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File: images (3).jpg (26 KB, 554x554)
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>I've had the luck that makes a once good man turn bad

I buried my first victim when I was nineteen
Went through her bedroom and the pockets of her jeans
And found her letters that said so many things
That really hurt me bad

I never breathed her name again
But I like to dream about what could have been
I never heard her calls again
But I like to dream
That night he came and took my Flo and headed in to town
I knew I had to find this man and try to gun him down
As I walked by a dim cafe and I looked through the door
I saw my Flo with her new love and I couldn't stand no more,
I couldn't stand no more.
I took my pistol from my hip and with a trembling hand
I took the life of pretty Flo and that good for nothin' man
That good for nothin' man!
I think about the thing I've done I know it wasn't right
They'll bury Flo tomorrow, but they're hanging me tonight,
They're hanging me tonight.
But she's too rough and I'm too delicate

can't pay my rent,

cause all my money's spent
king midas in reverse
The pain in my heart just won't end
The words that I find just don't seem to compare
Awaiting my death in the end
Alone, I must seek out the end to begin
So nobody wants death
'Cause nobody wants life to end
I'm the only one stressed
And the only one tired of having fake friends

"Muted cuz reaply not original" fuck you bot
The light color in the room
The sunshine seeping in
Doesn't mix with the black of
Death's angel looming in

I've had enough of the
Brutal beatings and name callings
To lose me to this bed
Bruised internally, eternally
>So nobody wants death 'Cause nobody wants life to end
yikes, i mean that's cool guys i also remember being 14
From the bottom of my heart Go Fuck Yourself.
File: 1628365942197.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
This man said
It's gruesome
That someone so handsome should care
Yeah they aren't the proper lyrics. And that song is terrible. The Smiths did so many great ones. Americans should be aware that he's actually having a laugh behind most of them, while also meaning them seriously, because you can do that if you're Northern.
File: aic.jpg (41 KB, 300x450)
41 KB
Down in a hole and they've put all the stones in their place
I've eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste
I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth
I will speak no more of my feelings beneath
>From the bottom of my heart Go Fuck Yourself.
yes definitely underaged lol
Im 19 dont delude yourself you're probably a 30 boomer KHHV so go fuck yourself you dont have a right to judge me you've fucked up your life.
>eating asian pussy need some sweet and sour sauce
Unga bunga bunga, inga binga binga bunga
It's fun to hunt the cunt to ding the dink to feed my hunger
I jump on a bitch, pump on a chick
Crunch and munch on a clit, dunking a dick
Somethin' sunk in it quick, krumpin' a bit
Humpin' the nina bring the thunder
I be the king of Kongo up in your spleen, the weiner's on you
I eat it up like sufamunda, cheese between lasagna
I skeet it up then giddy up, fiend for cream, vagin-a tong-ue
Then feed the need, we lump for hunters, easily we done you
The gal sure look like fuck food to me
Though she needs you
More than she loves you
if you're actually 19 there's really no hope for you so please PLEASE kill yourself
Everybody, (yeah) Everybody, (yeah)

Let's get into it, (yeah) Get stupid, (Come on)

Get retarded, (Come on) Get retarded, (Yeah)

Get retarded!

Let's Get Retarded! (Haa!) Let's Get Retarded! (In here!)
...and he drove the fastest milk-cart in the West!
File: 423112.webm (337 KB, 480x854)
337 KB
around the world, around the world
around the world, around the world
around the world, around the world
The boy with the thorn in his side
Behind the hatred, there lies
A murderous desire for love
Look luv, either take the dump or don't. No need to shake your arse around like that, it's not gonna move it. If it's stuck up there you
need some laxatives, jiggling it out won't work. And lift the skirt up for fuck's sake or you're gonna get shit all up the back of it.
File: c12.jpg (52 KB, 1024x954)
52 KB
That fuckin face tf ?
>Bird, bird, bird. Bird is the word
>OP is always such a faggot and I just can't deal with it anymore
So true! This post is so true!
File: 1618408053581.jpg (94 KB, 650x671)
94 KB
And maybe you'll find, life is unkind
And over so soon
There is no golden gate
There's no heaven waiting for you
A child is born, with no state of mind
Blind to the ways of mankind
God is smilin' on you, but he's frownin' too
Because only God knows, what you'll go through
You'll grow in the ghetto, livin' second rate
And your eyes will sing a song of deep hate
The place, that you play and where you stay
Looks like one great big alley way
You'll admire all the number book takers
Thugs, pimps and pushers and the big money makers
Driving big cars, spendin' twenties and tens
And you wanna grow up to be just like them
Smugglers, scramblers, burglars, gamblers
Pickpockets, peddlers and even pan-handlers
You say I'm cool, I'm no fool
But then you wind up dropping out of high school
Now you're unemployed, all null 'n' void
Walking 'round like you're Pretty Boy Floyd
Turned stick-up kid, but look what you done did
Got sent up for an eight year bid
Now your manhood is took and you're a Maytag
Spend the next two years as an undercover fag
Being used and abused and served like hell
'Til one day you was found hung dead in a cell
It was plain to see that your life was lost
You was cold and your body swung back and forth
But now your eyes sing the sad, sad song
Of how you lived so fast and died so young
I need a place
That's hidden in the deep
Where lonely angels sing you to your sleep
The modern world is broken

