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File: download.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
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List all of the jobs you have had since you began working until now
>Starting working at 18
>Currently 20
>18-19, Hvac apprentice
>20, Fedex warehouse worker
>20, Amazon warehouse worker
>20, Hvac apprentice again
whats the most tolerable job out of them?
I like being an hvac apprentice, I hope I can became a journeyman one day and make it into some kind of career. However, working at both of those warehouses was hell, I only worked there because of covid. I wanted to kill myself every single day I worked at those places, It was long hours, and humiliating. I am so glad to be back where I'm at.
>Worked at the beach
>Store clerk X 3
>Office drone X 2
>Warehouse worker
jesus christ. warehouse work must be pretty fucking bad if you preferred them over hvac. I did hvac in the summer in florida for 3 months while depressed as shit before getting fired for "unsatisfactory performance" and not caring about the job. Blazing fucking heat and climbing in dusty ass attics contorting my body to navigate those cramped spaces and handling heavy, sharp sheet metal and insulation into these richfag houses was the worst hell on the planet. Somehow I never thought to use a fucking dust mask that would have been a life saver.
You see, I like doing that shit. I mean, I don't like doing it physically. But there's just something psychologically satisfying about doing all of that. I feel like I actually am contributing something to society. Sure warehouse work is easy, but that's the thing, it's too easy. It hurts my ego I guess. It makes me feel fucking pathetic and worthless and like I am doing really nothing for society. I mean, that wasn't the only reason I hated working at warehouses. Plenty of other reasons why I wanted to off myself and a lot of it was just shit working conditions.
>odd construction jobs here and there at 18-22
>pizza chef at 22
>Sysadmin Temp at a warehouse at 23
>Lone wolf sysadmin at a startup at 25
>Application admin for some bullshit oracle java accountant software at a bank at 26 (literally did jack shit but read the documentation about the application and go to the gym in the office building)
>sysadmin in the monitoring team of an ISP at 27
>Monitoring Infrastructure engineer at same ISP at 29

Honestly my favourite one was the pizza chef job and the only reason I left was because I had to deal with customers and picking up the orders, would've been amazing if I could just crank out pizzas alone in the kitchen.
Now I just have to listen to faggots complain and be inefficient in their meetings and I hardly get to do any real DevOps type of shit and draw diagrams and manage how other people implement shit.

Pay is very good though.
>18-21 retail
>21-23 factory floor wagie
>23-32 (current) multiple warehouse jobs on all logistic positions, including forklift driver
Now I got a nice 9 to 5 office job.
Pay is kinda shit but workplace is small and I'm already eyeing up some pay raise.
Never stepped a foot inside an university.
out of high school at 17
>18, 3 year apprenticeship as an accountant (fired because autistic)
>24 (now), official in training (tax office)
This is a living hell. Pure punishment for my many sins.
im 28 and still work in pizza, I want to leave but I know ill hate any other job I ever work. Something about the pizza grind, and all the bottom dwellers of society that you work with really gets me.
Living the dream mate.
>wagie at 16
>didn't work in college besides a few odd jobs (I checked my privilege already)
>majored in a meme
>start cooking at 25, long gap of neetdom
>didn't hate it, turns out if you can show up on time consistantly for the evening shifts you're already ahead of 90% of the rest of the crew
>get tired of it, go back to school to get a real degree
>get an associates in Computer Science, then signed up for a meme coding bootcamp (the coursework was actually really good, well worth the money)
>can't find a job because every entry-level code monkey position requires you to be proficient in sixteen different languages with 120 years of experience
>back to neetdom
It's all so tiresome.
I'm 35 and I've easily had over 100 jobs. The average length of time for each one is probably 2-3 weeks. I've had dozens of jobs for only a day, and probably just as many for only a few days. A number have been for a month or two, and the longest job I ever had was for about a year. I've moved around a lot and lived with various family members, and always managed to get shit jobs in retail or fast food. I can't even remember them all honestly, but none of them were good. The one for a year was the most recent, at Dollar General, and I think the only reason I stuck with it is because I was abusing DXM daily and didn't really care where I was or what I was doing. I finally managed to get on NEETbux and hopefully I never have to wageslave again.
was a conscript for my country's military in a shitty unit , felt basically like a wagie only I got paid like 1/10 the minimum wage through a military 'salary'.
>16 paint my uncles properties rentals and management such
>17 yeah thats still it
File: 1619998392470.jpg (152 KB, 494x494)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>apply to wagie jobs online
>take weeks to respond back to me
What the fuck is the secret to getting hired? I thought these cunts needed bodies right now
>Started working at: 18
>Currently 28
>18-22, Stagehand during summers (didn't work during college semesters
>23, Lowe's customer service associate
>23-24, Social Security Administration customer service associate
>24-26, Grad student (basically socially acceptable NEET)
>26, Amazon warehouse worker
>26-27, H&R Block assistant manager
>27-, US Army officer

