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are women the ultimate evil? like literal demons from hell living on earth?

>woman gives you this horrible horrible life
>cuts a piece of your dick off when you're born
>denies you sex and now you cant even masturbate because your dick is mutilated
>ignores you for life and fucks chad in front of you
>instead of even talking to you they use makeup, filters, and dating apps to fuck chad
>the only time they start to care about anything is when they're 40 and single moms but then THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES
>spend all day taking half naked pictures or walking around half naked
>get mad at you for looking
>divorce rape
>you raise a daughter for 18 years, put energy money effort into it, and she just runs around blowing every chad and drug dealer they can get close to
>they don't care if everything around them burns as long as they get to fuck chad and get welfare money to raise his baby
>every single girl takes pictures with their ass and tits out

rape is the only weapon we have against these demons and cucks took that away too
They are the Great Filter, nothing more. Its simply their role in God's plan
File: pepe frens.jpg (80 KB, 1387x702)
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yeah kinda fucked up if you say it out loud like that
File: images (21)~2.jpg (9 KB, 168x248)
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No, they're just believing too much goy propaganda
maybe if you were a nicer person woman would respect you
no. they arent great people, but men are responsible for most evil on the planet, not women.
women have created all humans to date I guess, so it figures they are to blame at least.
i just wish i wasn't circumcised bros :(
I've been thinking of reading Cerebus
The guy who made it believed women were all born evil
Some women let me fuck them for money so they aren't all bad.
Yes. Every white man (and i'm not trolling or joking), should go gay. The only ethical and moral thing a white man can do is get married to another male.
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>Dave Sims
He was an interesting guy
File: Screenshot (411).png (1.11 MB, 1366x768)
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Woman are emotional
but there actions are psychopathic
They only care about their offspring at most
the rest is survival
using manipulation to control men to protect and serve them
bruh facts.

never forget what they've taken from you

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