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Tall height and large dick size are a sign of a matriarchal feminist cucked society that allows women to do the choosing.

Let me explain. Women selecting for tall men with big dicks is dysgenic as the size of the baby increases and is more likely to die in childbirth. Tall men also die earlier and are more prone to various kinds of cancers as well as back problems and joint problems. Fisherian runway is the name of the phenomenon where women select for useless traits.

An example is the Irish Elk which is now extinct. Female elk would select for males with extremely and excessively large antlers, sometimes weighing more than 50lbs.

However these antlers were cumbersome, heavy, impractical and ultimately useless. Regardless, the females were attracted to these huge antlers and would only mate with these large antlered animals. So many of the large antlered animals got caught in trees, tangled in vines or died of exhaustion that they went extinct.

Excessively large dicks are another useless evolutionary trait. There is no proof large penises are any better at impregnating women than smaller ones. Large penises also are worse at filling fully with blood which makes them softer and floppier. Black men and white men have the largest dicks but also the highest rates of erectile dysfunction.

Societies with short men with small dicks are actually a good indicator that male sexual selection prevails and that the society is not cucked.

Thanks for reading.
Good post, hate this bs natural selection argument and always refer to the irish elk. Women also select for lower IQ men than them because that is what makes them feel smart.
>feeble women who cannot birth fall geniuses die in childbirth
>these women do not pass their genes on after their first Chad child who will not be breastfed and will be raised motherless to inceltroon out
>large hipped nords produce clutches of these big dicked behemoths

I award your thesis no points
women have always liked tall men with huge cocks. culture and art might not have reflected this but it was always true. now women are just allowed to admit as much as they aren't married off young and are free to choose the man they actually want to fuck.

make no mistake. women have always been whores for tall hung men. society just lets them openly get away with it now and i don't think that will change at this point. also the kid can take after the mother when it comes to height or penis size. those both aren't set in stone when it comes to genetics.
Thanks. Also my phone corrected to runway and not runaway kek.

If any anons want to read more its on wiki. Female sexual selection is not good in the long term and there is a reason civilizations die out and many animals go extinct when females have too much freedom to select.

Women arent small waisted-large hipped-flat stomached anymore and c sections have skyrocketed. Another result of feminism. Nearly the images of hourglass women you see online are heavily photoshopped or use Chinese filters. This is another result of too much female sexual selection, men arent allowed to select anymore, they have to settle for whatever roastie happens to choose them.

Roastie vaginas, flat chests and fridge shaped women have proliferated because men are no longer allowed to select unless they are Chad.

How many hourglass shaped women do you see outside, genuinely? Theyre mostly all either obese apples or almost just straight up and down. Most women in the old days had naturally curvy figures with tiny waists and large hips. Nowadays theyre all fat or skelly bricks. BBC even ran a story about how narrow hipped genes are proliferating because of women getting c sections, when previously those women would simply have died in childbirth along with their kid.

Average Viking was only 5ft6 btw.
>women have always liked tall men with huge cocks
What women liked wasnt relevant until feminism.

>women have always been whores for tall hung men
One Chad cant beat a group of 100 incels trying to kill him.
yes well laws exist to protect chad and make it so women can continue to worship him. sorry sweaty.
uh huh, lets see how long those imaginary laws hold up when 80% men are sexless and angry.

you better make the most of your short term liberty becaus misogynists like andrew tate are extremely popular among todays male youth and women will be made into cattle once again.
i'm a 30 year old virgin. people like me will continue to do nothing.
its a bit comical that the only creatures who do this now are birds and humans if im not missing any other strange cases of this, at the same time women have no control over the traits they find attractive so idk
I keep seeing this stupid myth posted. Yes these deer had large antlers, and it was presumably due to sexual selection.

However, these deer went extinct around the end of the last ice age, when basically ALL extra large northern large animals like this went extinct, with moose being the one exception.

Changing climate removed their traditional pastures, and human hunting drove them away from their typical habitat as well. Changing conditions led to their demise, not "maladaptive evolution."

And we know this BECAUSE, in the fossil record, the size of their antlers starts to go down pretty rapidly once their numbers as a whole began to decline. So they actually WERE evolving smaller antlers once they were in a new habitat, and once escaping from humans was a bigger deal compared to mate competition.

This should be obvious if you think about it because female deer don't have some idea on their hands of a "Chad deer" who they'll only mate with. They just mate with the most impressive male deer around. If all the big horned ones died, they would just mate with the smaller ones.

It's also a leap to assume that selection by females is the only contributor. Larger antlers might have been used for any number of things, such as fighting other males, or fighting off predators. They just don't do much good against humans.

Tldr; these elk DID NOT evolve in a forest environment where big horns were inherently a disadvantage. They evolved in a grassland environment where big horns could have been useful for many things. Climate change & human hunting forced them out of their traditional grazing areas and into forests they didn't evolve to live in. Then their antlers and body sizes did go down by a lot, but they still went extinct because they weren't well adapted to the new environment.

Funnily the danger with human selection is a lot MORE serious, because we could easily get to an Idiocracy situation where things are running on autopilot for a while.
hahahah. guns make everyone equal. a four foot woman can shoot through some tatefag's nigger tier muscles like paper. moids should pray women never decide they need to take that step.
>now women are just allowed to admit as much as they aren't married off young and are free to choose the man they actually want to fuck.
I don't get how, without fail, this is ALWAYS the response women use whenever their behaviour in society is analysed. Without fail, "now women have the choice and we're not just property".

Bitch, your grandma wasn't even property. Dumb zoomer chicks acting like they were even anywhere near exposed to oppression.
based understanding-of-multiple-factors enjoyer

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