I've basically been failing upwards.
Strong eye contact and a firm handshake is all you need
Thanks original dad
HR is gatekept by the most incompetent, petty and vindictive roasties on the planet. As a whole, HR's purpose is entirely parasitical. There's no actual interest by the HR department to find the right person for the vacant job, or even a warm body to fill in the slot, as long as Stacy or Rashaunda gets her paycheck on Friday because she clicked-and-dragged her mandated number of resumes into the recycling bin icon, HR has done its job. The poor wagies that are already working the actual job, the service that actually brings in revenue for the business, just have to work harder to shoulder the load while their labor goes to subsidize HR's laziness. Forget killing the lawyers and hanging the bossman, when the revolution comes it's HR that's going to be the first against the wall.
File: konopowerda.jpg (135 KB, 502x406)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
N-not like this. No....
>Real estate executive assistant
>professional neet
File: 4pvpb8twzquy.jpg (29 KB, 500x336)
29 KB
>Oddjobs here and there some gangbanging till i was 20
>moved to London and worked in the food industry and as a bartender for a few months(geat times lots of free booze)
.Tried some sales was a fucking cult nightmare i left asap (till I was 22)
>Did some sales for a call center at 23 (turbo shit job) the ego death wasnt worth the measley wage.
>Did some tech support for a telecomms company for a few months , wasnt too bad but i had to leave cause again the money was trash.
>Now I;m looking for an internship and try to be as NEET and frugal in my spendings as i can be.
>Overall could be worse i guess
HR women are the punishment God chose for our sins.No redeeming qualities not even one, some of the worst, most petty , incompetent and worrthless beings i've ever laid my eyes upon.
>18-20 neet
>20-21 uni comp sci course, dropped out
>21-27 neet with a few months unskilled construction labouring here and there
>27-32 minwage helldesk/sysadmin/jack of all trades IT support
Fucking hate it and want to quit every day, would rather be humping blocks and barrows around again than this shit
File: 1615630899104.jpg (335 KB, 1042x1200)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Stockboy at a gas station at 19
>Amazon warehouse from 20 to 23
>Temp worker (warehouses) at 24
>Stockboy at another gas station at 25
>Neet at 26 to present (30)
I just can't work for others anymore. Its so humiliating and slave-like. I just wish I could figure out a way to make money that didn't involve "serving" others. God, I hate that word.
File: 1596030842877.png (385 KB, 600x579)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
>18, worked a christmas job for 6 weeks for some quick money at a warehouse
>19, worked the same job and quit four days in because I was sick of doing it
>22, jobless since
just job I found is passivation/metal finishing
>put guns in a bucket
>put guns in pool of acid for 30-60 minutes
>rinse and repeat
90 percent of my job is waiting the 30-60 minutes. Usually I just vape and shitpost.
I also work alone, nobody else in the building.
how much do you get paid doe
Started working at 16
16-19 frozen yogurt shop
19-20 government internship job related to geology, hated it and decided to transfer schools
21-22 UPS storefront
23 current year, have an internship doing game design next summer and hope to eventually work for some vidya company

>15-18 janitor for a computer repair business
>19-22 manager of a frozen yogurt shop
>23-27 pharmacy tech
>Occasional drug dealer 19-24
>Freelance writing sprinkled throughout

