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File: 1593588447136.jpg (79 KB, 648x820)
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To robots who believe in looks maxx or believe that they are manlets, why not just save up money and go plastic surgery maxx to get a good face/jawline and get limb lengthening surgery?

You could go 2 college get a decent job and save over a few years/take a loan to get the surgery.
File: 1630529810464.jpg (70 KB, 909x421)
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Top busy killing myself
Why not simply kys over and over again until you reincarnate as Chad? Seems much easier.
One is a guaranteed proven outcome, the other is filled with uncertainty.

If you're gonna sui anyways why not take a loan and get the surgery? If you cant pay it off/are still unhappy just kill yourself in minecraft afterwards.
File: 1629999416897.png (1.11 MB, 1125x1371)
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1.11 MB PNG
Bitches ain't worth that much for effort and time, I'd rather just buy a doll
Because its a long and painful process that requires tons of money and doesnt solve that women are fundamentally shallow. The magic is dead, women dont matter now
>6 foot 2
>nice beard and jawline
>make money online about $60k a year

Lmao you faggots are pathetic. I have been on 4chan for 14 years and you uni faggot foreigners never stop crying OI MATE MR WIFE OR ME LAWS OR ME SCHOOL OR ME UNI OR ME MONEY OR ME AUTISM. Just fucking end it already.
so do you want a gf or not?
How much does the surgery cost
I make good money so I can prolly afford it, I won't do it tho. I just wanna be loved for who I am so I'm gonna kms

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