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Im pretty much a failure sexually my f fellow robots. I just realized it, thinking more objectively, im everything women hate.

>went limp with every prostitute i've hired except 1 who only gave me a massage and handjob. was rock hard for her
>went limp with the only girl i was able to get to agree to fuck me off the internet
>have no desire to be dominant and controlling, which it seems is what most women want
>have no desire to be a worthless fucking submissive cuckold or simp either which is the other thing that gets attention from women, when you're shy
>dislike being told what to do, or telling others what to do, prefer to just do my own thing
>women always see me as boring and uninteresting and worthy of being ghosted
>only way i ever got girls attention was by doing hard drugs and bragging a bout my connections to score coke or meth
>when i cleaned up and became a better person, i received absolutely 0 attention from females
>anxious around women often, and i blank out and become more boring to them then i already am
>no job ever besides construction with my dad to pay for my drugs, and im 31
>no car or license
>diagnosed severely mentally ill (schizo and bipolar)
>bald, slightly fat, short
>everything women don't want is me basically, a short, bald, beer bellied, poor schizo who is nervous a round t hem
>probably going to end up getting high and getting Viagra from my doctor, and seeing prostitutes

Wish whores were legal where i am.
I don't know what to really say to OP. I can only say keep going, because fuck women as they don't need you so you shouldn't need them, but that's normie advice. Bumping so someone else can help him or something.
Im starting to think God ordained me to be miserable and for everything other people get naturally, to be impossible or such a struggle its not worth doing. He probably does this to most incels as some shitty divine test that makes us all miserable.

We're fighting a struggle God is forcing us to undergo. It sucks dick, G od makes things too hard, i w ant t o give up and just get high again

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