Recently started back at college to finish teaching degree
OP here
Yeah also forgot to mention I sold a little bit of weed on the side this year but I didn't really count that.
When I went up to see my grandparents over the summers as a kid I would often go to this tour mine my grandpa worked at to spend time with him. I would spray clean helmets, break up coal to give as souvenirs with this iron rod, go in with him on the various tours, etc. Would get $15 for the day and whatever I wanted up front. Aside from that kind of odd job/under the table shit though,
>enlisted in the navy at 19, got medically discharged a few months later from a fucked leg, it got better though
>worked at burger king for a little over a month
>worked at a guard shack outside of a warehouse for a little over a month, left because they fucked with my pay
>was a grocery manager from january last year to the middle of march this year, just didnt want to deal with it anymore
>tfw 22 years old and all I have to show for it are guns, a decent noob portfolio on robinhood, and $6800 in my bank account
Right now I am trying to find a job in an industrial park right down the street, a warehouse for whatever reason rejected me but tomorrow I am going to talk to a guy to set up an in person interview for a material handler spot at a different company. Im thinking of eventually getting into welding at a local community college when this covid bullshit fucks off, I dont think 4 year bachelors is a good fit for me just yet for multiple reasons.
HR and management tend to be staffed by complete pricks who cant even do their own job right, only that job can potentially be the difference between you getting one yourself.
>18, Walmart cuck
>18.5, Coffee shop wagie
>20, Math tutor slave (ongoing)
>21, Bank Teller shekelman
>22, Car rental serf
>22.5, Construction servant
>22.7, Warehouse robot
>23 and up, warrior drone.
your employer should have provided you with one. a free one just starting out at least.
fucking boomers
16 cart collector at Acme ... Idk 7$/hour
18 pizza delivery driver at pizza hut... Idk 7$/hour plus tips
21 data analyst GDMS... 36$/hour
23 windows system admin GDMS ... 39$/hour
28 Linux admin/python dev GDMS 55$/hour
29 Linux admin/python dev GDMS 70$/hour
31 Site Reliability Engineer Big tech company you know the name of but I'd rather not dox myself 110$/hour

I'm 32 right now, feeling over paid. I work from like 11AM to 6PM remotely and I barely do anything, it's ridiculous. I've got a home and 80k in a fucking checking account right now that I need to invest or something.
File: 1617653054300.jpg (1.42 MB, 1253x1770)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
lol there nothing humiliation about working in a warehouse, you're just moving shit around.
zoom zoom
File: 1614475203213.jpg (57 KB, 605x593)
57 KB
>I just can't work for others anymore. Its so humiliating and slave-like. I just wish I could figure out a way to make money that didn't involve "serving" others. God, I hate that word.
Start your own business anon!
j/k you're too fucking stupid for anything like that kek.
>Wendy's, age 17. (Do not work here, to many cup variants, chicken variants etc... McDonalds or Long Johns isn't as bad as Wendy's, worked with a mexican kid who got pissed off because i called him Brother in friendly terms)

>Reesers, age 18, one day. The whole fucking plant spoke Spanish, I speak English.

>Long Johns. I worked with crack heads, an ex-convict, and a full blown lazy retard for 8.50.

>Smuckers Plant (Focus Work Management.) I got baited into working for 14.00 an hour, took them months to pay me, because my "bank numbers were wrong". Confronted the supervisors and found i was being paid 7.25 an hour). A nigger got pissed off because I was sick one day and I had liquid shit for 45 minutes and he wanted to fight. Threatened to put him in the county morgue if he touched me, it was literally my last day, by that point so I left in the middle of the day and had him handle the boxing machine himself. There was a Mexican dude who immigrated from Chihuahua, Mexico literally nicknamed "Beaner" and took no offence to it and a hardcore Indian hippie who wanted to buy my van, he was pretty cool.

>Home Depot, one day. I regret leaving because the starting pay was 17.00 for starters, the benefits were insanely good.

>Now at O'Reillys getting paid 9.50 for automechanics for tech school.

