e-thot
>browses imageboards
>friend group is predominantly male
>interests are predominantly male
>comes on too strongly too quickly
File: 1610521297891.gif (939 KB, 500x281)
939 KB
939 KB GIF
Okay bud
49.9% of the population under 15 is non Hispanic white, which is actually horrifying, but you can't claim that any music could make it to the top of the charts without white patronage
jazz is theoretically and compositionally based off of european classical so you can make the argument that blacks actually stole white music.

and pharaohs were sub-saharan african. blacks will steal entire cultures and histories out from under people's noses, won't they? or try to.
Classical music is fucking gay though, who cares. Obviously black culture isn't that great for the most part, I just like the way rap sounds, always have.
it doesn't really take 49.9% of all young kids to make a song popular

depsosito was recently a top 40 song because we're quickly getting to the point where white people don't matter
File: 1609919748156.jpg (109 KB, 1039x559)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>favorite activity is talking about herself
>uses tiktok, Twitter, or Facebook
>Tries to isolate you from friends and / or family eg "I dont like them stop talking to them" -> "iTs Me Or ThEm!! ))):<"
>demands access to your devices and online accounts
>Has minions / baby yoda merch
>has slutty friends, consults them about everything for their garbage advice
>takes multiple selfies a day
>she gets jealous of her bf spending time with male friends
>She doesn't want children
>She has no hobbies and just consumes YouTube and Netflix/social media
>She is too short
No song can make it to the number 1 spot without whitey supporting it.

Among the questions MRI asks is whether the respondent purchased pre-recorded rap audio tapes & compact discs in the last 12 months. MRI (which United Business Media PLC agreed to sell to GfK Aktiengesellschaft last month) sent me the results for 1995, 1999 and 2001, for both adults 18 to 34 and for all adults. For both groups, the percentage of recent rap buyers who are white was about 70% to 75% for all three years.

So unless white people stopped listening to rap music in the past 20 years these statistics are probably similar. Although spics probably make up a good 20-25% nowadays
>has no hobbies and just consooms
That's 99.9% of w*men m8. W*men have no personality.
good answers. You just described an old friend of mines gigabitch gf. Although I dont mind short as long as the men in her family are tall and i won't have to worry about mallet genes
Checked. This describes someone everybody ITT knows because w*men enjoy a culture of normalized psychopathy and privilege.
lol op ur list is literal normie tier leave here already
Let's hear your list pal, I'm waiting
>doesn't cook my tendies on demand
>says I need to move out and get a job
>tell me anime will never be real
>makes me throw out my piss bottle collection
File: 1609897910302.gif (364 KB, 480x270)
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364 KB GIF
Dude nice and epic, just how I like it
White people have no culture and all mainstream music is based on black excellence

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