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>many people are banned from having sex and gainful employment/accomplishment based on who they are born as (parents/genes)
>literally forced into a life of what most people would consider actual torture until they die
>killing yourself is scary and not really an option
>there is literally a being speaking to me in my head that calls itself Satan
Kek, this is absolutely brutal dude. You can't even argue life is unimportant based on God's existence because you still need to earn money to eat and provide shelter. What if you're very dumb or sick? LOL. Oh my God dude, LOL.
Take your schizo pills anon. You shouldn't have voices in your head
I know what you mean OP. Shit is just too absurd. Now realise that the vast vast majority of the world is living life on hellmode in some third world shithole or in a chinese sweatshop, born ugly as sin, short, low IQ, good for nothing besides cheap manual labor for 10 hours a day or maybe being a child soldier in africa. This world is so impossible ugly its actually funny. Literal clown world.
Not a schizo. The tinder sub fee is $6.66. You haven't suffered enough if you can't see Satan, he's not hiding.

Not really, most of those people probably have sex. Incels are not average, r9k just makes it look that way.
Anon I've had sex. There are infinitely better things in this world than having a woman love you or having access to pussy, but I will concede that if you've never actually got it out of your system ie had sex this will be nigh impossible for you to accept.
File: 1655965940115.jpg (41 KB, 827x765)
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He's schizo but he's right about everything he said
if there were some way to force normoids to experience one week of what we're forced to suffer through for decades or even lifetimes, there'd be a fucking national emergency declared
No they wouldn't they would just use it for sympathy clout and we would still be ostracized
You guys are in hell
mmm your victim complex is too much, mine is just enough
You're literally banned from living a healthy lifestyle if you don't have enough money.

They make us watch them
Literally me. I teeter constantly on that edge
A hell created by evil jews
JJ onlyfans is up now
Anon you're a larper.
>Saatan in muh brain
Give me a break

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