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>job application
>it wants you to fill out a bunch of tedious bullshit and how "unique" you are and how they're a "quirky xD" company
>even fucking major companies are doing this now
i expected the "pointless shit that's on my resume" but why is everyone following this dumb meme shit now
nobody gives a flying fuck I just want to exist
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no seriously this shit is annoying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Yeah it's super retarded, right? The one company that I will apply to next week has a personality test beforehand. Should I try to answer like a leftist? Stupid mindfuckery
I was applying to a social media manager position (just answering questions from clients on instagram) and had to stop halfway through because the form required me to upload a scanned copy of my college transcript. It turns out a four year degree was a non negotiable requirement for the job. I just closed the tab
>What was the funniest situation that you had at your last job?
What in the fuck are you supposed to answer for this? I'm trying to think of a bullshit lie for this

unironically? answer it however the fuck you want, and if there's any text boxes then put a link to any of the bajillion studies that show that those tests are complete bullshit. even something like myers-briggs (aka 16 personalitybullshit that keeps getting threads here) is infamously inaccurate.

college degrees are being used as a poorfag check for jobs, it's class autism all over again.
I've had applications ask for my fucking credit score before.
Everytime I had to apply for jobs it made me legit suicidal
It's infuriating that people act as if you can just fucking waltz in somewhere and get a job like they grow off of fuckin trees, and that if you don't have a job then it's somehow your fault; this is despite there having been /another/ "once-in-a-lifetime" economic recession, and I'm barely even into my twenties like holy shit.
The entire system is fucked and I don't know of a single person that expects to be able to have a home or live past 50.
Yesterday I woke up feeling like maybe today is the day I finally take responsibility for my life and find any job, but everything that doesn't sound horrible lists 1 year related experience "preferred" only to say a few paragraphs later it's actually required. Stared at 4chan/Discord all day instead.
Life is a fucking scam i was told i needed to go to uni to get a job and i fucking did and now it has come to applying AND NO ONE WILL FUCKING HIRE ME i had a careers meeting with some bitch at uni she told me i need to pad out my portfolio with extra shit like fuck off why is it relevant i dont play sports and shit i just want to participate in society and get a job but no one will fucking let me
Put your skills and experience at the top, put a little bit about you, when you walk into that interview just act confident like you are better than the rest of the applicants
>tfw only 30 and been through at least 5 recessions
Really makes you think.
uhhh which ones are you counting? by my count I only see three and I'm a burger
>9/11 mini-recession that primarily affected NY and flight shit
>08 big recession that fucked everyone
>covid big recession that fucked everyone

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