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>in your country you get welfare but the trick is that they force you to live in the worst possible hellholes
>ofc no AC in the summer, dogs barking 24/7, normies partying etc.

Ok I get the idea that normies want people to """earn""" decent living standards by getting le job.
But how do I study and get le job if I live under conditions where I cant retain mental health? I've been living like this, doing uni work, for years and I dont think I can do it anymore. I moved to a good apartment where I could rest a bit but they said I need to move out asap back to the projects.
Summers have been getting hotter and hotter lately.
I think AC should be everyone's human right but they gatekeep it to the work force only.
People who have a job of course enjoy this. What should be a basic human right is now their privilege
I started using earplugs to block out the noise and now I can't stop using them.
Same, been sleeping with them for 5 years because of low quality of living
Now I cant get sleep without em.
It's been about 5 years for me too.
>doesn't realize that people using AC more often has contributed more to hotter summers from more electrical usage (putting much more demand on the grid) and ozone depletion from the refridgerants used in AC units
I've never had AC in my life. I've taken hellish, humid summers like a boss.
No, I actually bitch about it every fucking year but what can I do
Pets, especially dogs, don't belong in human society, they need to be put down. Just think about how huge of a burden pet ownership is in the US, and how much it costs to cull the feral pet populations, and the damage that feral pets do to local ecosystems. A lot of pet owners are shitty people, and poor people with pets are shittier. There's poor people suffering everywhere because people's pets living in close proximity that're making them miserable.

No human should have their quality of life lowered, or made miserable for fucking animals. It's ridiculous that this is allowed.
just buy a fan theyre like 20 dollars at most
They dont do shit tho if it's turbohumid

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