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"Where do you see yourself in five years?"
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I always answer with "retired on the coast of Spain" when I'm asked this question, then I tell them the actual answer afterwards. Making people laugh during the interview makes them like you a lot more and makes you a more memorable candidate.
You're honestly pretty smart or charismatic. I am too autistic to not make that sentence turn awkward in an interview
File: FB_IMG_1631395417819.jpg (93 KB, 1080x1011)
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hopefully away from my current location. have a house have enough money to make a garden and plant some vegetables and fruits. while im still young get a normal shit job and when im old af ill just live off my foods i grew. easy
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Descending into madness in an isolated log cabin out in the middle of the woods
File: Rukia.png (352 KB, 695x1024)
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>You're honestly pretty smart or charismatic
I've always been described as a funny guy, but most of my charisma is a facade. I do and say things to make people like me so that I can get what I want. You can get away with saying a lot of potentially awkward shit if you say it with stupid confidence and smile plenty.
Happy birthday Rukia, my beloved.
Two options: married with children or fucking DEAD due to suicide.
There's a chance I will kill myself in the next 8 years
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Auto-erotic death is the biggest black pill of all time. So unbelievably grim to see the examples in this slide... imagine walking in on your dad's dead body like that
i hope to FUCK that i'm dead within the next year.
I had a childhood friend die from that on Christmas eve just this month. Her family all left to go out and do something and they left her at home, they came back later in the day and found her dead, suffocated, with her hand in her pants as her rigging system failed. Fucking crazy shit honestly I don't understand how people get into that stuff.

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