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I'm a Black dude and a male rape victim. No female has ever shown me sympathy...... Society just sees a lanky black dude and thinks I'm a thug but I'm actually a pushover desu.
>Be from LA ghetto
>Father was a manlet drug dealer
>Mom was a schizo black Stacy
>Grew up in poverty with violent dad
>Dad went down for heavy shit
>Adopted by uncle Noah
>Lived in Atlanta
>He was a weird artsy guy
>He started to molest me and pimp me out to his different boyfriends
>He began raping me with bananas and cucumbers
>He was a sick faggot and claimed he was playing a game called "fruit salad".
>His Filipino boyfriends used to blindfold me and tell me we were playing a game called "hot sauce".
>I was told to open my mouth and see how much hot sauce I could swallow without quitting
>I now know those chink queers were coming in my mouth and feeding me cups of piss
>I didn't know any better I was only 9
>When I reached puberty I started to fight back so they punished me with torture
>His white biker boyfriend stripped me naked and tied my wrists to a bunk bed railing
>Noah and the biker would throw darts at my ass and burned my testicles with cigars
>They beat me and took away all my manly clothes
>They forced me to wear girls clothes and locked me outside during winter
>I almost got raped by crackheads
>Was taken in by cops
>They assumed I was high and almost attacked me
>My faggot uncle got out on a technicality and died of a drug overdose
I ran away and now live in assisted living. I'm about to leave the home and I've got a job as an industrial cleaner. I have had a sexual identity crisis for most of my life and no women will ever love an autistic blackcel with PTSD. I will die alone.
The ol rape technicality
I am very sorry anon, I know these words are worthless but I hope you'll find some peace sooner or later.
Have you thought about tracking down your artsy uncle to talk things through with a tire iron in minecraft? (Don't get caught)
>no women will ever love an autistic blackcel with PTSD. I will die alone.
Come on bro, don't be like that. Get /fit/, maybe join a local church and try to ask for help from the priest or some social worker in your area. Take it one step at a time and don't try to solve your issues with more sexual confusion. Good luck brother, I'm rooting for you.
>I didn't know any better I was only 9
This this right here
In case your story is larp ill temper my response but my default reaction will be to believe you op
Its that shit right there you were a kid and you simply did not know any better than to simply go along with this cruel situation internally you may have known this wrong but your young underdeveloped brain couldnt have possibly known what to do in this situation im sorry to hear this happen to you op and I mean that In a genuinely sincere meaning not in some normie empty gesture
If I could protect kids from shit like this I would
Shits rough bro, I dunno about you but that kind of stuff just killed relationships in general for me.
t. also got raped as a lad
bullshit. your story is way too convenient. your uncle dies of an overdose and thus giving us, the readers, the feeling that justice has been served, that things worked out for us in the end. this is just another made up story with a happy ending, a cheap roller-coaster ride for the reader.

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