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should i go to community college
or is it a meme
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you should go to community college
you should go because its a meme
fuck around and get an associates and then bounce unless you have something specific you want to go to school for
File: 1652140163257.png (38 KB, 152x163)
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I went and I made some friends but no gf
i can't tell if that's a laughing pepe
i want to go for computer science but a 4 year university is too stressful and I cannot afford it, i hope an associates degree can get me a job.
get a good degree/ useful i guess. i wanted to learn photoshop. useless degree i got.
I did 2 years at community and 2 years at my state school for comp sci

Getting an associates for comp sci probably won't get you a good job out the gate, unfortunately. Everyone wants to see that batchelors, so if you go that route you'll need to take bottom of barrel gigs until you have enough work xp to equal a 4 year degree.

But, your associates gives you the opportunity to find out if it's for you in a much smaller and usually more personal environment at a fraction of the cost.
And, when I transfered to my state school, I saw that most of the kids who came from a community college first did better in the upper level courses than most of the kids who took the intro classes at my state school, because they understood the fundamentals better.

Just make sure toy understand whats needed to make sure as many as your classes transfered, you don't want to waste 2 years of your time

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