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>be human
>reproductive instincts

>be me
>suicidal tendencies
>urge to dump my semen on men's feet instead of into a womb

what did i mean by that?
That you are based and redpilled.
>what did i mean by that?
I'unno, probably brain damage. Since it's men's feet in particular does that mean you're gay?
yeah im a gaycel
How does one end up as a 'gaycel'? Aren't there plenty of gay dudes on /r9k/? What stops it all from working out?
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so im 5 foot 6, feminine looking, somewhat pretty 7/10. look fine and lanky with clothes but secretly skinny fat. not that hairy but can't manage my body hair correctly or take care of myself, flat ass, etc.

regular gays only want twunks or chads, i only seem to attract straight or bicurios men who uphold me to the same mysoginistic standards that they would apply to a female (submissive, need to be polite, not swear, completely hairless, etc etc) but it's obviously harder for me to meet these standards as a male. also theu just want me for sex, i just tease them and never take it to the next step because im ashamed of showing my body.

eventually they replace me when they find a girl and probably become homophobic and pretend there was never anything between us.

also im 22 now, i wasted my prime. im beginning to have no market anymore to these straight men and i will never be genuinely loved. it's pretty much over for pretty boys once you reach your mid twenties.
Well the secret to looking youthful is in staying healthy. Keep your skin healthy, eat healthy, avoid sun exposure and you'll look young for quite a long time. What about bisexual men? I get that men who're attracted to men would want men who look more like men but wouldn't bisexuals not really care if you look effeminate? Also do some cardio and maybe squats for the skinny fat/flat ass thing. Walking burns plenty of calories without being intensive too.
i tried that for a while, and my body was improving. but all the guys who've been attracted to me up until now only did so because they found me feminine, and even said remarks like "if you were a girl i would wife you up" so this general feeling of impending doom that hangs over my head, the fact that these men will stop being attracted to me in a few years when im not that feminine anymore, just makes me feel hopeless.

i could probably stop being a gaycel short term but that's not what i want, i want a partner who loves me. and i don't want to be pumped and dumped by some random, that's why i haven't lost my verginity either (body issues aside). speaking of that, i feel like my body is just ugly regardless of fitness state. i have a slight scholiosis for example, some things you just can't fix.

people mistake me for 16, but it's not gonna last long. i've noticed that i seem to have less fat on my face. and getting imperceptibly less feminine. even if i could have done something different, it's over for me now.
Would you be interested in checking out my feet?
i also forgot to mention, that despite having feminine features, im not that effeminate in behavior or interests. i dont even have that gay voice most gays do.

i pretty much consider myself a chill guy who likes videogames and stuff, but im forced to perform femininity to appeal to these straight guys who are the only ones who want me. i have to fake a higher voice, seem innocent and dumb, and all that stuff. if i start acting like myself, they get distant and dont want me anymore. i feel like men will never see me as their equal, im only a low test man who they want to exploit if they cant get any pussy from a real girl.

and yeah, all gaycels are volcels to a degree, but these men don't even want to do anything to do with my dick. i've sexted and stuff with many of them, and they only want to do anal where im expected to be completely submissive, if i were to suggest like them giving me a footjob, or even a simple blowjob they would instablock me. so at the end of the day, the sex wouldn't even be enjoyable. im just a replacement for a real girl. at least if i were a tranny i could transition.
I mean if you're out to preserve your femininity then I don't imagine hormone blockers would be an issue(You are past puberty after all). You should try overlooking the idea that someone just wants you for your body. You have interests and hobbies and stuff, right? Have people never tried bonding with you over that? Also if you're worried about it long term there is facial feminization surgery. I figure you don't want to be with someone who likes you because you're feminine but if that's something in your favor then I don't think you should just look at it so negatively.

Also you mentioned before(here at >>68623624 )
>who uphold me to the same mysoginistic standards that they would apply to a female (submissive, need to be polite, not swear, completely hairless, etc etc)
Could you go into detail on that? Maybe some examples?
if you are the op of that thread, they're pretty hot, ngl.

for example, i've had situationships where the guy had male friends he was comfortable with, making dirty jokes with eachother, not ashamed of burping, etc. but if i did those things they would be disgusted by me. i never get to be a "bro" that they respect, im just some hole.