I need a place
Where I can make my bed
A lover's lap where
I can lay my head
Cos now the room is spinning
The day's beginning
Where will I meet my fate?
Baby I'm a man, I was born to hate
And when will I meet my end?
In a better time you could be my friend
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb
File: 1631171519202.jpg (7 KB, 205x246)
7 KB
Lost in the darkness
I fade from the light
Faith of my father, my brother, my Maker and Savior
Help me make it through the night
Blood on my conscious
And murder in mind
Out of the gloom I rise up from my tomb into impending doom
Now my body is my shrine
Though he is living, silently in moments
And forgiving relevance, it is in his heart he is holding
And calling behind sadness of empty fields
It is in these moments of time well spent, in these moments of gravity
This time well spent
A look to heaven, sighing tears of angels and a night sky
Racing, yelling softly
This is the moment
This is the moment
A look to heaven, sighing tears of angels and a night sky
This is the moment
Holding moments and forgiving relevance, it is in his heart
Calling behind the sadness of empty fields
All these moments of time, time well spent, time knows better
Behind tired eyes, behind tired eyes, I think he's waiting
Knowing your destiny, he calls him the angry son
File: EWAs4bCWkAA5Lz2.jpg (72 KB, 828x825)
72 KB
>Im 19 dont delude yourself
>go fuck yourself you dont have right to judge me
This has to be bait
Really? You think someone saying "30 year old boomer" is baiting?
Might sound weird from someone on r9k, but someone I actually consider a friend who's 89 now got to tour with Marty back in the early 60's, along with Patsy Cline and Ernest Tubb.
File: 1631396094326.png (412 KB, 593x656)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
The Firefighters hose me down
I don't care, I'll burn out anyhow
File: P0.jpg (227 KB, 892x893)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Hannah Montana's wearing my jeans
Ashley Tisdale's wearing my jeans
Keke Palmer's wearing my jeans
I just can't believe they wore those jeans like me
Celebrate the hour of madness
Ride the wave that turns the tide
Dream a song for all you lost along the way
And the one you'll never find
It comes with it.
File: 189535468462465.jpg (53 KB, 597x600)
53 KB
I know it's over
And it never really began
But in my heart it was so real
And you even spoke to me, and said :
"If you're so funny
Then why are you on your own tonight ?
And if you're so clever
Then why are you on your own tonight ?
If you're so very entertaining
Then why are you on your own tonight ?
If you're so very good-looking
Why do you sleep alone tonight ?
I know...

'Cause tonight is just like any other night
That's why you're on your own tonight
With your triumphs and your charms
While they're in each other's arms..."
File: skin ulcers.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Crawling in my skiiin
These wounds, they will not heal!!!
Fucking SHAME on you that it's taken this long for somebody to post this. Are we down to just Wojak memes now?
Trips I guess
Looool what fucking song is that? Did you write it or something?
Most of us at least graduated middle school already anon
File: idontevenknow.gif (945 KB, 250x141)
945 KB
945 KB GIF
It's a real song anon.

Remembering you fallen into my arms
Crying for the death of your heart
You were stone white, so delicate, lost in the cold
You were always so lost in the dark
Remembering you, how you used to be
Slow drowned, you were angels
So much more than everything
Hold for the last time then slip away quietly
Open my eyes, but I never see anything
If only I'd thought of the right words
I could have held on to your heart
If only I'd thought of the right words
I wouldn't be breaking apart
All my pictures of you
Useless philosophy
And theory and poetry
Must be heaped upon the cairn
See them consumed
In action, sweet, reckless action
Join our sad tears and dance on the blackened bones of gods
Angels singing in a choir
Oh, my Lord, I am on fire
What am I to do?

Voices singing into space
Read their verse in my lonely face
What am I to do?

Because I don't deserve you
Not even for a moment
Not even for a second will I ever be saved

My love's out to get me
And you know
You know
You know it's going to succeed
And I hope I survive this fucking week

And if I don't survive
I'll still be by your side
Just clad in ghostly white
I'll be your spectral bride
anything cudder has said in his debut album

>The moon will illuminate my room and soon I'm consumed by my doom

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