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recommend me some cool youtubers. I just followed religionforbreakfast the other day.
Turkey tom he makes video essays for Internet gay shit
what a shit recommendation
no I'm looking for something more like pewdiepie and penguinz0
Like commentary channels? Someordinarygamers maybe

Pyrocynical used to do commentaries and does them sometimes
God I hate internet essays so much. Its just so generic and uninspiring

>video essay on something underrated
>stupid stock video footage in the background
>lots of nuance and fence sitting
>trying to be as likeable as possible

its just such a meme at this point. When people do video essays its not like theyre actually trying to convey what they like theyre just trying to sound smart like theyre righting an exam paper.
Wendigoon if you like conspiracy, X, religion style stuff

Emplemon has gone from YTP, to YouTube documentaries, to Nascar and highest attempt videos and it's never bad

Therealjims is all Simpsons all the time

TheFilmArchives has old TV footage of interviews, documentaries, CPAC and government events, as well as press conferences in their entirity(hours long) whether you want to see James Hanson talk about Climate Change in Congress in 1989 or Chuck Schumer try to white was Waco during the days long hearings, or a documentary on Peyton Randolph "Americas real first president" its there. Little something for everyone as long as youre boring
If you like religion for breakfast you will like Esoterica: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoydhtfFSk1fZXNRnkGnneQ
trash taste
A similar thread was made yesterday. [66285545]
Here are the channels posted in that thread.

--[My Personal Favourites]--
The Golden Witch [Formerly Digibro]
CGP Grey
Princess Plunderphnoics
Mr. Daggers IRL
WoodysGamertag [PKA Podcast]
Vers La Lune
Xah Lee
Luke Smith

--[Other Favourites]--
Gas Station Encounters
Screamin Munkee
Grace Adetoro
Da Mented Mindz
Bachelor BS
Annotation Archive
These range from cooking channels, to schizo ones, to meme channels, to creative genius

Internet Historian
Mister Metokur (When he streams)
Police Activity
Linus Tech Tips
I also reccomend that you browse [ https://desuarchive.org/r9k/search/subject/YOUTUBER/ ]
>Mr. Daggers IRL
>540 subs
thanks but no thanks. I guess people are assholes and they don't want to share their youtubers they watch like pewdiepie or penguinz0 and that's okay. we're not judging anyone here.
>WoodysGamertag [PKA Podcast]
>1.22M subscribers
I feel that this channel may appeal to you.
Here is a list of every other subscription and Youtuber which often appears in my watch history. I did not include them in my original list because I do not like them as much. They are not my favorites.

Don Jolly
Fredrik Knudsen
Jeaney Collects
major bumsville
Matt vs Japan
Max Derrat
Mental Outlaw
Not Just Bikes
PKA Clips / PKA Highlights
Stevijs 3
Summoning Salt
The Good Student
The Tim Traveller
Tom Scott

I feel that you may like DarkViperAU.
Digibro was one of the worst anime channels on youtube even before he became a tranny.
what a sexy femboy
He is needlessly edgy. I hate him or her. I honestly don't know if femboy or real bio girl.
They made podcasts on their troubles which I found relatable. I also liked their music and commentary on 2000s otaku culture.

Their anime analysis rarely appealed to me. I liked this video. I recommend it to all.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gTxALxrLrw
it's tiktok of course he is edgy and not needlessly again it's tiktok. It's that girl with the birthday pic rel. you must be a wagecuck that isn't around in the internet much from what I can tell.
You'll enjoy it.
I find it cute
I have rewatched this video. I like it less than I remember. In the past, Rap-Analysis was so conceptually interesting to me that I overlooked the content of the song's lyrics. The lyrics are formed of trivia and the same remarks that Digibro made many times elsewhere. This disappoints me.
Anon, did you who shared this video create it? I think you sound lucidly inautistic. I think you should read [The Screwtape Letters].
>you must be a wagecuck that isn't around in the internet much from what I can tell.
It's vomitboy, he's just some nonbinary alt tiktoker that was popular here for a while like two years ago. Girl you posted is kinda cute though.
Here's his twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/princevomitboy?lang=en
Beautiful pale girl sitting next to ugly tawny skin girl
Why do women ruin their skin like that?
that's not a man you fucking freak troon, goddamn it I hate you fucks, go back to your containment board.
okaythen I must say you got me there
the recommendation here weren't so good so I'm going to end it here with some advice for those who want it. make a pinterest. I had it recommended to me when I was doing my course for web design. My feed is fill of things like this which I would gladly change in for some more positive things but if you're into it maybe it would be good for you.
File: IMG_0362.jpg (696 KB, 2000x2000)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
Back in another Youtuber thread with my 5x5, might as well name all of them for simplicity sake

Digibro [Archive]
Super Eyepatch Wolf
Big Joel
The Critical Drinker
False Swipe Gaming
The Shuckmeister
Solar Sands
Cat-Girl Research Society
Hiding in Public
Scott the Woz
Internet Historian
Karsten Runquist
Just Stop
Pause and Select
Replay Value
Based, that man needs more subs
Do you know of any other channels which need more subs? Have you already posted your recommendations? Since you like artificialnightsky, I want to learn about other things which you like. Do you have anything from beyond youtube [Websites, Forums, Books, etc] to recommend to a fellow artificialnightsky viewer?
I'm >>66295569
I'm pretty sure you know he's inspired by The Golden Witch (Formerly Digibro), but there are others from my 5x5 that I'd recc if your in that vein, Ryanstorm, Hazel, Caribou-kun, and Pause and Select

But really there isn't any type of content that can fill his shoes, so I don't know how helpful this reply will be
And STEVEM, that guy slaps
>Fredrik Knudsen
fucker needs to upload more than once a year

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