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File: 1515613067832.jpg (18 KB, 346x346)
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anyone else like elliot here but unironicly?
>good looking but not enough to make it
>delusion of grandeur
>normal but not
Faggot you're probably ugly. That's why you're here. Accept reality.
wrong i am here because i dont leave the house since mental issues

dumb fuckin ugly ass demoralizing nigger, go jestermaxx you clown
File: 1602465571300.png (74 KB, 222x255)
74 KB
I love him. He was a sick kid raised in a twisted world, and he lashed out. normies see an evil killer who was filled with hate, but he was just a symptom of larger problems.

We live in a society
Lmao you're confirmed ugly. Just accept the reality you're here because life is shit.
Dont say your Elliot, feds will monitor you not even joking. They shut down the munkey jones youtube channel for his Elliot videos.
I don't like him because he was basically a choosing beggar. He didn't want a gf, he wanted a 10/10 VIRGIN BLONDE GF. He also had a weird crush on his sister and internalized hatred of his own race when MANY WOMEN have said that they find him attractive. I'm female and I rate him around a 6 or a 7 objectively. He was mentally ill, that's it, he was rich and not ugly and he RUINED HIS LIFE because he was fucked in the head. If you like him you are probably mentally ill too
Being grown up without social skills is a devastating handicap. I wish there were classes for it for people who were shy in childhood/adolescence because I feel like I'm just completely fucked and just destined to die alone. It's hell with no escape.

anon you just gotta push through it to get the experience so you feel more comfterble. Certain drugs can help you feel more confident while you learn how to be social.
>I hate women
>Mostly kills men
>I hate Chad's
>Mostly kills nerdy Asians
No I dont really like him
Fuck off tranny. If women won't settle for anything less than Chad then King Elliot had the right to never settle for less than his ideal.
No. I'm kind of like Cho but I wouldn't shoot up a school. Especially over a hooker. but I love him though. Fun to make fun of, and I kind of feel bad for the guy. His manifesto is a really great read. as well as a lot of other stuff he wrote. Shame he did what he did, I really feel like he could've been a great writer.

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