I got some work stories, you want me to write about them?
File: 19237687236.jpg (60 KB, 453x264)
60 KB
This guy gets it. Also, nice digits!
>16, bagger at Publix
>17, cashier at Publix
>19, produce dept at Publix
>22, produce dept manager at Kroger
>26, produce dept manager at Whole Foods
>baseball umpire
first job. did it for many years through high school/college. paid very well, all under the table too.
>construction laborer on heavy infrastructure projects
put pipe in the ground, surveyed shit, or worked with carpenters on setting concrete forms/rebar.
>intern engineer (construction)
surveyed job sites, made CAD/topographic models, did quantity takeoffs and job estimation from designs
>analyst/engineer for oceanography research
job was basically data entry, but I did a lot of extra shit beyond my written duties that were far more technical
>naval intelligence
didn't stay long enough and can't say much about it. cool work. DOD bureaucracy is awful though. They were trying to recruit me for years into various shit since I was a kid.
>spacecraft engineer (space research)
something akin to what I actually studied in college

Every job has been a case of the grass is always greener. I find each job I hate more than the last for different reasons, but I've learned being disloyal is more amenable to my pay check. Current job is at least a field I think I want to work in, though I miss working outside parts of the time. My job history is all over the place. As was my college degree, considering I almost failed out of university at my lowest point (was/am very depressed).
I drive a bus.
File: pooper.jpg (6 KB, 289x174)
6 KB
I wrangle doggos at a veterinarian hospital.
File: 1478226081456.gif (372 KB, 280x210)
372 KB
372 KB GIF
I'm almost 28, while Im almost finished with a master's in supply chain engineering paid for with daddy's money I've only had 1 job for a year 2 years ago and I'm tired of applying to places. It's become tiresome when you fill out applications over and over and only MLMs message back.
>Stores Assistant
>Data entry operator
>Receiving clerk
>23 Yo NeeT now
fucking call them
>20, worked in a warehouse for two months
I've only had one job in my life, started at my current company at 23 after college and still work there at 28.

>desktop support
>security analyst
>lab intern
>lab intern but chill
>cashier at clothing store
>customer service bitch at company that created websites
christ kill me
seems like the life. try crypto out or something lol
>14-18 coffee shop barista
>19-coffee shop manager
Stick with it boys it gets better
what did you major in college?
>No job until 22 was just in uni
>22 - 6 months at Job Center and 6 months at card and gifts shop
>23 - Office assistant for a museum
>24-25 - Masters degree, with the last semester also part timing as a library assistant for said university
>25-27 - Full time library assistant at university
>27-28 - Pandemic, at home being paid until September, online work until April, partially in person partially at home until August
>Going part time library assistant again in September and going on a year long course to become full time librarian at said university.

Ended up getting a comfy career out of just taking up a student part time work offer during my masters (which was also a "fuck it lets just do it I got nowhere else to go" deal)
Also I forgot I took a year off from going to university from 18 - 19 where I went on jobseekers and going to all sorts of bullshit courses and shit.
McDonalds still work there
was working at a call center taking troubleshooting calls for an ISP up until a few days ago. people are just so fucking ungrateful and disrespectful over the phone and I'm a sperg so I couldn't handle it.
I worked at burger king for one day when I was 16. Never had a job since
>22, temp job at an insurance agency (shit tier paper scanning job)
>24 credit card customer service
>25 credit car dispute resolution
Aand now I feel stuck here

