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File: 1614094606502.gif (1.85 MB, 400x265)
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>add robot from an ideal gf thread on discord
>talk to him for a while, play games together, really kind and not a manipulative asshole, calming voice
>turns out he is 17
every time.
How old are you anon? I've had the reverse where girls say they're 18 or 19, and turn out to be underage. I'm too old for this shit
I feel you, two of the femanons I added turned out to be underage. One was actually 14 which put me off by a lot.
File: 1610245661736.jpg (25 KB, 353x355)
25 KB
Oh no, Anyways.
What an painful problem you have anon, I don't think not even Brainiac will solve it.
Remember there is no spoon.
I wish a fembot would add me from those threads but its usually annoying girls looking for a dopamine hit
Hey at least they're the gender they said they were.
Go for it. Nobody cares about women dating younger men anyways
Ur lucky I just get ghosted lel
File: sadspace.jpg (241 KB, 936x590)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
I've never gotten added off one of those threads.
I have the opposite problem, I'm 19 but all the interesting guys are 25+ which mean gross and old despite having a good personality I can get along with
This happened to me too, but with a femanon. You need to be very careful with people from here now.
25 isn't bad if you enjoy their personality and company. Looks are all about genetics.
File: 1613336137999.jpg (51 KB, 500x479)
51 KB
Thinks everyone above 25 is gross and old.
Like poetry you fill the bill of cretin young zoomer girl.
God, Why are we still here for ? Just to suffer.
Like Kevin will say: Dork.
Jokes on you, us oldies can just find another hot young thing to flirt with ;^)

(just kidding no one likes me and I wanna die send help)
>meet a fembot older than me
>cheats on me after six months of being together

>meet another fembot
>leaves me because all her orbiters got pissed off she had a bf

>Try again
>15 and 300lbs, gave a lecture on internet safety and dropped her off at her parents.

Then I tried getting in shape to expand the dating pool. Women who use to date me were intimidated and felt like they didn't deserve me. Women who were hot were just more likely to cheat or have severe untreated issues.

Don't date robots. I give up.
File: 1609546838055.png (721 KB, 992x720)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
> talk to a femanon
> she is a mentally ill 16 yo with the sex history of a sex worker
I'm a boomer and have to avoid most girls here. I feel your pain sort of
Every single time. Any femanon you meet from here has already given her nudes out to 20 other guys before you.
Kek, so will you be the one who'll turn him into a manipulative asshole, you fucking whore?
I am SO distraught at this op
What a sorrowful state of affairs
Fucking faggot
yes, women are responsible for all of your mental illnesses and problems
explain why he's khhv but isn't a seething asshold like you then?
>Speaking to people over the internet
Why does anyone do this? Unless you live quite close to one another it seems like a desperate attempt to fill a hole in your heart left by a lack of irl interactions. I guess if they're just a vidya pal then it's fine.
How far from 18 is he?
>explain why he's khhv but isn't a seething asshold like you then?
Not that guy but because he's 17. He's still young and naive.
>post tag
>randoms add me
>get some decent convos, most the time it dies out
>find some good anons
>femanons(fembots don't exist and there are no more robots here anymore) are generally pretty dull and like driving the conversation into the ground even when asked very open ended conversations, really only like to play league and if I vibed with some one enough I'd play the game they suggest but yeah.
mostly been good.

I've only ever dated normies, I highly recommend it if you're actually trying to date and have relationships. The dream is to find a unicorn femanon that we have a mutual interest and maybe develop into a relationship.
>>62462789 is the one who's permanently offended of the truth and lacks any kind of self-awareness

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