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Is anyone here miserable and angry all the time

>wake up lonely cold miserable and tired like always
>start telling everyone to kill themselves
>trip over something and yell fuck off
>something gets in my way kick it and tell it to fuck off
>knock over beer cans and dishes whenever i walk in my room
>every person I talk to I call a retard and tell them to die
>every time I see a girl dressed like a whore I want to throw rocks at her
>chain vape all day and cough like an old smoker
>have rageouts every couple hours
>scream at video games
>get piss drunk and angry every day
sounds miserable. Why so angry, maybe stop using 4chan.
Im not miserable but I do have frequent and explosive rage. This is how it has always been, I cant seem to control it and its caused a lot of problems for me. Substances only seem to make things worse, maybe I should give the yoga and breathing exercises a fair shot. Living angry is going get me killed.
For about 30% of men the symptoms of depression are irritability, angry outbursts, and volatility.
See a doctor
>See a doctor
Don't do that. A doctor would just prescribe shitty pills which do nothing at best and are harmful at worst. Doctors have no idea how to treat depression. Perhaps because real depression isn't an illness but rather a natural reaction to the fact that you're living in an inhumane society.
Does anyone even tolerate you?
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Woah an actual person. Holy based.
Yes I am angry and miserable. I am literally SEETHING from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep.
I am SEETHING at work and want to cave people's faces in.
The only thing stopping me is knowing that prisons in this country are rape dungeons and I know all the horror stories.

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