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Does any other femanon from a broken family just really desire to be a mother? You want a child to give all of the love, respect, and care you lacked? It hurts me so much. I don't think I'm currently in the greatest situation to be a mother yet, but I want to be one eventually.
That's an admirable desire, and just as admirable that you realize you're not in a place to do it yet. I hope you're able to be the mother you want to be, and don't succumb to the trap of trying to experience that vicariously through your own child.
I grew up without a mom so yes, I want to have a kid and be the greatest mom for them. But sadly I don't see that happening without a marriage, and I don't want to get married unless it's a true partnership in which we are both close to each other's ideal.
Bringing more people into this world is cruel and selfish. You children never asked for any of this, spare them this hell
I'm very happy and i was glad i was born, i think i'd do my best to make my children feel the same
File: family family.jpg (36 KB, 260x260)
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>had no stable caregivers as a baby and child >developed attachment issues and dependency on other people
>emotionally unavailable mom
>emotionally unavailable dad
>bullied in school
>parents divorced mom left and married abusive american when i was 11/12
>dad sort of became emotionally abusive bc of mom
>would cry at school about my mom divorcing my dad teachers didnt really help me
>starting being depressed and suicidal when i was 11
>had no one to rely on
>moved in with stepdad
>stepdad beat me twice george floyd style and was planning on shooting me if it were not for my mom
>mom angry at me doesnt report him
>mom told me i was illegally adopted from a 3rd world country when i tried to commit suicide at 13
>mom tells me that my bio mom was a whore
>she said that she failed as a mother but doesnt do much about it but gives me $200 a month and occasionally replies to my messages
>grandpa beat me up and attempted to murder me days before my 16th birthday
>mom angry at me for being a failure and threatens to send me back to my real mother
>Im basically used goods gf because i was groomed at 11 because i didnt know how to get affection or attention from any family and bad things happened to me then i did bad things to myself from preteens to mid teens
>tfw my birth was just used as profit for my biological mom and a sideline hobby for my adoptive parents

Yes more than anything.
i used to be an antinatalist bc of what's happened to me but i want to try to do my best to share my bursting love and i think that it would comfort my own pain and i guess you could say make up and bring closure to my pain
tfw i want to sate this desire in a girl myself and then eventually become a father but that's just weird h-haha

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