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Anyone else reading/watching this?

I've just started recently, a part of me loves it so much, since it shows everything I could ever want, but another part of me despises it, since it shows everything I'll never have.

I know, it's another "tfw no gf" thread, but reading this had me feeling conflicting emotions and I'm not sure what to do, if I should continue reading or if i should drop it.

I wonder how other anons here go about these kinds of manga/anime, if they feel so jealous and sad that they can't enjoy them, or if they self insert and use it as escapism, there are many approaches possible here, at this moment I feel like I'm in the middle of the main two...
Gotta take it for the fictional idealism it is. It's a vision of a better life, and the existence of that alone is comforting.
>guy's looking at her
>she's looking at the audience instead
I guess, there's a comfy feeling to it while I'm reading it, but then when I remember that I'm a kissless hugless virgin that never had and never will have anything like this it really hurts...

I know it's mostly idealized, but even the simple things here hurt, like sleeping on the same bed as your wife while cuddling her, having a wife say "Welcome home!" when you're back home and "Good morning!" when you wake up together, having a wife cook for you and be happy that you like her food, have a wife genuinely love you and want to marry you and be with you, those are things that do happen in the real world, just not for people like me...
how is this show "comfy". The characters are insanely boring, there's no plot that makes you feel anything besides boredom, and by the end of the show you want to blow your brains out from the non-stop fan service.

Why does anyone prefer watching this stupid shit when they could just hug a pillow and achieve the same effect? WHO UNIRONICALLY WATCHIS THIS FUCKING SHIT
Well, for me personally it's seeing a married couple where the wife has a genuine love for her husband, and watching their interactions as a couple that just got married, which are interactions I've always wished of having, but never will.
>have a wife genuinely love you and want to marry you and be with you
>wife has a genuine love for her husband
That's how you know it's fiction
I guess, sometimes I do question the idea of love itself desu, it really is much more complex and not as selfless and pretty in real life, so in the end it's all hopeless desu, fuck this world just sucks so much...
There is no love in real life, and that's why it looks so awkward in fiction. If there's no real reason for the characters to be together, no tangible benefits, it feels unrealistic. Doesn't the girl in this get married for no fucking reason to this random dude?

It's far more satisfying to watch/read a piece that focuses on characters achieving something for themselves, because you can actually self-insert into it
You have a point there
File: wmr425v4czs51.png (84 KB, 300x300)
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Nasa-kun has a small dick. I cannot wait for his wife to be tremendously disappointed when they fuck for the first time and then see how the marriage breaking apart.

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