i've tried easing into it, like sitting with my legs wide, adopting a more natural behavior, being comfortable once we have enough confidence with eachother. but they "punish" that behavior immediatly. it's a bunch of small things, but pretty much i have to fake my entire personality to be shy and innocent. and make them seem manly and strong. we never get to be equals. and i don't like that.
also im expected to never contradict them or be smarter than them (which honestly, i was) otherwise they feel emasculated, and on top of that see me as more masculine which puts them off. i dont know if it makes sense, you should live it to understand it.
basically, they dont want to be reminded that despite looking somewhat feminine im a male. i feel like they're insecure about their sexuality and take it out on me.

and why do i have to shave my legs and arms, and if i dont they're turned off by that? i mean, i like to stay natural and im not even that hairy.

like, i remember this guy who i met in the winter, and once summer came and i started wearing shorts for the first time, he basically bodyshamed me and pressured me into shaving. as i said, it's like they dont want to be reminded that im a male, because im not even that hairy to begin with.
I love guy feet, do you have any in your folder?
As far as the burping and dirty jokes I imagine it might be that they are having their senses of moral and/or sexual disgust evoked. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disgust#Domains_of_disgust
The contradicting bit and to a degree the being smarter than them part both seem like you were going with more anti-social guys. I can kind of understand the 'smarter than them' part because I've intimidated and mad people feel like shit before when going on rants or correcting them.
As far as shaving goes: Don't most gay men shave their legs and arms anyway? I could've sworn I heard that was the norm. I imagine waxing or whatever that one chemical product is would be better though.

I really do think you just need to find someone who's bisexual and thus likes either sex's aspects.
no it's more of a double standard, they're fine with that sense of humour when they do it themselves or their bros do it, but if i do it it's a turn off.

just like guys are disgusted by women's armpit hair despite having them too.

>The contradicting bit and to a degree the being smarter than them part both seem like you were going with more anti-social guys.

not anti-social, just sub 95 iq normal fags who can only talk about football and shit, and when they do have a "deep" thought it's a take already made milions of time who has nothing original and it's probably wrong, too.

thing is, they act so sweet when they pursue me that i tend to excuse their stupidity and think that im a mean bitch who judges people, then once it's over i realize that they're just retarded normalfags after all.
Well if they're normies then they probably aren't used to being challenged on any of it. Have you just had no other options then normies or are they your preference?
Also since you're the only gay man I've talked to so far who's into feet then I need to ask you this: Does a foot being rougher/harrier make it less attractive? From what I understand guys who like feet tend to like smooth feet.
rough/hairy feet are very attractive to me. but i have no general preference, i can enjoy all types of feet be them smooth, slender, thick, high or low arches, etc. i imagine that most guys have no preference either. or if they do, it doesnt mean they dont enjoy other types as well.
I see. Is it all purely a visual thing for you or does context factor into the attraction to feet in anyway(Like does someone's foot become more attractive if they've done or not done some task?)? If it's both then which would you say is more important? Contextual or visual factors?

Also you what about my question before that? Are you only ever finding normies or are they just a preference of yours?
File: 1651567393166.jpg (312 KB, 1536x2048)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
>Also you what about my question before that? Are you only ever finding normies or are they just a preference of yours?
i hate normies with a passion. anyone who didn't grow up using internet that much is basically mentally stunted, i believe our generation is pretty much split into two and this has never happened before. internet made us advance too much in too little time, and interacting with normies is probably the same thing as if a normie from 1990's interacted with someone from 1800.
>Is it all purely a visual thing for you or does context factor into the attraction to feet in anyway
im insanely attracted to thin black cotton socks or sheer nylon ones. even more than a bare foot probably.
for bare feet it's more of a visual factor, for socks it's contextual. i like them sweaty and stinky, especially since black socks tend to develop a shine when they're sweaty and it just turns me on.
pic somewhat related.
I don't think it's necessarily the lack of using the internet from an early age that's made them mentally stunted, but instead the reluctance to use it early(for our generation) being a sign of them being low in openness(Which is also a proxy measure for intelligence). I definitely can't really interact well with even smarter normies though since there's so little in common between us.

Also thank you for the insight, I think I understand it all a bit better now. One more question too: Do female feet turn you off?
> being gay and still complaining

Be happy that you don't have to deal with women to fulfill the stupid desires of your brain.
yeah, to the point that if you showed me a faceless/bodyless foot pic, my attraction would only start if i know for certain that they're a man's feet. when searching male feet in nylon, i've accidentally been turned on by female feet and then immediatly got turned off and disgusted once i realized they were a woman's.
I guess you know the feeling straight men get when they get baited with a tranny (^:. Thank you, anon. I'm sure you'll have better success if you look for specifically bi people and not just porn addicted coomers or people out to fuck trannies.

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