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can anyone else here just not enjoy tv, series,, movies, video game cutscenes and shit like that.

i try to get into it but it just looks cringe to me some actor screaming in a mic and all the silly weird cringe shit. i see people who just mindlessly stare at tv and watch movies and it amazes me. even me being a hikki neet i cant do it just something about it bores me.

some stuff is okay occasionally, some anime, etc but. i just can't sit there for hours perfectly still staring at a screen of some simulation green screen shit with a bunch of yelling and stupid shit. i try to follow the stories on video games but i always just want to kill shit and there's always cringe shit in scenes. its just fake actors screaming over a pretend world and it's nothing but a waste of time you don't gain anything from it.

i've played games before but it's mostly been skipping through the story as fast as possible and then playing online.
yeah it's the same for me
>you don't gain anything from it
It sounds like you have ADD. Do you read? Do you like fiction?

If a story is good enough you're supposed to get secondhand feelings of what the characters are written to feel. Or a sense of mystery, suspense, or drama depending on the genre.

If you can't make it through a video game cutscene (what are they? like 40 seconds long?) without getting antsy, it might just be ADD. Get some ritalin or adderall.
Yes I have massive adhd I have to always be progressing to something
having a low tolerance for low quality vidya and tv is now adhd, big medical is truly out of hand
I really like musicals. That and suspense movies are confy as heck.
>low tolerance for 'low quality' vidya and tv
That's not what OP said. He was very specific in saying he hates sitting through cutscenes and narratives because they're boring and artificial. Shut up.

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