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>dislike troons
>not gay
>do not fap to troons or anything like that
>really enjoy cross dressing manga
I wonder why this is? maybe because in manga it there is so much psychological conflict.
I hate gay things on western TV they are not the same manga does not come across as propaganda like western TV
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I like some trannies and crossdressers if they're cute
Same boat but gender-bender stuff is cool too, as long as trannies don't try to imitate it.
Thats the thing this is not a sexual thing at all I do not think trannies are cute aside from manga and it is not like I fap to 2D traps either.
read bokura no hentai, it is the best manga about corss dressing and very mature and it tries to show all the different perspectives on the issue.
I really liked it! i'm reading Sazanami Cherry right now and I have read it before.
Because it's fantasy, it isn't real. Real men are always gross.
trannies in mangas are always drawn as women. There's almost no difference besides smaller boobs, so you view them the same as women. People in real life display male characteristics, so you obviously dont like that shit.

How is this not fucking obvious to you, are you actually brain dead?
>>How is this not fucking obvious to you, are you actually brain dead?
You say this as if I am unaware however I did not mention this because it is a given and the reason I like the mangas about cross dressing is not for a sexual one otherwise I would fap to traps that are 2D also.
File: 1592211473967.png (159 KB, 640x590)
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If you see an attractive women, you will find her personality and mannerisms "cute". At least until you spend more time with them. This applies to manga as well. There is a reason authors use sex appeal in manga, even if the viewerbase is not jerking off while reading. When you see a cute appearance on a tranny, you conflate their physical appearance with their actions, and you don't feel disgust.

In reality, you likely don't find men attractive, and you aren't as easily influenced by their apperances. Trannies in real life are disjointing your conception of them from mangas conflicts with reality.
You misunderstand my entire thread the reason I like the manga about these topics is how they handle the psychology of it all and the drama and inner turmoil.

I do not like trannies I do not find the troons in manga attractive unless it is just a girl drawn that is menatt o be a male. I am reading reversible! and the characters are not actually cute and gross seeing panty shots as it is meant to be that way.

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