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>hear sound when I'm alone
>Stare in the direction of sound just in case an invisible/incorporeal being is watching me
>Sometimes even try talking to catch them off guard
Is it normal for non schizos to do schizo tier things?
sounds more like ocd or mild delusional schizoid behavior. you can have an episode and u still dont have to be full blown schizo. if you do it just in case but can still distinguish the lane between reality, e.g. you dont actually believe there are some beings watching you, id say you are fine, but it couldnt hurt to talk to an expert if it gets worse. dont worry too much anon. and its a nice onion slash monkey you got there
are you a male? if so, yes.
that's your hunter brain scanning it's surroundings. your need to catch one offguard is probably signalling that you want to catch some kind of prey.
>tfw have done exactly this before
Wouldn't say it's normal, but not too crazy either. As long as it doesn't get worse.
Yea anon, I've been meaning to do that. I don't have an debilitating issue but I'll probably get checked up after graduating uni just to be sure, cause a lot of people think something's wrong but nobody can say what. It's probably just some mild thing.
Btw it's actually a shapeshifting alien pastor
(I'm not the artist he was an actual schizo)
Is this real or some incel cope?
I do that too sometimes and I'm probably not crazy or anything. You're good.

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