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>be me
>24 year old kisses, hugless and virgin coomer
>younger brother is in high school and a chad
>he's dating a cutie from his class that sometimes brings home
>be jelly
>sometimes sit with them while they're watching a movie to feel like I have a gf
>know they're probably uncomfortable but also know the won't say shit to be polite so don't give a shit lmao
>cry myself to sleep every night wondering how life would be like if I could have a cutie gf to introduce to my parents and invite over to watch movies
>room is next to brother's so we share a wall
>both our beds are against that same wall so some nights I can somewhat hear that she's having phone with his cutie gf
>be extra jelly
>steal one of his airpods when he's not looking
>loser keeps asking if I've seen it but he doesn't know the truth
>be tonight
>he's having phone sex again
>grab the airpod and be quiet cause remember airpods have microphones
>can only hear his gf talking
>feels like heaven
>pretend she's talking to me and quietly masturbate
>they move to a normal conversation and she says "have a good night, I love you so much"
>be so immersed that I reply "I love you too"
>hear gf asking who the fuck said that
>hear brother saying "anon?" through the wall
>realize the royal fuck up and throw the airpod to the other side of the room
>turn lights off and quietly reach my door to lock it then jump back in bed
>hear brother knocking on my door but pretend to be asleep
>"I know you're awake but we'll talk tomorrow"
anons Im scared as all heckers im fucking shitting myself right now hwat the fuck do i do now
You sleep and talk to him tomorrow
No point in rehearsing this shit, only makes it go worse
geet gud
thats pretty funny hahahaha nice one OP
What does your brother's gf look like?
this is super sad anon, I hope you're not fat as well
Why the fuck would you fear your teenaged brother?
Just beat the shit out of him and feel better about yourself
File: images.jpg (19 KB, 554x553)
19 KB
You couldve just said its just a prank bro
maybe op is worried about the embarrassment? His chad bro sounds pretty chill

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