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Sleeping is the best time of the day, the best way to escape reality.

All videogames are really boring. Everytime I played, I only thought what a pathetic excuse for a human being I am. I used to ride a bike for hours just to avoid problems that were always waiting for me but now it's too cold outside.

What was your last dream about ?
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It really is. I sleep 14+ hours sometimes. I don't even have set sleep schedule. I don't nap though.
I tried playing Minecraft about a month ago, and I just didn't have fun. Haven't had fun with them in years.

>What was your last dream about?
I can't remember exactly. I do remember this recent dream. It was kind of a nightmare. I was in a room at night getting ready to go to sleep. The window was semi-open so I closed it and got back to preparing my bed. I looked back and the window was wide open and then I saw like a black figure and then I can't remember the rest.
doc put me on these meds that do absolutely nothing for anxiety but sure make me sleep. I've just been eating the fuck out of em and sleeping nonstop. God.. this is the based life bros
>the meme character who sleeps all the time still wakes up earlier than me
Sleeping is great, I last dreamed I was cuddling with the girl I liked. She really loved me in my dream, it waas so amazing until I woke up in my hellscape of reality.
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Yeah I woke up at 8pm the other day. What about you?
Ohhh fuck this reminds me of my actual last dream. It's not good though, so I won't share. I was in a bathroom.
Woke up just after 3pm today, since I went to sleep around 5:30am. Still stayed in bed for another hour
why is it that the best dreams fade from memory the quickest, truly disappointing.
i wish i could remember them more clearly, and maybe channel it into some kind of artistic form as a hobby. oh well
sleeping, games, maladaptive daydreaming...
Meditation works wonders. I am currently tripping about the fact that I am actually a thing, I literally exist and I can do whatever I want, mad
>11:30 am time to wake up
Too early. Stop larping morning bird.
>Have an intense, beautiful, vivid dream
>Spend the rest of the day in a good mood thinking about it
Dreams are magical, even the fairly mundane ones feel so different to reality they're worth chewing on. I like to spend a lot of time remembering older dreams just for the nostalgia.
Why are young men so vain? I don't get it. This faggot would be much more attractive if he acted like a man
Last dream I can semi-remember
>Paid, by Dr.pepper, to rob a store
>ride up to the place, on a hells-angels-type motorcycle
>I now have back-up???
>Fortnite Jonesy
All I can remember

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