Based dough anon, what did you have to do to become a data analyst?
Retail at the same store from 19-26 where I worked my way up to Supervisor, pay was always shit but I just got too comfortable at the position for whatever reason. Just turned 27 and finally work a Help Desk position where it's slightly more pay but more rest on my joints which make me feel like I am 45.
>Started work at 23, Khol's warehouse picker, 3 months
>23 still, Some dock loading area loader, 2 years
>25, Walmart overnight maintenance, 3 years
>25, Electrical apprentice, 1 week (manager was an asshole on scheduling)
>27, Postmates Fleet driver: 1 year on and off (possibly shut down and merged with Uber Eats AFAIK)
>28, Rural Carrier USPS:1 month (by far the worst job anyone should ever do)
>29 Current job, Home Depot warehouse: intend to quit in October, exactly 1 year from hire date
I took electrical training when I quit the second job. Got the certificate but every other job involving electrical had some form of asshole lead or manager that wouldn't schedule me for at least 4 days. Couldn't quit Walmart until the debt was paid.
I never liked unions, but with USPS I really despise them.
Now I'm just saving up for a van to mod and go about the country. Still live with my parents, but that'll change coming mid Fall. Also got into some crypto so I'm not without "assets."
>taco bell
>hotel maintenance
>taco bell again
>college student

A few other smaller jobs scattered throughout but those are the main ones.
Will be 21 this fall
>17 McRonalds
>18 Walmart
>18 Arbys
>18 Publix
>18 Kia stealership
>19-20 FedEx warehouse
>20 Correctional Officer
>In a few days, camper specialist at a summer camp

Dont judge me, I was/am a suicidal fuck up. Cant wait till I can finally press the end button and gtfo this life
>fucking boomers
This place is boomer paradise. Never seen so many old farts in my damn life
Well, guess its settled
>>64089962 stop being an autist and listen to the quads
how does one acquire this job? hypothetically, of course
>15-16 grocery store restocker
>17-21 produce manager at said store
>17-21 student with autismo powers
17-21: USMC infantry
21-23: commercial fishing
23-25: construction
25-30: French Foreign Legion
30-31(now): NEET
How was the FFL? I think I might try to join someday if I ever get sick enough of this bullshit. Prior infantryman too BTW, but Army.
>Language interpreter age 19
>Computer Engineer age 21

The language interpreter gig was god awful. Paid decently at the time but god damn, the only people that need interpretation to English and live in America are the dumbest of immigrants. Like come on those people do not know what a interest yield, checking account or foreclosure are. No wonder the most common business requesting interpretation were collection agencies
is there a cut off in how much you make to be considered a wagie? cause i fuckin feel like one even if i'm bringing in 45/hr. fuckin healthcare bullshit just bein a glorified waiter who has to also clean shit and piss and blood. crap.

to answer your question though op
>18 -20 - LCD tv sales (during transition from tubes was a big deal)
>19 - sandwich shop
>22 - 24- tech support at uni
>24- 26 - support worker for tards
>26 - 28 - care home nurse
>28 - 33 - emergency nurse
>18-21 administrative assistant
>21-23 NEET for a year and a half
>receptionist ever since

wanted to get into IT but life had something different for me in mind, can't really complain tho, i like my current job, helps me socialize too.
>As a whole, HR's purpose is entirely parasitical
So much of what they do is scheduling pointless interviews for people they already rejected just to pad their hours so it looks like they really mulled over who to pick.

If shaking the manager's hand was a thing that worked in the past we need to get back to it. For the love of God, why do we subject ourselves to this bullshit? Getting a job is harder than doing a job.
>18-19 ice cream shop cashier
>22-23 NEET
>27- doctor
we'll all make it robots
I have a friend that's worked at the same pizza shop since high school.
you're hired
Do not take God's name in vain at all.
File: cool owl.jpg (69 KB, 340x372)
69 KB
I didn't get my first job until i was 30.

30. Programmer.
34. Programmer.
36. Programmer.

At my first job, people at the office thought it was weird that I had no previous experience. Thought I was some kind of fuckup.

Took like a year until I was their goto-guy for essentially all problems too complicated for the other programmers... Turns out that a life in front of a computer does pay off.

Went from total shit underclass to wealthy middle class in zero time. And now because I really have no expenses, I have more monies than I can or even want to use... but life still feels pointless... but I guess that's okay.
>19-25 studying at uni physics bachelor and masters
>26-30 working on a phd while as a researcher in institute

I have mistaken not having time to socialize due to work and study for loneliness and being a loser. No time to get a gf and I thought women don't like me. Turns out getting a gf was easy and getting her to love me was also easy when one is consistent.
Do not take God's name in vain at all ever.

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