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File: 1629997551068.png (575 KB, 700x800)
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>21 years old
>entire social life is 4chan
>social anxiety is too severe to even talk to people pseudonymously on discord
I am so pathetic
I am judging you right now as an individual as I read this
I am forming negative opinions about your personhood
you have no control over this
Try seeing a psychiatrist dude, pretty sure some kinds of social anxiety are treatable with antidepressants. Either way you're young, whole life ahead of you, it's OK if you take a little longer to get off the runway. You're going to make it, hang in there.
try vrchat
i get it's cringe as fuck but being able to hide behind something that doesnt look remotely like you & with a username completely unrelated to anything you used regularly helps you speak and form friendships w other outcasts who are more than happy to be open and friendly with you.

t. vrc user whos formed a handful of lasting friendships over 3 yrs while looking like a big tiddy anime bitch
Or GMOD, if you don't own a VR. Tower Unite is pretty good too
vrchat doesn't need vr
just needs someone who's willing to open up to people and not be shallow to the point of needing to see someone's face and know they're not ugly to talk
File: 1614299749037.png (44 KB, 640x480)
44 KB
im not op but i will try vrchat, thanks.
not OP but same problem.

>went to see a psychiatrist
>sent me to neurologist for brain scan
>found nothing of interest
>went to see a psychotherapist
>two dozen sessions got me absolutely nowhere, didn't find out anything about myself, not a single thing in my life improved and every conversation felt absolutely aimless
>quit without result

what now?
File: bro.png (176 KB, 506x498)
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176 KB PNG
Why the fuck is it called vrchat then
bc you *can* use vr and it adds a lot more to interactions since there's tons of user made content based on vr. it's like roblox in the way that everything around you in there is made by other users instead of by the company themselves and there's so much to expand on and interact with that it's endlessly entertaining on top of being an amazing platform to meet people and make friends.
i actually just got done playing disc battles aka tron disc game with a guy who's openly affectionate towards me despite not knowing what i look like, just the fact that i've spent 6 hours alone with him and having so much fun.

please open up and try it anons, i can promise you wont regret getting a quest 2 to link up to your pc if you love it
File: weedion.png (199 KB, 320x320)
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199 KB PNG
I might give it a try eventually. Loved GMOD back when it was at its prime, so who knows.
vrc is currently blowing up w how covid hit and how it's rising again, it could have a second boom in popularity.
honestly, it's something i find very amazing since i've become much more comfortable with who i am, having always been kinda shunned for being an offensive spaz with cringe jokes about punting babies and shit. when i hopped on vrc and saw that the reaction for my jokes was a hearty laugh and another joke told back instead of a "what the fuck is wrong with you?", it was addicting to sit here and talk for hours and play these minigames with people. i've even started getting into a job field, that being doing textures and some v light 3d modeling work for avatars. it's overall been that much more beneficial to my own life since i've started and i don't think i'd be able to put it down until i prolly get married lolol
File: cheers.jpg (63 KB, 700x525)
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Sounds lovely, though I'm still quite busy wrapping things up IRL. I'll be sure to check it out once I'm done, who knows we might stumble upon each other without knowing. Good to know things are going well for you fren, stay safe and don't you dare go hollow!
I'll be sure to keep my sunlight talisman handy, friend! keep the name dieobetus in mind if you ever wanna find me there and long may the sun shine!
i went on vr chat with social anxiety and i was so awkward. just standing around while people were in groups
try to butt in and talk!
i mean dont be a dick but def try to enter the convo or just go play a game for a bit and interact w people
>try to butt in and talk!
>i mean dont be a dick but def try to enter the convo or just go play a game for a bit and interact w people
I'm not OP but I'm really not sure if I can "fit in" with people who talk like this.
honestly not sure what you mean but regardless, you're either autistic or not trying LOL
>honestly not sure what you mean but regardless, you're either autistic or not trying LOL
You are a cancer on the world
File: lots of copium.gif (522 KB, 112x112)
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522 KB GIF
you are going to be forgotten by anyone and everyone with how little originality and impact you leave
Hey guys, calm down now. No need to fight
I can talk to people but they will eventually find out im a virgin at 28. I avoid people now. Its awful
I used to be in the same situation
Therapy and hospital stays fixed me
Life is going okay now
Things can improve Anon
I'm not anxious, I just expect most of you to be double niggerfaggots due to past experiences
File: proxy-image.jpg (35 KB, 600x450)
35 KB
I have the same problem as OP but my computer is way too shit to handle VRchat and I don't have the means to upgrade.
File: evilhankhill.jpg (86 KB, 790x591)
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I'll give you a good pc if you get in the fucking robot you faggot

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